Your Brain On MDMA

Your Brain On MDMA

With an estimated 2 million pills being smuggled
into the US every day and ⅓ of students at universities like Stanford saying they
have tried it, MDMA or ‘Molly” has become a popular drug of choice. But what exactly
is it, and how does it affect your body? Scientifically known 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine,
MDMA is usually taken in pill form and supposed to be composed of the pure chemical. Ecstasy,
on the other hand, is the term for MDMA which has been chemically altered with other additives
like amphetamine or caffeine. In it’s pure form, MDMA affects the neurotransmitters
in your brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in your body which relay messages, while also
controlling things such as reflexes, emotion and memory. In particular, the neurotransmitter
called serotonin controls appetite, sleep, memory, learning and in this case, mood. When
something really great happens in your life – say you fall in love – there is an increase
in the release of serotonin from nerve cells, which ultimately stimulates your body and
makes you feel happy. And it just so happens that when you take effective amounts of MDMA,
these same cells are triggered to release enormous amounts of serotonin, along with
other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, which trigger even more electrochemical
firing in the brain. This change creates the intense experience of happiness, feeling social,
increased empathy and the inability to sleep, which is likely why it is such a popular party
drug. These feelings generally lasts around 3-8
hours, as your brain cells naturally work to reuptake the serotonin and have it chemically
destroyed. But because MDMA releases so much serotonin, your body also destroys more than
usual. This means when your brain function is back in its ‘normal state’ there is
less serotonin available to bind to your receptors and make you feel good with normal events.
This can also lead to a fairly severe hangover with side effects such as negative mood, spouts
of depression, irritability and feeling extra tired. Despite the negative effects, MDMA is being
studied as a potential therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety. PTSD patients
generally have a decrease in brain communication between the amygdala and the hippocampus,
but MRI analysis has show that MDMA actually increases communication in these regions.
However, this treatment remains fairly controversial as studies on rats and monkeys have shown
that even small amounts of MDMA can not only destroy the endings of brain cells involved
in the release of serotonin, but potentially cause permanent brain damage. If you haven’t already seen it, we have
a new video on The Science of Taste where we suffer through a taste challenge to show
you just how complex eating food really is! Click on the screen or use the link in the
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  1. So Mdma produces more serotonin than you would produce naturally, what if you microdosing Mdma on bad mood days so it's like the amount of serotonin you would produce on happy mood days .. ?

  2. I have been taking mdma for the last 5 years.
    I buy some grams, i test it and I take max 120mg each time, usually once a month.
    I allways have a good time.
    Done some mistakes in the past by not measuring it before taking it, awful feeling .

  3. Cigarette damages your lungs, 7 to 10 thousand people die every year from alcohol, last year only 56 people died using M because of stupid silly reasons, drank too much water, overdosed, toxic shit and etc. As long as you don't abuse it. There's nothing wrong with using drugs here and here to enjoy your time. Be responsible if you're a weak character don't ruin it for others eventually we all will die atleast have a bit of fun. And now go get me some water and play techno

  4. Honestly mdma is the best drug I’ve ever tried and trust me I tried soooooo many, but nothing like a good Molly roll 🥰🌀

  5. I suffered from ptsd. Two days ago I took molly for the third time, but this time it was different (my mindset i guess), and now it feels like my ptsd is gone, like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel the music again, like I did when I was a kid. Not even feeling depressed or what. Yea I feel a bit tired, but I'm glad to feel the good things again.

  6. Has anyone els tripped on it? me and my matss was lost in the woods and I was trying to find a grinder I lost we jump a fence and as soon as we do that I see a man wearing a highvis with a torch and dog on lead so I fuckng sprinted the other way (obviously) and I stopped running after like 5 seconds my friends ask me why im running. They said they didnt see anyone but im certain to this day there was someone there

    Never take these if you are already on antidepressants or tramadol(opiate painkiller) as this can lead to a serious condition known as serotonin syndrome which can result in seizures with high risk of brain damage

  8. Guys, never overdose.
    Take one pill(100-150mg) every two months.
    You will be fine.
    Abuse it and it will abuse you for whole life.

  9. Fun Fact. 1:40, in the Dutch language we actually have a specific word for this 'hangover'. It's called a dinsdagdip, which literally translates to 'tuesday dip'.

