(mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, so today we’re gonna
show you a series of videos where people will often respond with, “What the [bleep] did I just watch?”
after watching them. – Oh, so pretty much
anything on the internet. – This is gonna be my jams then. – (FBE) And then we’re gonna
have you rate them each on a scale of one to five on
how WTF you thought they were. – Five, most what-the-[bleep]iest. – Luckily I’m dead inside.
So this should be interesting. – I’m done, Daddy! – (Daddy) Okay. Don’t forget to wipe,
flush, and wash your hands. – Yep. – Is this an instructional video? – (girl) Now we have
to wipe ourselves, Teddy. I’ll show you how.
– Oh, she’s taking a shit. – (tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)
♪ Wipe yourself ♪ ♪ Always front to back ♪
– (giggling) What’s this? – ♪ Carefully, carefully ♪ ♪ Now you have the knack ♪ ♪ Wipe, wipe, wipe yourself ♪ – Is it okay to be watching this? – ♪ Carefully, carefully ♪
– What the f– why the– – ♪ Carefully ♪
– Why is he in the bathroom? (snickering)
– ♪ Now you have the knack ♪ – What was that little
Elf on the Shelf man? – That was illegal, right? That guy’s in jail now. – (FBE) On a scale of one to five,
how WTF was that? – You know, it was a one
until the little man popped in. Then it’s like a two. – I would put that as a two. – I’m gonna give that a two and a half. – Five… stranger danger. No. – Three. But my followup question is, da [bleep]? – I should start off in the middle so that I have room on either side. So we’re gonna start off with a three. – That’s a three. I mean, the dude– – I mean, ’cause I know
what they’re going for. So I’m gonna say three,
’cause it’s a weird execution. – Two. I saw a little girl wiping
her teddy bear’s ass. And I think that’s fine. Not too what the [bleep] yet. – The dude with the beret at the end, and then it rockets to a four.
– It goes to a two. To a four? You can’t go four right here, ’cause then you’ve
only got one more to go. And that was just a– listen. – Three. So you’re saying two?
– That was just a dad… Two. That was dad–
– I’m saying three. – (narrator, slowed down)
Take a closer look at that snouse.
– (snickering) (distorted speech)
– (laughing) What? – (narrator) That snousssse. Snou-ouse. – Whoever made this was high. – This looks like David Lynch, like, his son decided
to make a video on YouTube. (distorted, looped speech) (getting faster) – (snickering) – “L.O.L. intensifies.” (laughs) (video getting louder, high-pitched) – (chuckling) (distorted sound effects)
– No. Oh no, not the noises. – I have to take the headphones off.
I can’t with the noise. It’s stressing me out. – Oh yeah. Oh, let me hear those lips. – I’m thinking the dirtiest
thoughts right… (cracking up) – This is the most internet thing
I’ve seen in a while. – The creator of this was
trying a little too hard to do a YouTube Poop kinda thing. – (FBE) One through five.
– I’m gonna give that a 3.5. – I’m gonna say that’s a two. – That’s a one. – I’m gonna go one. – 2.5. – A clear four. – Two, okay. An attempt has been
made to disturb me. – I give it a zero. – I give it a one on the WTF scale. – I gotta say four. Like, I–
– I’m with you on that one, Mark. ♪ (dramatic action music) ♪ (silence) – Oh, is that it? – He just kills someone with a banana? – Oh no. Whoa! That man wanted to make sure
that other man had potassium. – Yes. (laughs) Now we’re talking. – Guy has a banana. – (chuckling)
– Oh my goodness. – (continues chuckling) – Oh no! I wanted to see more! I’ll give it a four. – I’m giving it a one. – I’ll give it a three. -I’ll give it a three. – One out of five. – 4.1 on the what-the-[bleep]ter scale. – Three, ’cause I just feel
like there’s gonna be more that’s gonna be more. – Uh, four.
– But I don’t understand the science behind it.
– Four. – So I give it a four. – I thought he was gonna eat it. I thought he was gonna slam it down
and throw it like Mario Kart. But he stabbed a dude with it?
– Yeah, I’m gonna say it’s a five. That’s super weird.
– I’m going for it. – …ino! Pipino! Pipino! …ino! Pipino! – (cracking up) – (man) Pipino de novo! Pipino!
– What? – (man) Pipi– pipino!
– What? What? No, he’s dead. – Is he trying to be good, or… – (man) Pipino! Pipino! – (laughing) – (man speaking Portuguese) Pipino. – Pipino.
– (man) Pipino. Pipino. (squeaking)
– (cracks up) – Why? Why? – Oh, he’s got no solid bones left. (squeaking)
What? – (laughing)
– What? (man shouts in Portuguese)
– (laughing loudly) – (man) Pipino! – I feel like it’d really help
if I knew what “pipino” mean. – What’s that thing
in the middle of the floor? What the [bleep] is happening right now? (man shouting in Portuguese)
– (laughing uproariously) No! – Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai-yai-yai. – Pipino! – People falling is my comedy aesthetic. That was the best video I’ve
ever seen on YouTubers React. Email me that link. – Ooh, that one’s like a cool three. – Four. – I’ll give it a 3.5. – It’s a one. You don’t understand the things I’ve seen. – I’m gonna do six.
– I’ma give it a four. – Two out of five. It seemed more staged. – 4.2. But I know that it’s gonna get worse. – I gotta readjust my scale, man.
– This is what happens when Link goes too high too early. I give it a five. I do not understand. – This is a perfect five. – Four. I really don’t know what
the [bleep] is going on. But I love that I don’t know
what the [bleep] is going on. I don’t want to know
what the [bleep] is going on. – Call an ambulance please. – (man) Okay, hold on. – Oh, I know this! – We showed this on GMM. – (woman) My stomach… – (voice-over) I have a bad
case of diarrhea. – (snickering)
(woman speaks Japanese) ♪ (music starts) ♪
