It’s estimated that 29-31% of adults have
hypertension. In the U.S. alone, that’s roughly 80 million
people. With obesity on the rise, hypertension cases
will only continue to surge. So, what is hypertension and what can it do? Hypertension is consistently having either
a systolic blood pressure greater than 140 millimeters of Mercury or a diastolic blood
pressure greater than 90 millimeters of Mercury. Having high blood pressure increases the force
exerted on your arteries, creating microscopic tears in the artery walls. Scar tissue eventually develops from the tears,
creating crevices where particles of fat, cholesterol, and platelets will lodge into
and cause plaque buildup. The arteries will narrow, preventing adequate
blood flow through the area. Ultimately, the minimized blood flow can lead
to stroke, vision loss, heart attack, kidney disease, aaaaand, for you young rabbits, sexual
dysfunction. It can also lead to heart failure. Narrow arteries mean your heart will have
to work harder to get blood flowing. This leads to an enlarged heart that struggles
to pump blood. You’ll end up running out of breath from
doing even the simplest activities, such as walking down the street. As for causes, there isn’t just one, but
instead many risk factors that some might not expect. The clear ones are obesity, excessive alcohol,
smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and excessive sodium. A not so obvious factor is your family history. In fact, you’re TWICE as likely to have
hypertension if either your dad or brother had a heart disease before the age of 55,
or your mom or sister before age 65. Your personality can be a factor, too, with
hostile, impatient, or depressed individuals having a higher risk. And with so many seemingly innocuous or asymptomatic
risk factors, hypertension has been rightfully dubbed the “silent killer” disease. So, what can you do to deal with it? The first thing is… good ol’ exercise. Low to moderate intensity activities for 30
minutes, 3 to 4 times per week is recommended. Brisk walks, gardening, or dancing the night
away counts, too. If 30 minutes is too tough, then split the
workout to 3 10-minute activities instead. And if you’re up for it, doing more wouldn’t
hurt. Exercise has shown to lower your systolic
blood pressure by 4 to 6 millimeters of mercury and diastolic pressure by 3. Next up weight loss if you’re currently
overweight. For every 1 kilogram of weight loss, you can
expect a decline of roughly 0.5 to 2 millimeters of Mercury. And if you choose to lose weight, make sure
to adjust your diet, too. Healthcare Professionals recommend the DASH
diet, short for “Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.” This diet will lower your intake of saturated
fat and cholesterol, and add more fruits, veggies, and low-fat dairy. Some great food choices are good ol chicken,
fish, and nuts. On the other end, try skipping red meats,
sweets, and sugars. And DEFINITELY avoid too much salt. Salt increase water retention, which can increase
blood volume, thus blood pressure. You want to keep sodium to about a teaspoon
of table salt per day. (2.4g)
That means bye bye to frozen dinners, and hello to peppers, herbs, and constant food
label scrutiny. And FINALLY, try limiting smoking and alcohol
if they’re problematic now. So, start upping your mocktail and virgin
pina coloda game! We never want to ever deal with hypertension
and probably subconsciously avoid knowing if we do have it. But it’s one of those things we need to
stay on top of if we want to live a healthy and rewarding life. So, make sure you keep that blood pressure
in check! Hope you enjoyed this video, and if you have
any other health-related video suggestions, please share it in the comments below! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Being fit and in shape is great, but it doesn't always mean you're healthy! Prioritize your health just as much you prioritize your gain (if not more)!

    Expect more health vids in the near future!

  2. I take creatine which cause Water retention in the muscles cells, will this increase my blood volume & BP or is it a different type of Water retention?

  3. I discovered that I have hypertension when I'm 19 years old. I always eat healthy, exercise. The only factor that I think of is because of I inherit this from my dad. I'm always in the 140's range, won't decrease any further.

  4. Sugestion: I have a friend that eats a lot (like supernatural amount) and doesnt get fat. How is that possible?

  5. Do bananas particularly help lower bp because of their potassium content? If yes how many should be consumed daily? Thanks for the video

  6. Hippity-hop onto that elliptical trainer for an hour every day and go at it like you mean it, and you'll be breeding like me in no time.