  10. anyone wanna figure out how we can get some mdma to me I’m willing to pay it’s just where I live I can’t find any (16 btw) I just wanna try it

  11. My dream is to go to Tomorrowland and do MDMA with my friends for the first time. Sounds like it would be amazing

  12. Well ive been snorting 2 to 4 ironmans a day for about 2 years. And i can honestly say i cant remember what i was talkin about

  13. I came to the comment section in hopes of seein somethin funny, but nah yall just some addicts lmao welcome to Drug addicts anonymous

  14. Me and two friends were always rolling in the summer. We talked and chain smoked. I would stay up all night knowing i had work in the morning

  15. It’s known for a party & rave drug, but once you’re under the influence of it, it’s a new world you’re exposed to. I think everyone should try molly or ecstasy at least once in their lifetime. We’re all here for a good time, not a long time

  16. Did I get that right that if I'd combine MDMA with caffeine for example I'd have Ecstasy?

  17. i took six mdma pills in the span of two hours and now i cant stop burping i wanted to know if this was common

  18. Whatever you do DO NOT drink alcohol when you on E. It brings back euphoria but your body will overheat without knowing it and it leads to death

  19. I had a traumatic reaction the first and only time I took it. There was some good memories albeit I barely remember most of what happened. But I almost died multiple times and sobered up to find 100 bruises. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days either. That experience made me completely sober from everything and made me hate anything associated w mind altering substances.

  20. I took some last night and it feels like your floating and u have soo much energy,but when it wears down I was freezing but apart from that I told my crush I loved him and also all my friends so in the end it was worth it ✌🏼💊

  21. Yeeeehaaaaaaaa that was me at a party boom boom boom boom boom boom thats wat my body felt like fuckn h13L was wasted to the bone

  22. Seems chill if u take it alone but don’t mix it with alcohol cus oh boy i almost died yesterday i was convulsing and puking for 2 hours straight then i was freezing

  23. Never felt depression after mdma use and I fall asleep easily once it wears down, actually easier than usual.

  24. Taking MDMA will change your life! Taking it at least once is not dangerous at all. The day I took MDMA was one of the best days of my life. But if you want to use it more than once, then I recommend you wait at least 1 month before using it again. Not doing this will result in depression. So try it. But don’t use it.

    Edit: You should not try MDMA if you have an addictive personality. Because it can be addictive and it's not good to be addicted to.

  25. I took a pill iv had before but after a while something made me start to panic and freak out like everyone was looking at me and i felt super super anxious and i just had to leave. Is this a side effect or was there something to do with the pill i had???

  26. that last part means you can easily cause yourself to become chronically depressed, permanently. Don't do drugs kids. stay in school

  27. I got super addicted to it and had audio and visual hallucinations for a month and was super depressed for like 2 months

  28. Dont take mdma more that 1 a month. Better like me, 1nce every 7 years 🙂 mmmmmmmmmmm/mmmmmmm, its the drug of love. <3

  29. Hangover depends from person to person… if you have hangover from alcohol you’ll have also from mdma, me for example didn’t have hard hangover

  30. I was while tripping asking myself why i see my phone 2 times.
    My eyes looked in totally different directions

  31. MDMA almost killed me into deep depression back in the early 90s – The come down was`nt worth it anymore – Yet i must say, the experience was very intense and it was always like artificially falling in love, only 10x stronger.

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  33. What’s the average dose of mdma. I took 0.7g 2 days ago and my brain is fried and has been ever since. Feel like shit

  34. Yeah i know MDMA is the best party drug and i use to order it from ………..PARTYSHOP WEBSITE………….???

  35. I didn't trip bad, but I didn't like the expirience, when the trip ended I felt like it wasn't worth doing it again, it wasn't that exciting. I think all the hype made me think of Molly as this experience that was going to change my perception of life but it didn't. I actually like to be in a normal state. I dont drink anymore and I wasn't an alcoholic, I drank here and there mostly for reunions or birthday parties and off course I never did drugs after Molly. I did lost friends after that experience but….. Were they actually friends?

  36. MDMA can turn a hardened oil field worker into a tree hugging hippy in less than an hour, future testing and studies will be interesting!

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