YouTube Couples React To 10 VIRAL #RelationshipGoals Video Compilation

YouTube Couples React To 10 VIRAL #RelationshipGoals Video Compilation

– Oh, see?
Yeah, here we go. Yeah!
– I can try to do this one. – (Mykie squealing)
– Yeah! ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪ – Awww. (laughs)
– Oh, this is cute. They’re doing the–
– Awww. It’s like a smoosh.
– They’re doing the thing that dogs do.
– I don’t even get– – I think I made a video
making fun of that. – Yeah, you did. – (chuckles) Is this a thing?
– This is a great– – What’s happening?
– This is the most wholesome trend I’ve ever seen.
– Wait, is everybody doing this? Here, let me try.
– I would let him do it, and then drop. (laughs)
– Awww. – I’m sorry,
this is disturbing to me! – Why?!
– They’re beckoning them and saying, “Put your”–
– It’s cute! – This is– Okay, I kind of see it. You would do that?
– I would do that to you. Go! (chuckles)
I’m gonna start doing it across the house.
– (FBE) As is tradition here at FBE around Valentine’s Day,
we are doing a YouTube Couples episode to celebrate the season.
So, we are gonna be having you rate relationship goal posts
and videos. – Yes.
– Yes! We love judging other people’s relationships.
– (FBE) What do you think about this? Would you consider this
a relationship goal or not? – No.
– (laughs) Jeez. – I’m not into it.
– She’s obviously the romantic of the relationship.
That’s not really goals. I don’t really wanna
put my head in your hand. – Yeah, I think
that’s a good goal. Putting your head
in other people’s hands, you know? The ultimate show of trust. – What would you–
– It’s cute, but I wouldn’t say it’s a goal.
– It’s coal. – No goals. Bad goal.
– I think it’s adorable. – It’s really cute.
– I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
– (FBE) Just as a note, for some of the videos
in this episode, the viewers might notice
that we had to swap out the music that usually accompanies it
with the way things have gotten more difficult on YouTube
with music. – Man. Even when
you’re reacting to it? But it’s commentary.
– We gotta use very generic, no-name-brand music. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Ah.
– Oh! [Bleep] yeah. – No!
– What? – Very…
– Very sexual. (chuckles) – Very sexual.
– We can do this. No problem.
– I’m too big for that. – All right.
You pick me up then. – Okay, this is just
fitness influencers trying to show off.
– I would just drop your ass if we tried to do that. – Okay. Okay,
someone’s gonna– I wouldn’t do this over concrete.
– Wow. – (snickers)
– (both laugh) – (gasps)
– This is exhausting! – I wanna do that right now. – Ow. That would’ve hurt.
– Family friendly. Family friendly.
– That’s not a belly flop. That’s a back flop.
That hurts. – That was a back flop.
This dude’s back’s gonna be in pain for the next few days. – Not goals.
– Not our goals. – Not our goals.
– Fitness goals! – Yeah, probably fitness goals.
– No, too much exercise. – That’s not goals.
– I’m not into it. – It’s not goals for everybody.
– It’s disturbing. That was disturbing to me as well.
Am I being too cynical? That was weird.
– Not goals, no. – That is not cute to me at all?
– Why? – Because that’s not intimate!
They could just be gymnasts. I didn’t feel a sense of love.
– I think it looks really fun. I wanna do that. Goal.
– No. – (FBE) To take this up a notch,
we thought it’d actually be a little bit fun to see
if you could test out your relationship and have you try
some of these out yourself. – To do this one?
I can try to do this one. ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪
– (Mykie squealing) [inaudible]
(squeals) – (laughs)
Was that anywhere near– close? – (Sabrina squeals) – (Gus grunting)
– (laughs) – (Gus laughs triumphantly)
– I think we did it. – Kiss my ass! ♪ (tranquil electronic music) ♪ – Oh, cute.
– Oh, I think I’ve seen this one! – Okay. – Oh my god.
These are all so bad. – What?
– Nothing I hate more than just synthesized flirting
for just social media. It’s awful. – I mean, that’s–
I don’t even consider that flirting. That’s just dancing.