  7. Just curious how old are you? To me you sound young and old at the same time lol no offense of course

  8. lost 8Kg of weight in the last 50 days
    It seems that my blood pressure comes from high salt diet(which is the main factor in helping me sustain my low calorie diet)
    Life is hard(naa Im still 2 young 4 saying dat)

  9. I love your channel dude, but you made a classic mistake here. You mention a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet and then go on recommend other foods that are slightly lower in saturated fat (depending on the fish/cut of chicken – some are actually still very high in saturated fat); however, all of these sources are still loaded with cholesterol.

    If you want a good source of low fat protein with no cholesterol you can't forget the plant based sources. Not enough people make this connection. Oh you want low fat? What about sources of protein with literally the lowest levels of saturated fat… and zero cholesterol? There's dozens of them: Black beans, fava beans, chickpeas, legumes, lentils, soy, seitan, brown rice, pea protein, hemp protein, chia seeds. So many. Just mix them throughout the day and the PDCAA score will be equal to any other animal source of protein without all the extra shit you don't need.

  10. There are some "research" about chocolate milk being an effective sports drink or protein shakes for recovering after workout, could you explain if this is true or not? or if "it depends" on the workout?

  11. its proven that the ketogenic diet has a positive effect on reducing blood pressure, cutting all the fat is a myth ! Its the inflammation caused by insulin that creates micro tears in your arteries, causing fat molecules to accumulate to heal the wound. This is worth mentioning.

  12. Well, my father had a heart disease in his thirties or so but it was caused by smoking and a fucked up diet. Does that make me more prone to have hypertension or does it have to be genetic?

  13. There's no scientific study that says that excessive sodium causes hypertension. That's a common myth. Excessive sugar causes hypertension, not sodium.

  14. Just another reason to exercise. Its like exercising a little every day is the difference between dying of a thousand diseases and being happy, and dying and having a heart attack.

  15. I need help.

    I was in hospital because I ruptured my cruciate ligament and had an operation 9 days ago
    They measured my blood pressure for 4 days, always about 165/80

    I am 19 years old.

    The problem is that I already do all the things listed in this video.

    I live a healthy lifestyle. I exercise three times a week (weight training), I am lean (174cm 74kg 10% bf)eat much protein in form of fish, chicken and whey but no red meat. I supplement vitamines, mg and zn and omega 3. Drink alkohol maybe once in a month, 3-4 beers, smoke 3-4 cigarettes every 2 weeks.

    I use some salt, but not overly much. Maybe I leave it out completely, but I do not think this is the reason because it is not more than average.

    I thought starting biking and running when my leg has healed would help, but in the video it says only up to 6mg.

    Still 159 then. Fk.

    Does anyone have an idea why?

  16. Please check out the channel Healthcare Triage, they have a lot of good videos on health, run by a doctor, and cite a bunch of sources you could possibly use ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. another video on protein would be awsome!
    one that delves into how much your body can actually absorb at any given time. from what ive read online the answer is debated a heap and id love to see what you can find on the subject!
    maybe also mention the best places to find your protein
    love your work!

  18. Thank you for this. It's actually a wake-up call for me, as I thought I was pretty healthy, but now I know a few more things to watch out for. ๐Ÿ™

  19. Don't smoke, don't drink but my sodium intake and usually high and it doesn't help that my mom has heart disease either.

    Thanks for this great video slash awakening call.

  20. this is why i fcking hate obesse people trying to convince society that being fat af is "ok" and they should feel good about themselfs, they are ruining their childrens life before they are even born

  21. A daily ingestion of 30 g of milled flaxseeds has one of the most potent antihypertensive effects achieved by a dietary intervention or drugs. This is a big deal because having a systolic blood pressure over 115 may be the single most important determinant for death in the world.

  22. if my blood pressure gets super high during exercise and sometimes gives me headeaches during exercise is that really bad or okay?

  23. this might sound stupid but can you make a video on eating disorders? I'm trying to lose weight (because I actually need to lose weight) but Its hard to do so when you're in that mental state… if this is a dumb question just ignore it

  24. Diet is years light more important than excersise in every way, just saying… also in some cases, medication might be used when all other methods seems to fail.

  25. Exercise is the key, I'm loaded with nicotine and still have normal BP, I'm not smoking, some people like coffee I like nicotine.

