Why It’s Hard to Turn Stress (Cortisol) Off

Why It’s Hard to Turn Stress (Cortisol) Off

Dr. Berg: Hey, Dr. Berg here. In this short video, we’re going to talk about
this subject called cortisol, and how to turn off cortisol. The first thing you need to know, is that
cortisol is made from the outside of the adrenal gland. This is the adrenal gland, you have two of
them on top of the kidney, they look like this. The outside of this is all gland tissue, and
cortisol is made by the outer part of that glad. The inside of the gland is all nerve tissue. It makes neurotransmitters. They’re a hormone like substances that are
hormone like, because they travel communication wise through the nervous system, where hormones
travel through the blood. Those are the differentiation. Cortisol is made by the outside, and the inside
would be all the adrenaline. Adrenaline is a stress hormone too, right? Cortisol is a stress hormone. The thing is like, a lot of people are stressed
out, and they seem to not be able to get rid of stress, they can’t seem to turn off cortisol,
and that’s primarily because the adrenal gland only has an on switch. See, cortisol is a hormone that reacts to
stress and adapts the body to stressed states. The same thing with adrenaline. It reacts to stress, and it adapts the body
to stressed states. If you’re being chased by a tiger for example,
you’re going to have the heart rate go up, you’re going to have the blood flow to your
muscles, you’re going to have a very awake brain, excessively aware, and then you’re
going to have higher blood pressure, you’re going to have more adrenaline, you’re going
to have all these different things, but you’re not going to have as much digestion or reproduction. It’s going to turn those things off. What happens over time, and a lot of people
don’t know this, is that when they experience stress over their life, they think when they
go through it, then the stress just goes away. No, all stress is accumulative. I have a machine that measures accumulating
stress, and you can see in a body the huge relationship between the quantity of stress,
and then in present time, their body is stuck on and will not turn off, because adrenal
only has an on switch, it doesn’t have an off switch. All stress accumulates, and it’s also interesting
to note that, and I’m going to just tell you, it’s probably 100%, might be 99% of the time,
but nearly 100% of the time, you take autoimmune cases like rheumatoid, and MS, and lupus,
and all these different autoimmune diseases, it always happens after a stress event, primarily
a loss, or some threat of loss, or a divorce, or whatever. Why is that? Because a loss is a severe stress to the adrenal. It shocks the body even more than a physical
stress. The person can be stuck in it for years, as
far as the physical body gets stuck in it, and then you’re over here, but your body’s
still reacting down there, and then it turns on this autoimmune thing. That’s interesting. We have this thing where we have the adrenals
that gets stuck on over time, because of accumulated stress, it could be measured objectively. You can feel it subjectively just on how well
you tolerate stress, and how you deal with stress. If you can’t tolerate stress, and things get
to you easily, irritate you easily, then we know the adrenal glands are on edge. Now, there’s a term for this called flight
or fight mode. So when you’re flight or fight, you’re in
this mode where you’re constantly either fighting or running away or something. It’s a stressed state. The flight or fight can be measured as well,
and I can measure that in a test, and you can see how much flight or fight the person’s
in, versus if it’s normal of they’re stuck in flight or fight, and a lot of people are
stuck in this flight or fight from past stresses, okay? Stresses could be, you know, change of hormones,
menopause, it could be physical stress, mental stress, could be any type of stress at all. That’s really what’s happening, is that we
have this hormone that’s too high, and this hormone is too high because of the old stress
that you don’t see, because it’s stuck in the past. They do all these tests, and they can’t find
them, because it’s not showing up on a blood test, it’s not showing up on other tests,
but it might be in blood pressure, pulse rate, but you have to use a very sensitive test
to pick this up. I use a test that measures this part of the
adrenal. It’s called the autonomic nervous system. This is all sympathetic nerve fibers, so we
can measure that on a test. It’s called heart rate variability. Don’t worry about the name, but just realize
there is a test that can measure that, and when I look at people, I look at two things. One, is how much stress that they have in
their body, and two, how much health or recovery reserve do they have as well, because it measures
both parts. I find that it’s a relationship, and when
someone is usually in stress for long periods of time, they lose their health reserve, their
recovery, their reserve to back onto, because you know, if you lose your recovery, then
a little bit of stress really can affect you badly. If you have good recovery and your stress
doesn’t bother you as much because you have this buffer to fall back on. The question is, what do we do to turn this
off? Okay, now one of the things that I found,
it’s very difficult to do this with pills and things like that. What I found you have to do is, you have to
manually turn the adrenal glands off. What do you mean manually? The adrenals are stuck way into the body. Well, there’s techniques that basically work
on other parts of this nervous system, okay? It’s called the sympathetic nervous system. There is other parts of the nervous system
that control the off switch, and that’s called the parasympathetics, so that’s another word,
parasympathetics means the part of the nervous system that turns things off, because it controls
rest and digestion. Inevitably, someone that’s stressed usually
has problems with resting and digestion. If you look at the whole body and find out
where these things are located, you can do techniques, acupressure, without needles,
or massage on these locations, of where these things are located in the body, and create
incredible relaxation effect that actually helps this part of the nervous system. You’re really working, not on the gland per
se, but you’re working on the nervous system. You’re increasing the flow of this electrical
wire that’s connected to the brain that won’t turn off. It’s like a switch. What I did, is I listed a series of videos
below, in the link that you can click on to see some of the techniques. There’s a lot of them, but I’m just going
to show you a couple that you can apply on your nervous system to help turn off this
cycle, okay? I want to just give you a taste of this below,
but there’s a lot more we’re going to talk about in future videos. I want to just explain some of the basics
on what cortisol is, and how it effects adrenals, and what’s really happening for people that
are stuck in stressed states. I hope this helped, and I will see you in
the next video.

