Yoga Block Poses For Back Pain & Tension

Yoga Block Poses For Back Pain & Tension

began seated start to find some organic movement
within the waist allow the movement to work off the spine one vertebrae at a
time maybe get into the shoulders a little being walking the hands forward stop
where you meet that stretch option to rock side to side back to center for a seated cat cows
work at your own pace here left hand to the mat right hand overhead inhale Center exhale side stretch to the
right go ahead and grab your block
let’s meet on our backs place the block under the hips general
area would be the sacrum you’ll want to play around here positioning will be
different for everyone feel free to rock side to side inhale the left leg we can display the knee open towards the
left you can roll it in a circular motion here work at your own pace release right wake up being splaying that knee towards the
right again you can work in a circular motion release bring both knees up gently rock side to side feet to the mat keep the block at its lowest setting or
go ahead and take it up a notch straighten the legs out remain here or
begin to rock the hips side to side be gentle you go ahead and remove the block being rocking the knees side to side
feel the low back against the mat hugg knees the chest you grab the block and place it along the
spine again you’ll want to play around here it
will feel different for everyone so you want to maybe position it a little
higher on the spine or a little lower option to place a blanket under the head
for a more height and comfort full inhales full exhales here if you feel
the breath is restricted feel free to inhale for for hold for four exhale for
five or six you remain here or take the hands and reach
over ahead you option here to add more weight by
grabbing opposite elbows along the belly gently come up and position the block
across the back just below the shoulder blades you you option to add more weight by grabbing
opposite elbows along the belly you gently release set the block aside hugg needs to chest big squeeze here
rock it out let’s go ahead and meet in child’s pose you observe here work through the body relax
the belly shoulders and hips take your time here connect with the breath full
inhales full exhales release inhale hands up overhead reach
tall exhale hands to heart center namaste

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