Why Ginger is Dangerous for Diabetes [TURN ON SUBTITLES!]

Why Ginger is Dangerous for Diabetes [TURN ON SUBTITLES!]

First, let’s look at the good things with ginger. Need to fire up the digestive juices and get some appetite? Ginger Want to improve the absorbtion and assimilation of essential nutrients in your body? Ginger Feel air sick or nauseous? Ginger Got a farting contest with yourself? Ginger Does your belly moan, groan and talk with you? Ginger Have joint pain and want that anti inflammatory boost? Ginger Bonus: Food Matters recommend ginger essential oil in your back to help you with the aches of muscles and joints Got sh*t stuck in your nose and throat? Ginger Feeling that cold coming in? Ginger Want to improve your long term blood sugar control? Ginger How come? Gingerols, the major active component of ginger Can increase the uptake of glucose into the muscle cells, without using insulin Bam! Also interacts with serotonin receptors to reverse their effect on insulin secretion. Bam! 35% drop in blood glucose levels and a 10 % increase in plasma insulin levels. Bam! Bad digestion? Ginger. Got heartburn? Ginger. Simply put, this root is frikkin awesome. Bam! And a shot like this is great to have. In fact, I have one almost every day! Bam! So why is ginger so dangerous?! *surprise sound effect* Well, probably you might love it too much after watching this video that you’ll start eating only ginger and nothing else. Not recommended! Or you’ll have too much ginger and burn your throat and burst up in flames just like I did now! You’re still into ginger? Good! I hope this video helped you out and inspired you to add more ginger into your life and if so, hit the like button and remember to subscribe because I’m going to make new videos all the time and you’re going to be the first one to know. Thanks again for watching… …and I’ll see you in the next video! Salud! Oh damn, that’s a strong mother*beep* There’s a fire in my throat and you’re not invited. But you are! Oh, damn! Starting to cry. Don’t leave me! It’s very emotional, making these videos. Especially when it’s about ginger God I love you. I love you. I love you so much. Let’s get some more juice!

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  1. Please talk slower so I can take in the info better half the stuff you said I didn't understand cause you were talking to fast

  2. For all the individuals who did not get it, it's will beat up the diabetes in the body for diabetics.  It reduces the affects of having diabetes and lowers it so that you do not have peaks and valleys and it keeps you even and level.  I wish individuals would practice optimistic thinking instead of going straight to the negative way of thinking when given information.  Just research the info for yourself and then if the info is not true, inform the rest of us.

  3. Hi I just love you and your videos, one question thou. Can yu add subtitles next time, your accent is a bit strong? Lol

  4. I couldn't understand anything he said.  Why is ginger dangerous for diabetics?  Should I throw it all out?

  5. fresh ginger is also better than cloves for a toothache and is also an antiseptic. Ginger is Gods perfect food!

  6. So too much Ginger can make you go into diabetic shock? I think that's what you said… you spoke so fast. Ok. I'll be careful. Too bad… I was thinking I would start using ginger to help me keep my blood sugar regulated. But… you warned me.

  7. How do you make the ginger concoction that you are drinking in the video. Ginger is SO spicy or as my 4 year old God daughter says "picey" 😫 I Reaaaheeeheeally, Need my A1c down. Unfortunately I am on medication for a different ailment and my doctor "forgot" I was diabetic so all a-sudden my fasting BG went from 130/140 to 450/500 (gulp) so now I'm in the dilemma of getting it back down ASAP so I can have surgery on my shoulders and back. No surgeon will touch me with a ten 👣pole because I'm high risk. Oh and I'm crying my face off while I'm typing cuz I'm a wimpy girl who wants her mommy. Can you, and ya'll point me in the right direction. Please don't be mean to me, cuz I'm a nice person, recently diagnosed with this mofo health crisis. Much love, Valerie

  8. Thanks for the laugh. You are funny. I didn't get much out of what you said because I was too busy LOL. I thanks you because at this moment my mother is hospitalized from consuming Ginger tea. Don't get it wrong folk. He was not the caused. I am down because my mother got seriously infected with bacteria in her lungs and stomach because she consumed Ginger Tea. There is only water and three slices of fresh Ginger in a pot that was cooked. She had consumed only a cup of the Tea. She had to go to the emergency room. She has been there for days now. I just knew about it two days ago. At the same time I was also in an emergency myself. I suffered from stomach teared and stomach pain. I also have what my mother had because I consumed a lot of Chili powder. I got a lot of gas in my system. I wish I had seen this video before I advised my mother to drink Ginger tea. I had internal bleeding for days and didn't even know until two days ago. I saw red from my stool. Lack of sleep caused my eyes not to see clearly and thought it must be the chili powder that I'm seeing. I had to double checked and learned that I had been bleeding.
    Though Ginger has some benefits it also has very bad side affects. It is bad for people with Diabetes, Heart disease, and especially those who had high blood pressure. I am no expert on diseases. It is because my family and I has these and every time we consumed certain food ingredients it sent us to the ER. It could be different for people. Try out and see for yourself what food made you sick. When you are old is when the test result is obvious. Consume the ingredient that you suspect that caused you harms. Then test it at the right time to see. Write down the strange changes after you consumed. Ginger does more harms than good. Hot spices are dangerous. It must be careful when using them. It is not something you should ignored. Even with those who has no illness and taking medicines. It make sense to consumed Ginger in the Winter because the cold will balanced the high content heat property it has. But then you became over heated because you used heating and overly covered yourself. Many of us get into troubles without knowing how we got sick. The cold weather made us forget to drink plenty of water. Thus we became sick because our system became so dried up. That is why a good habit of drinking plenty of water is so important for any seasons. In the Summer month we are forced to drink water because we know it's hot. Hot made us to drink water to cool down. But during the Winter months the weather is cold and you tends to forget to drink water. Once our system is dried we are vulnerable to the tons of bacteria growing in our system. Thus we lost the battle and got the Cold/Flu. When our body temperature are overly heated, bacteria will multiply fast. This is how we became sicked. We ignored the signs our body gave and the bacteria became deadly because it became too many for our body to handle. Our body detects the dangers and raised the body temperature high. Which suppose to also forced us to drink. But something got in the way of this warning sign. The body became weaker because all it needed was water and food to help our soldiers in our body fight the battle for us. But stupid us too busy to noticed or didn't know how our body worked deprived our body the two basic needs our body needed. Then we created the infectious virus and pass on to others. Global warming will made this problem more deadly. Don't worry folk because no matter how deadly and serious diseases or plague are there will be someone who are very skilled to save us.