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  1. Is Skydiving adrenal experience good for people. I think i can become skydiver i just do not know if this is good for me

  2. Thank you Dr Berg….. this is valuable information! I used to live a VERY high stress life, then everything impossible thing went wrong x100, as if it was a test…. well I didn't do so well, I shut down, and shut out everything and everybody as a response, I guess as a overload impulse. I am slowly letting only what I want and approve of back. I really can't explain it well, but this video with Dr. Bergs explanation helps.

  3. Thanks for the intro into buying your pills. And the voice thing will come in handy if I ever join a traveling band or choir.👍🏻

  4. Does doing sports can turn off cortisol ?
    I was really stressed few months ago and since one month i started going to the gym again, doing lots of cardio and my stress level significantly diminished. I can stay at home without stressing, stop worrying about stupid things…

  5. I've found help w the healing herbs. Blue skullcap, gotu kola, etc. There r many nervine relaxing herbs. Ashwagandha is another. Use them in combo w fasting, obstaining from gluten dairy and controlling sugar. I also drink matcha 2 cups a day mixed w water and lemon.

  6. I’d like to thank you Dr Berg for your great informative videos. I’m over 14 days into Keto and already I’ve lost weight, indigestion’s gone, have uninterrupted sleep, feel great, sugar free and most importantly anxiety has dropped to an all time low. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT rings true without a doubt! Thanks again.

  7. I heard Jordan Peterson talking about stress. He was saying something about how you should not get stressed on an empty stomach in the morning how its bad. How you should eat first if your gonna have stress or avoid it if you can….do you know if there is any truth to that

  8. I have to give it to this guy , he can manipulate idiots so easially and they actually believe what he's saying is good advice for them ….

  9. What a great video!..I have dp/dr and high anxiety for 20 +years..Im on the road to recovery using CBd oil ..affirmations.. and watching videos like this one..thanks doc

  10. It's hilarious how comments a year or older are mostly negative then a clear shift after. Hmmmm…. Truth is, I have been following all your videos for months now and you saved my life. Had ulcers, high blood pressure, alopecia and of course overweight ….. The first two and last one are gone and the alopecia? Once I understood the role of stress in my life and watched tens of all the other videos you got, that is on the mend too, and quite noticeable by other people too. So thank you sir and God bless

  11. I suffered from child abuse and some other traumatic after that. I react well to stress and can be calm and deal with situation but I cant relax for down for days.

  12. C'mon guys, stress can be good and valuable tool, not bad by itself. Even science has confirmed that medium and periodic stress in the long run actually advance our physical and mental abilities. And not just that, intensive stress is also good in the short periods if it's followed by success as a compensation (well done projects or campaign, good compensations, good test scores etc.).
    A lot has to do with our attitude; if we're too pessimistic at something of course we're going to burn. But it doesn't have to be like that.

