Yoga Mudra for Headache | Mrigi Mudra | Mudra therapy 💜🕉 Namaste💜

Yoga Mudra for Headache | Mrigi Mudra | Mudra therapy 💜🕉 Namaste💜

You’re welcome in today’s yoga mudra session. Let’s talk about Yoga mudra for headaches i.e Mrigi Mudra First of all let me tell you about the 5 amazing health benefits of practicing Mrigi Mudra.. First, Mrigi Mudra destroys ego second, it Alleviates headache third Practicing it makes the person more humble fourth, it makes mind more stable and Fifth, it helps someone to become more spiritual There is one more benefit to Mrigi Mudra & i.e according to Accupressure, fingers involved in Mrigi mudra contain points for tooth and sinus. Hence, practicing this mudra elevates cold related disorders and gives relief in once toothache Now the step-by-step tutorial to perform Mrigi Mudra first, touch the Middle portions of the ring & the Middle Fingers with the front part of the thumb Make sure You are not touching the middle fingers with the tip of the thumb then index and little fingers are kept straight and Like any other mudra. Mrigi mudra is also performed with both the hands Now what makes Mrigi mudra so special? Well, Mrigi mudra is a gesture to achieve mental Clarity & focus Well, It’s also known as the ‘Dear Seal’ as the shape looks like the mouth of a Dear Now the best timings to perform Mrigi mudra You can practice Mrigi Matra in any of the following ways. 1st, 1 to 3 sittings o 15 mins. each a day.. Second, one sitting of 45 minutes a day.. You were watching Yoga mudra for headaches , Mrigi mudra on mudrasbysmartkaur youtube channel, Thank you

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  1. can i touch tip of middle & ring finger with the tip of thumb in this mudra. Is it allowed because on other webpages latter version is introduced as Mrigi Mudra.

  2. Yoga Mudra for Headaches | Mrigi Mudra | All Yoga Mudras in English (English Subtitles)

    Benefits of Mrigi Mudra: 0:10

    How to perform Mrigi correctly?: 1:00

    Specialty of Mrigi Mudra: 1:40

    Best timings to perform Mrigi Mudra: 2:02

  3. Namaskar,
    what about touching the thumb to the BASE of middle finger? is it a proper mudra? does it have a formal name? will it increase calcium levels in the bones? many thanks.

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