– What? – So, is it just
synchronized dancing or something? – I don’t get it.
– It’s just a dance. – Am I too old to understand this?
‘Cause this is just cringy. – This is not goals.
– Oh, I think it could be goals. – This was babies going…
– Not goals. Anti-goals.
– Not goals. – Goals.
– Not goals. – That’s not goals.
That’s not goals at all. – I feel like such
a hater right now. That’s not really a goal.
– I sound like a terrible person that shouldn’t be in a relationship,
but no. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s just not really–
I don’t know. That’s not my style. – (FBE) Ready to try this one?
– Oh. – Ohhh.
– We’ll try some of them. ♪ (tranquil electronic music) ♪ ♪ (upbeat guitar music) ♪
– What’s happening?! No. People are–
– Oh, they’re trying to balance. – What is this?
– Oh, this is different. – His… no. – Ah, I bet we could do that.
That’s not that hard. – Are y’all okay?
– (laughs) She’s struggling. – Girl, get it together!
– Don’t drop her! – Oh, see?
Yeah, here we go. Yeah!
– That’s so– – That’s cool!
– Yes! – That one was sick.
– They look like a weird centipede creature thing.
– With one set of legs. – Yeah.
– I like that one. – I like that one a lot.
– That one was goals for sure. – I think that one’s
more relationship goals. – Yeah, I think that was cute.
– You know, fitness goals, sure. But not relationship goals.
– A fitness goal. – Yeah, fitness goal.
– That’s a fitness goal. – That helps with trust.
– I still don’t like that. – We could do that!
– No. – Let’s try that!
– Do you wanna try that one? – We could do it. We could do that.
– I don’t know. Something about that weirds me out to be honest.
– We have very different relationship goals,
and I hope this isn’t a problem for our marriage later this year.
– Oh, god. Okay. – Can you do this or no?
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Go. – Okay.
– Okay, but then I sit up? Here. Here. You have to hold my hand.
– You’re gonna fall. – I can’t let go.
I can’t let go. I do– how does he let go?
What is– – Let me try–
– (FBE) Lock your feet into the armpits
and kind of lift. – Ohhh. Yeah!
Woo! – Put your hands up.
– Ahhh! – (chuckles)
– AHH! – “Every day, my parents
play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea.”
– (laughs) – “They’ve done this
religiously since 2001.” Yes! That’s a couple goal.
– We play Mario Kart together. – We play that all the time.
– That is adorable. – That is so cute.
– That’s very cute. – I think that’s cute as hell!
– I love that. – I love that.
– (FBE) So, we also found a post from the same couple
from five years before this. – Aww.
– Awww. Five years earlier! Awww.
– That’s some goals right there. Now we’re talking!
– Yeah. I think that’s–
– I think that’s goals. Yeah. – I think anything that you can do
to have fun with one another as you get old, I think that’s great.
– Yeah. – That’s so cute.
– That’s great. That’s love. – This is legitimate
relationship goals. – Mm-hmm.
– This is it. This is what you want. You wanna be old as hell
and still playing games together and having fun.
– That one’s couple goals. – You gotta keep things playful. – I like that.
– I think that’s really important. And it seems like
they keep it really playful. – Says, “So, me and Alyssa took
our engagements pictures yesterday. She found a Pinterest picture
that she wanted to try and recreate, dot, dot, dot.
I botched it.” – Okay. Pouring…
– Oh, I can see how this is gonna go wrong.
– …liquid in the mouth. – (both laugh) – (both exclaim and laugh)
– I love it. – Honey, can we do that one?
– That’s real. – I love that.
– (both) That’s real. – (both laugh)
– Jeez! You know, he probably
just poured a little too much. You’re supposed to just
pour a little bit. You know, just a little waterfall,
not, you know, give her the whole dang bottle.
– I mean, it’s realistic. – Yeah. That’s flawless.
– That’s goals. – That’s actually goals,
’cause that’s a realistic depiction of this kind of moment.
– I think that’s party goals. – Yeah, that’s some party goals.
That’s some, you know, “Hey, trying to relive
our youthful days” goals. – (laughs)
– I like it. – I’ll say relationship goals. Sure.