  26. PictureFit, I love your videos. I saw some videos, elsewhere on YouTube, that say salt causing hypertension is a myth. Suffice to say, I've been downing a ton of salt lately. If you're looking for a video idea, would you mind tackling whether salt is actually bad for you?

  27. I need to start exercising. I walk to school and back but I can't fit in any other times because i have exams atm. It's so hard!! But I have to cause I'm obese…

  28. Im 15 and need help… I lift almost every day, I eat somewhat clean (avoiding sugar and trying to get greens every day) and also drink lots of water I can also run about 2 miles, so i know that i am in good shape. I have recently found out that my BP is 144 over 90. which they said is the equivalent of a middle aged man. What do i do???

  29. A doctor warned me about my blood pressure when I was signing up to donate blood -_- The doctor even asked me if I had been running or something because I looked pretty healthy to her. I have to say I was pretty nervous because it was my first time donating, and a large guy queueing in front of me was asked a ton of questions by the doctor, so it might have just been my nerves.
    However, I've lost quite a bit of weight since and been eating much healthier, hope I fare better on my next checkup!

  30. Great video, but the real question, can i lift at least a little? I dont want to be super skinny no muscle… ty!

  31. hey I have a doubt. Almost every time I check my pressure is low but I feel ok. I check it out of curiosity. But sometimes like twice a year I get high pressure sympstoms and when I check it is normal. why is always my pressure low and why does my body react to normal pressure as if it was really high pression? I'm 27 btw

  32. Very important video. I showed this to my family to in courage them to excersize. We have a history of hypertension and diabetes in our family so it's important to stay healthy. Thank you PF

  33. 0:24 I have 90mmHg DPB. Its because of my "Drugs" (Thats the only translation I can get for that word) my doctor says at it has small changes thought, So i have to eat them๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  34. Treating high blood pressure can take a multi-pronged approach including diet changes, medication, and exercise. Learn about hypertension treatment options here. https://plus.google.com/106451386147349786069/posts/AiY18jhM9cc

  35. I've just learned how important a high level of sodium is and that you should take even more salt on a low carb diet or intermittent fasting…. google for the book โ€œthe salt fixโ€œ

  36. Also eating a lot of fruits. Fruits contain a lot of citrulline helps in dilating arteries. This way it increases the blood supply and fights against erectile dysfunction. It also prevents strokes and heart attacks.

  37. @picturefit please look into salt specifically its connections to hypertension as from what i have read and seen it seems that the connection is baseless, am interested what you think

  38. Hello Picture Fit.

    can you make a video specifically about sodium and potassium?
    Some Dr say that the problem of Hypertension is low potassium rather then high sodium and that high sodium intake is in fact increasing blood pressure but it is irrelevant (just a little) since low potassium and obesity are the higher risk factors of heart failure. So concentrating on low sodium intake can cause also heart damage not because of the blood pressure but electrolyte imbalances.

    anyway we should not mess with the electrolytes, and low sodium levels are dangerous:
    In fact I was rushed to the emergency with the thought of an heart attack, the doctors said my heart was fine but I had a hyperventilation attack (i started getting weak and my hands, arm and face got numb and strong tickling) after taking blood my sodium were dangerously low, they gave my salty solution to drink orally right away, then my situation got better…….

    I was on a low salt, whole foods diet manly eating raw veggies, healthy oils and meat and fish
    Now I spice everything with salt and eat potassium rich foods as avocados…..my weakness is gone and I am fine now

  39. I have been doing exactly those from at least 1 year .. I'm 22 and my BP is 138/89 .. i totally stopped eating sweets .. i do cardio and strength training 5 for days a week .. i eat only twice a day .. do intermittent fasting of 16/8 .. i add almost no salt in my diet.. I'm a vegetarian .. I don't know wt to do to reduce my bp .. yea my dad had heart stroke twice before 55.. as a marine engineer its a serious concern for me..

  40. What exactly is Hybetez Remedy? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about this high blood pressure remedy.

  41. At 2:52 you say great choices are Fish, but then say to avoid red meats? Did you mean processed meats?

  42. Very good video ! Simple straight to the point love the pictures ! Anyone, any age could comprehend ! Great job!

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