Young Athlete Heart Screening – Heart Hospital of Austin

Young Athlete Heart Screening – Heart Hospital of Austin

(piano music) – [David Laird] What
we’re doing here today is we’re screening children ages 14 to 18 for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. – Good morning! How are you? – It’s a genetic disorder that is a thickening of the heart muscle. Today, to determine that, we’re gonna do an echocardiogram, an EKG, and each person gets a free consultation with a cardiologist. – Hi. – [David Laird] We have been
providing these screenings for a little over 10 years now. Twice a year, February and August, and we’ve screened over 6,500 children in central Texas. – What’s really tragic is oftentimes the first symptom of this disorder is sudden cardiac death. Sometimes the first symptom is the last. That’s why I think it’s very very important to stay ahead of this. Although the syndromes are very rare, for us to do a simple
ultrasound electrocardiogram to potentially identify this disorder, it could be life saving. (piano music) (Heart Hospital of Austin provides
CPR training to hundreds of students
and parents at each screening event.) – Lock your elbows, sit up off your heels. Go ahead. – Effective CPR is
instrumental in buying us very critical time until the patient can make it to an emergency room or until we can get access
to a defibrillator. – This means a lot to us. Not just me individually, but everybody that’s here has some vested interest in, either with a family member or just it’s a personal cause that
they feel deeply about. (piano music)
(baseball bat hit) – We’re at a practice
on a Thursday evening. It was not a very hot day and Joseph was out practicing with his
team doing wind sprints and things they normally do. It wasn’t a very strenuous exercise. One of the coaches called me over and said Joseph had fallen in the outfield. They thought he had just hurt his leg. He was actually face-down,
we rolled him over, and just the look in his eye, you knew something was wrong. (ambulance siren wails) – The paramedics, at one point, came and told us that they didn’t think he was gonna make it and that we needed to go
in the room to see him. And luckily they were
able to stabilize him. You know, he was up and running around and playing baseball and the next minute he’s not breathing and he’s in a coma for five days. (piano music) (Joseph was diagnosed with
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy [HCM]) (Doctors implanted a defibrillator
to help regulate his heart) (Today Joseph is in excellent health) – We feel extremely lucky
that he survived this and it’s one of the reasons we come out and volunteer for things like this where it’s important people understand that it could be their child. (piano music) (HCM affects one in 500 student
athletes every year. Often without
any warnings or symptoms) – My son had a sports
physical about a week or so prior to him collapsing on the field and he passed it with flying colors. – It looks like you feel pretty well here. – And I’ve notice that
a lot of parents have and attitude of, “It won’t happen to me, “we’re fine, my child’s played sports “since they were young.” And don’t feel like it
could happen to them. – The risk of performing
these tests is really zero. There’s no radiation involved. A simple ultrasound and ECG. The benefit can be great. So I think it’s a great
privilege as healthcare providers to be
instrumental in potentially detecting these
life-threatening illnesses. – At Heart Hospital of
Austin, we have built this fabulous reputation
taking care of people. And everybody that is here
has volunteered their time. The staff, the physicians,
we love being here frankly. And so what makes all of
this enjoyable for us, is that if we save even one life, all of this will have been worth it. (To learn more about Young
Athlete Screenings visit

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  1. I'm 15 and I live in Houston, I've been getting dizzy for the past two days I think it's anxiety or my heart I'm not sure. help!

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