– I’ll give it relationship goals. – Goal.
– I think the goal is the second and third photo.
– The goal is that they tried it, and it was super real and that happens to everybody.
– Yeah. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– “My extra gay dads.” – (laughs) – Okay.
– (both laugh) – That was adorable.
– That was so sweet! – That was so cute.
– Oh, that’s parent goals. – That’s cool.
– That was fun. – Yeah, that’s cool.
I mean, you know, might as well do something on TikTok together.
– The two dads involved: beautiful. Wonderful relationship goal stuff.
– This is the family I want! – Goals.
– Goals. Definitely goals. – You should always
support your children. – I’ve been trying to get
my mom to do TikToks with me, and she’s been very resistant.
Although, you know, she went along with it enough,
so yeah, I like that. – It’s super important
to push yourself out of your comfort zone together
and to grow as a couple. – “We’ve been on each other’s
nerves all week, so I figured we’d shoot it out.” (chuckles)
“Choose your weapon.” Oh, gosh.
– We’ve done that a lot. – Yes!
– Yeah. – This is…
– Goals! – …so goals.
– You’ve done this to me before. – I’ve shot Sabrina a few times.
– He cornered me with these little…
– Involuntarily. – …Nerf gun things
that we got at some sort of convention, and I had to hide
the bullets after he shot them. – This is perfect.
– That’s so fun. – Yeah, you have a Nerf gun…
– I have a Nerf gun. – …at the house.
– (Both) Yeah. – That’s goals. That’s goals.
– You gotta shoot each other. – Goals.
– Goals. – This is not relationship goals.
– No! – You know why? ‘Cause obviously,
the people that did this were the ones that took
the picture and posted it, so they didn’t do it
to have fun. – It’s a good way
to remind yourself to be playful
and that you don’t actually hate each other and that you
can enjoy a moment together, but if that– I’ll say
if that leads to them actually discussing it
in a way that makes them grow as a couple,
I think that’s great. I think that’s goals.
– That’s how they release steam and kind of get over it.
They can talk about it, drop the tension.
Then I like it. – So maybe goals
depending on context. – “I’ve learned more about love
from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange
the living room so my mom can make
snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers
than anything else in life.” – The dad looks like
an old ’50s sitcom dad. He’s just not–
He’s doing it, but he’s not enjoying any of it.
– I like that. It’s like they’re just
having silly fun. – Yeah, and he obviously
doesn’t seem to into it, but he knows that
it’s important to her, and that is a relationship goal.
– Supporting your partner in doing whatever it is
that they wanna do even if you find it silly
or whatever, if it’s important to them,
just support them. – You know why this is love?
Because they didn’t grow up in the Instagram generation.
To us, we’re like, yeah, that’s a natural part of relationship.
– Yeah, move the furniture. Do what you have to do.
– Yeah, do what you gotta do. But to them, this is a new part
of their relationship, and clearly, they’re thriving. – (FBE) So, prior
to this Twitter post, the woman doing the snow angel
had pretty much no followers on her Instagram.
But after this went viral, her Instagram now
has 17,000 followers. – Woooo. Jeez.
– You better make that boomerang now. – Yeah, he’s gonna have to be
moving some more couches. – Legitimate goals.
Now she could actually make money off it too!
– Now she has to start paying him though
to be the Instagram husband. – (FBE) So, is this
relationship goals? – Yes.
– I’ll give it a yes. – Yeah.
– I’ll give it a yes. – Relationship goals.
– I’ll give it that. – Goals.
– I think that’s goals. – That’s cute.
– I think, you know, that’s a supportive marriage.
– I think it’s goals. – The most goals.
– Goals. Necessity. – Goals.
– Mm-hmm. We took like six photos of each other outside.
We got here 10 minutes earlier, do a photo shoot,
’cause the light was so good. ♪ (suspenseful percussion music) ♪ – Oh, ow. See, everybody’s just so athletic. – What? NO!
– (both gasp) – Look at that.
Now, watch this. Boom.
– Whoa. – Tch. Athletic people are crazy.