  13. I think I believe in about 90% of what you teach. Very cutting edge. Please do not let money motivate you! Please keep moving forward to help people with health because that it the right thing to do. What is the truth is the real answer.

  14. Rest and digestion. How could I have been so dumb. These two have been my problem for years. Of course the digestion part joined only this year. Turning cortisol off? I think I found just the solution. Focus

  15. Zinc and magnesium works as supplements(zincovit is the BEST btw) but for anyone who's suffering of anxiety, turn yourself into a carnivore/keto diet! It scientifically makes sense since your brain is more focused on keeping you alive by finding fats, proteins to convert into energy(which is a much harder process compared to restoring carbs as glycogen) than thinking about an incident that happened 5 years ago. No carbs means no extra energy to spend on useless crap. One priority at a time your mind will transfer commands to do the important work and think less, sleep more.

  16. It would be extremely interesting to know which machine is capable of measuring your
    "Fight or Flight" . . .thank you, very interesting information.

  17. Thank you Dr Berg. Now I really know why hight cholesterol and sugar. Have too much stressed out. Not eating not right. Appreciate that what you Dr. thank you for caring. ❤️

  18. I invested in a personal massager. Now, I am addicted to it. LOL! I exchanged one condition for another. But,–I am less stressed!!! Would like to see a vid on this!

  19. i had something stupid happen to me and it stressed me out. i had arthritis but do not have it now. example of autoimmune response.

  20. Make meditation a priority. Before you get cynical and negative about what you don't know, make it a habit for three months. Then come talk.

  21. That was one long video with information about flight or fight which most people are aware of. Please cut to the chase!

  22. To save you time…….This video does not actually tell you how to turn off cortisol……..go to his other video links

  23. Dr Berg I have become biggest fan of your it took time for me to understand ur knowledge but it was worth it. I pray God give more knowledge so you can share with us..

  24. It makes sense no me why I keep saying I can’t deal with anything. Even though I may have what I would perceive a low stress level, as soon as something happens, I go from zero to one hundred. My reserve is tapped.

  25. ANXIETY is a lack of LOVE.
    anxiety is making you close up and love makes you open up.

    if you're constantly anxious you need to GIVE love and thus receive love.
    meditate, eat healthy, exercise. do everything focusing on love and on loving the entire world, even love those things you hate because if there weren't things you hated there wouldn't be things you loved. love yourself, parent your feelings, you didn't choose to be born but you wouldn't exist without chemical love, and some people's love for themselves. this world is all about that two side yin yang love relationship. good habits are almost everything, I'm a useless piece of meat but at least I do that & that..

  26. For His believers: With your mouth SPEAK the Word below, and in your heart BELIEVE. REPEAT as often as desired

    "In Jesus name I banish anxiety from my heart and cast off the troubles of my body, for youth and vigor are meaningless."
    I realized youth and vigor fads but the Word of God is eternal. His Word is what sustains us.♥️

  27. Meditation has immense benefits in reducing stress. My practice is Vipassana meditation and I have gone from a quick to anger crazy man to a more even tempered human.

  28. Hormonal change shouldn't be equated to stress. Natural changes I mean. I guess previous stress brings on more with menopause but it shouldn't in itself be an illness. Same in pregnancy

  29. Blessings of god ..love and respect for mr berg ..i wish i may meet mr berg …ohh god ..man of knowledge and his charity and kind heart is blessing ..may god bless you mr eric berg

  30. Your such an informative go to for so many conditions. I for one so grateful for the time you take to inform people medically and physiologically to help ourselves without spending a fortune searching professional that lead you up crazy paths and empty your bank account. This all makes sense to me. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  31. Dr. Berg, I really appreciate the work that you do here, I was wondering do you recommend colon cleanses, thank you Happy New Year

  32. I only have one adrenal gland, the other was removed due to a Pheochromocytoma. 4 years later my stress levels are still high yet every cortisol test I've had shows normal levels. I struggle to cope with the stress symptoms, my lifestyle is very simple but I am still stressed. I envisage being this way for the rest of my life until I have a stroke, the system can't be switched off. Kinda of a design fault right there

  33. To anybody reading this. I have a solution that can help manage your stress… FEEL FREE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE.