– O…kay. This took a turn. – ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪
– This is… this… – (Arden) ♪ I’ve seen this video ♪ ♪ I love this video ♪ ♪ I want this to be my ringtone ♪ – ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ – Please let this be like a real
English instructional video. – (singing along) ♪ I have
a bad case of diarrhea ♪ – (both singing along)
♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ (woman speaks Japanese) – This is not nearly the most useful thing to learn how to say in a foreign language. – That is Japan’s Macarena. I give that one a three. – One. – I’ll give it a three and a half. This is five on what the [bleep]. – I’ll give it another five. I’m all about that.
– Yeah, I gotta go five. – That was amazing.
– That was just super weird. – Four out of five, just because
I want to leave room in case the next one tops it. – That’s a five for me. Yeah, I have no clue what
that is useful for in any way. – Having seen quite a lot
of these kind of videos, this would have to be a two. – This is a zero.
– This is zero. The life experience, the fact that we have
used this song and dance to get rid of diarrhea
means that we give it a zero. – (voice-over) Tw-tw-twenty sixteen! (creature speaking foreign language) (man grunts)
– (snickers) (gunshot) – (croaking) What?
(woman shouting in foreign language) – (voiceover) Tw-tw-twenty sixteen!
– (gasps) No. (blade whipping air) – Oh.
– (voice-over) Tw-tw-twenty sixteen! (people screaming)
– Dude. – (voiceover) …sixteen!
(people screaming) – Words can’t express how upset I am that I don’t know what they’re saying. – (voice-over) Tw-tw-twenty sixteen!
(creature snarls) – Dude. Dude! – (voice-over) Tw-tw-twenty sixteen!
(creature snarls) (baby screams)
– Oh. Whoa. What? Why? – (voice-over) …sixteen!
(baby screams) – (laughs) Yes! That was the money shot. – That’s a pretty accurate roundup of what 2016 has been like for all of us. A big ol’ “da [bleep]?” – People always say,
“Oh, 2016, this event happened. This happened. It’s such a bad year.” Is that supposed
to summarize our feelings? – (FBE) And finally,
where do you rank this one? – Six. – Three. – Four out of five. – I’m gonna give that one a four. That was a lot. – That’s another five. I know you were keeping
the weirder ones till the end. – One.
– Mm. – What’d you give it?
– I went to one. Then the baby got kicked.
Then I went to two. – That one I would totally
give a four and a half or five, ’cause I have no–
I couldn’t explain that to you. – First question: is it on Netflix? Second– which isn’t a question–
statement: a one. – That’s a five, but
I want to see that movie! – That’s a five all day. – You can’t set up
a villain in a better way than having it punt
a baby across a street. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So were you familiar
with this trend of WTF-type videos before today? – I mean, what-the-[bleep]-type videos is the internet essentially. – That’s kinda what built the internet. – I’ve been on Reddit’s WTF section, which is a lot of still images. – There’s been an email thread that’s up to hundreds
and hundreds of replies between myself and the other Vsauce dudes where we just find the weirdest
videos that we can on YouTube and send them to each other. – I found myself in
a WTF spiral, I call it. I find it to be very therapeutic. – I’ve been familiar with
the idea of watching videos and going, “What the [bleep]’s going on?” But I didn’t know
that it was a specific trend. It makes you feel connected
to people when you say, “You also don’t know what’s
happening in this video, right?” “Yes.” “Okay, cool.
Now we can laugh at that.” – (FBE) So finally, is this a trend
that you hope to see more of? Or are you okay never saying “What the [bleep] did
I just watch?” ever again? – No, I want to say that all the time. – I want to see a lot more.
They’re very intriguing. – I just think it’s healthy
to be confused on a weekly basis. So keep them rolling in. – I want to see the weirdest
stuff you possibly have. And it’s best if I don’t even know
what the purpose of it was. – I hope that I say “What the
[bleep] did I just watch?” every day for the rest
of my life until my death. – Hey, you. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of YouTubers React. – Make sure you guys
all subscribe to this channel and all of the channels linked right here. – See you later, guys. Whoo! – Hey, everyone.
It’s Dallen here from FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. Let us know in the comments
WTF you want us to react to next. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪


  1. Hope you enjoy this episode of YouTubers React! The show is here to entertain but also for you to check out new creators, if you aren't familiar with anyone in the episode, go check out their channels! We'll be back with new episodes of shows EVERY day this week except for Monday at 2pm PST! See you then! – FBE Team

  2. video 1: 3
    video 2: 2
    video 3: 1
    video 4: 1
    video 5: 4
    video 6: 4
    this shit isn't that bad compared to the people getting their heads chopped off or getting chainsawed off.

  3. If someone wants a WTF video, watch AmazingPhil's older videos. Like Philippa, or some of the other ones I can't think of. I honestly think the highest I went on the videos they showed us was a 1 or 2.

  4. 4 things have to happen for me to experience ultimate WTF videos:
    1) question the creators' goal
    2) question the creators' sanity
    3) question my own sanity
    4) question existence
    *side note: they can't be too funny. laughter just sugar codes them. they have to be as serious as possible

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