– They are so strong. Those are strong couples.
We are not a strong couple. (chuckles) – Mm-mm. Our relationship is strong.
– Our relationship is strong. Physically, though,
we got a bad knee, we got a bum ankle.
– I do not see a single bit of chemistry between them.
– Cirque du Soleil goals. – Cirque du Soleil goals.
– That’s goals. – Goals.
– I think it’s unachievable, but sometimes you gotta
set your goals high. – That’s goals if you can do it.
We… – I hope you don’t expect me
to do that. – That’s not a goal.
(ding) – …Eh. Yeah, not a goal. – Not goals. Again, it’s just
the same fitness, look how hot and sexy and young we are.
– Fitness goals! – (FBE) You guys don’t
wanna give that one a shot? – Noo.
– Um, uh, you know what? We will if there’s–
in, like, a ball pit. – (FBE) Wanna give that one a shot? – Can–
– What?! – I–
– Um, uh… – I mean…
– Have you seen my shoes, ma’am? – Yeah, my quads are not that–
– Let me put these up. – (laughs) Yeah, I don’t want
that on my back. – (FBE) So, don’t worry.
We’re not gonna make you do that one. We don’t have the insurance for that.
– Thank you. – (FBE) Some of the videos
that you saw today were cute. Some were silly.
But we’re curious, if you had to choose
one thing about your own relationship that you do together
that you consider to be a relationship goal,
what would it be? – Making forts.
– Making forts. More forts.
– And watching Disney movies! – Mm-hmm.
– I think the real relationship goal is if one person is home
before the other, they start dinner for the other.
– (chuckles) – Every once in a while,
whenever we sit down to eat, when it’s a really
busy day especially, right before we start eating–
and it’s not even a prayer or anything, but we’ll stop
and be like, “Mindful moment!” And then you just kind of
have to tap– you have to stop, take a few seconds,
and then just think about things that you’re appreciative for
or just what you see and feel around you
that you appreciate in that moment. – Yeah, we’re hot.
What is it? I don’t– – (both laugh)
– Just the way that we communicate with each other and always
find a way to have fun in every situation that we’re in
is relationship goals. – That’s what I was gonna say.
– Really? – We communicate everything.
– Yeah. – Whether it’s scary to communicate it
or hard to communicate it or it seems like it’s past the point
and maybe you don’t need to bring it up, but if
you know it’s gonna fester, I feel like we bring it up.
And it’s been great that way. – (FBE) As a couple who has
a relationship that’s in the internet spotlight
of sorts to the public, how do you think that couples
out there should view these videos compared to their own relationships?
– Well, that’s tough. All relationships are different.
I think you should view other relationships
that look happy and healthy as things you should aspire to.
– Every relationship is different. Whatever works for you…
you know, just because we don’t do it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
– Yeah. And you have to create your own relationship goals.
– Yeah. – You are your relationship goals. – You should recognize
that you’re seeing that person on perhaps their best day
and their best moment. And nobody’s relationships
are perfect. You can’t look
at a hot Instagram couple and be like, “They have
their stuff figured out.” – What I like about those videos
is that they’re just having fun. – Something a relationship
really thrives on is play. And I feel like play
is a perfect way to build trust. And if you’re in a relationship
with somebody who doesn’t wanna play with you, for me,
that’s a deal-breaker. – I’ve been in relationships
that were public facing, and there’s so much more
that goes on behind the scenes. And what you display on camera–
or at least what I used to display was not always accurate.
So, it gets very, very, very deep. There’s so much more
that goes on. And a lot of people
will beat themselves up and say, “My relationship’s
not like that,” but you just don’t really
quite ever know. Sometimes you just haven’t
found the right person. and I think you’ll know
when it’s the right person, and you shouldn’t
beat yourself up if you haven’t found
the right person yet. – Thanks for watching
this lovely episode… – Of YouTube Couples React.
– Subscribe to all the creators in this episode.
– Links are down in the description. – Goodbye!
– Hey, everyone! Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
Make sure you go check out all the YouTubers that came in
and shot with us today. Their links are gonna be
down in the description. Bye, everyone!
And have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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