Your Ticket To Balance: Living In The Tension – Two Minute Message

Your Ticket To Balance: Living In The Tension – Two Minute Message

– Hey everybody, Daniel Fusco here and welcome today’s Two Minute Message. Now life is a beautiful thing. I’m super grateful for
the life that I have. But if I’m really honest about it and if you’re really
honest about your life, there’s all parts of life that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. Let me give you an example,
like you love the job that you have but there are
certain aspects of your job that are just really
challenging or grading. You love your family but sometimes the way your family functions, you’re just like, man, this
is completely bewildering. In even the most beautiful
parts of our lives there’re always are these
other sides of the coin that have this tendency to cause us to kinda stop and pause and be like, Why is it like this? Now, I like to call
this living in tension. Because anything in life that’s beautiful, takes some work, that’s the tension. If you have a job that you love, there’re parts of your
job that you don’t love. Like my older sister is a
teacher and she loves teaching, but there’s certain aspects of teaching dealing with the administration, some of the standardized testing that calls into question the very things that you love about that job. In our marriages, there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, there’s only a marriage full of two people who are choosing to forgive one another. There’s all sorts of tensions there. And what I want to tell you is that if you are struggling
with the tension, that’s just normal and human. What I want to tell you is
that Jesus entered this world with all the tengants as fully
God and also being fully man. And he chose to redeem this world. And so I just want to encourage you that your experience is normal. And what God wants to do is
He wants you to look to Him so that He can help you frame
all the tensions to realize that I have to learn how to persevere. I don’t like that part. But that’s just part of the journey that I’m on if I’m gonna
to be able to experience this part of life and so the first thing I want you to do is I want
you to share this message. Because all of us we have a tendency to struggle with the tension. Sometimes we’re okay
with it. A lot of times, we’re just pushing against it
and it really frustrates us. And in the comment section
I want you to talk about how you’re learning to
manage those tensions in life so that together we can learn and grow and get some insights
into how do we navigate this life in a way that’s truly beautiful. God bless you today.

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  1. I pray. I tell God how upset i am, and ask for Him to take away the anger and frustration, and for Him to show the other person how they hurt me. I also ask for forgiveness, and the ability to deal with the tension in a way that shows understanding. I ask him specifically to not let me get stressed out bc i have bipolar disorder and sometimes i act b4 i think…i also ask Him to let me see it from their point of view-and i always apologize first. I will not wait and sit on anger-it gives me ulcers and breaks down my immune responses. As Christians, we are to live joyful lives, being grateful for what we have…we've all heard it b4 but its true…its hard to be angry when you're full of gratitude. We should be oh so thankful for our Savior and His sacrifice, even to the point of grace toward others, following in His footsteps. Sorry its long-but this is very important to me.

  2. I want to get rid of my tense but I couldn't get through it I pry to God every day hope so he gona do something in my life but brother I want to know how can I make my tense or Street to be in balance can you help me 😊😊

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