    Supplements to MANAGE STRESS, avoid any pills from psychiatrists

    Here is how to manage your stress:

    DIET – Most important, AVOID SUGAR (you feel stress, you want to eat more sugar right? Avoid it! How? Eat oatmeal, eggs, quinoa etc) try to avoid any sugar / chocolate / cakes or fast foods! Sugar will increase your cortisol, and I know, you feel better when you eat it, but your body don't think the same! Believe me.

    APPLY CLAY (known as ARGILA / ARGILE) with water on fabric swabs in your Adrenal Glands it will help to detoxify your BODY, you will see that do it in morning or in afternoon (sometimes you can use before bed, but it will make your adrenals more active, I THINK. TEST! TEST! And you will know what switchs best for you!) It works.

    WALK – Don't run, just walk slowly with your friends 20-45 minutes per day is enough, if you can do more, do it.

    COFFEE (Use chicory is a good alternative to coffee)


    ACUPUNTURE IS GREAT, do it at the end of the day if is possible, you will feel great.

    MUSIC – Good music, you can search for "Binaural Sounds for deep sleep" / "Binaural Sounds stress" it helps a lot, MEDITATION ALSO.

    Buy Ashwagandha IS ADAPTOGENIC and WORKS! it reduces cortisol levels by 30% and boost your testorone levels and also takes care of stress, take one capsule per night or 2 capsules per day. I recommend at night, it will improve your sleep and reduce cortisol if you feel anxious at night, is better to use it at Night, however if you are stressed all take you can take one in the morning and another on night. (High recommended!) **MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY HEALTH PROBLEM BEFORE USE IT! HOWEVER is SAFE but always don't exceed.

    Magnesium + Melatonin at night with Ashwagandha.

    Rhodiola, it is good to improve stress, you will feel more relaxed, i recommend one in the morning. It reduces Adrenaline on adrenal glands.

    L-Theanine, you can take this in the morning also another in the afternoon to reduce stress and anxiety. (Is safe for most of people, but don't take to much!!)

    Relora – another supplement that reduces Cortisol

     Vitamine B5 (Acid Panthotenic) – One capsule per day, take with food. (High recommended!)

    Ginseng Siberian it is another adaptogenic, is good to relax your body and adapts to levels of stress (careful not anyone can take this!)



  34. How to turn of the flight or fight mode..? With Hempwana cream on your joints and skin, Hempwana cream is made with Marihuana or Cannabis…

  35. I have had a huge amount of cortisol in my system due to having a bad accident on a motorcycle racetrack & it turned my life upside down, was broken up really bad, neck ,hip back , & a frontal lobe brain injury, so huge amount of cortisol!!! been working on trying to get back in sync with my body, taken me quite some time but I'm starting to get on top of it

  36. I have adrenal insufficiency, so I take 20 mg of hydrocortisone daily to increase my cortisol, is cortisol bad ? And is it needed? Your videos are about lowering cortisol but my docotor said that it’s important, can anyone help? Thanks.

  37. Get off the caffeine. I may still get bad nights of sleep but I feel more energetic without caffeine. and less depressed and happy.

  38. Thank you for diving deep on this topic… the only time I ever experience the anxiety attacks is when I go to a particular place .. my heart rate rockets … an I try to stop it but as soon as I leave the place heart rate falls normal in a matter of few minutes.. I can’t turn it off ,,, but I will try your technique when I go back

  39. Hello Dr. Berg, My cortisol test shows that my adrenal was depleted as well as my reserved gland ( naturopathic doctor did the test for me) this was 4 years ago. I have been dealing with insomnia, severe insomnia for 6 years. I am constantly exhausted and have all the side effects you mention, but I have low blood pressure. My glands have been on edge for years and i don't know what to do? My ability to retain information is a problem. My focus is a problem. my question is can steroids help this? I work on myself every day. breathing. low-intensity workouts. I live in Port Moody, Canada BC, could you recommend a good naturopathic or doctor that can help me? I am constantly burnt out, going on for at least 6 years now. Thank you for any help you can offer. Best, Natasha

  40. I need help!!!!!
    5th day on IF and 2 meals..today i cant get up just wanna sleep!!!!!!
    WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??????????

  41. I told my doctor that I want to get my cortisol levels checked and doc laughed at me. I suffer from anxiety due to my neck, back and head pains so I tend to let the pain get the best of me. Plus I always have a tendency of always getting my blood pressure checked constantly. Now I tend to have random body tremors and pins and needles feeling on my body.

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