  9. LOL, I thought you were kidding, you really did put subtitles on this video. Now I will fully understand you. I have to watch while mute sound though. Your body moment will still make me laugh.

  10. I could never never drink ginger like that. I throw it in the blender with water, then add hot tea and sweetner or no sweetner . But key point is I strain it first then add to the tea. Otherwise I could never drink it the way you do

  11. Whew, you're joking! You had me nervous for a sec because I loooove ginger. My heart dropped when I read the title of your video lol.

  12. I think your channel is terrific!!! You have such an abundance of positive energy! I'm a 60 year old male, have always exercised and maintained a relatively good level fitness, and was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My downfall has always been my love of food…all food…and in mass quantities! Since my diagnosis about 3 months ago I have radically changed my diet, started juicing and started running regularly. I've lost over 20 lbs (down just below 180) and seem to be able to mostly control my daytime sugar levels without medication. Problem is, my morning levels are high? This morning my reading was 9.8 mmol/L (no food for 12 hrs) which seems pretty high to me. You have obviously put a lot of effort into researching this condition and are well informed and any thoughts you might have are much appreciated.

  13. Hey punkin I was wondering if it's ok to use the ginger capsules? Ginger tastes like cleanser to me, and it's sooo hot! I do like to use the capsules cuz they settle my often upset tummy. What type diabetic are you? Your so young. When I was diagnosed my Dr. Was sure that I had been diabetic for years. I was 30-ish then but anyway you are inspiring:)

  14. wow i loved ur video i have been having ginger with warm water past 2 years and touch wood havent fallen sick at all no cold , no acidity nothing at all"so ginger in the morning will keep the doctor away "

  15. Yes, can you please work on your enunciation? It seems like this is an interesting video – I'm interested being a diabetic but unfortunately you cannot understand a word your are saying, . . . . . .if you'd jut slow down it would help!

  16. Sorry…did u say ginger is DANGEROUS for diabetes? It seems you were making the case FOR ginger.. Pardon me if i didn't get it right. Please clarify.

  17. Sounded like interesting info but I could not make out some of what you were saying. Im a diabetic type II and were you stating that ginger is not good for diabetes or good? I played it twice but you were mumbling. I've been adding it to my green drinks but if it's bad for diabetes then i'll leave it out.

  18. This video was sooo uninterpretable! How can anyone take you seriously with this kind of presentation? Dude, this was the worst video EVER for trying to get a point across!

  19. Ginger reduces blood sugar. Research shows it is good for diabetes, as are fenugreek seeds. Just google in google scholar to see the studies.

  20. what a option he chose to draw traffic to his video …. gobble gobble all I understood is up your ginger lol … The title is misleading, I do not like people like you making a mockery of a health condition appear so funny , as it is not a good presentation at all …

  21. You should realise that people from other contries will watch you and wont be able to understand just because you speak too fast !!!! I only understood the word ginger…

  22. The title says its Dangerous for diabetics, i dont get it, so is it or isnt it good for diabetics, im new to this and trying to understand the do's and dont's

  23. HUH??
    Good editing, content, info and personality BUT.. and it's a big one: The sound quality is horrible. Atrocious in fact. So much echo and reverberation that it's hard to understand just what he's saying.
    VIDEO CREATOR: Please study up on acoustics for recording and re-do this video.

  24. I'm a diabetic trying ginger in crockpot cooking nd tea. My blood pressure is greatly reduced at times, to scary lvls. Couldn't understand most of what ur saying…

  25. Thank you and be successful……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  26. Folks… He said Ginger is bad for Diabetes, not that it's bad for DIABETICS! Mean's it helps kill the effects of DIABETES!

  27. Who is this fool? He's a fuckin idiot and must not have diabetes. If he had diabetes then he would have definitely not made this video, because he would have tried the ginger and known that it's one of the greatest, if not best, things for ppl with diabetes because it lowers blood sugar so well. Ginger has changed my life, and I'd suggest anyone with diabetes to get some ginger supplements asap. My blood sugar went from the high 280's to 120, and all I take now is ginger. No more terrible metformin, or any other diabetic medicine.

  28. I miss these videos. My wife is type 1 and she really learned a lot. Hope your doing well and hope to see a new vid soon, cheers

  29. Crazy why does he behave in that manner not every one can use ginger I can and it helps me l know someone cannot we must understand we are different from each other some can drink better stuff some cant not saying ginger is bitter but just an example I love ginger very good stuff

  30. It's seem that you are speaking English ….but this English language I just can't understand …only for the word ginger….

  31. Okay who the heck told you you knew how to make a video? First of all you don't speak English well and then you speed talk. I had a whole lot of trouble understanding what the frick it was you were saying. However thank God for the comments as it assured me that your title was simply clickbait and that Ginger is good for diabetics.

  32. Oh come on …dude, seriously. Are you trying to possibly help people or just annoy us .. / waste our time ? I thought your were going to have some actual educational information on ginger and effects for blood sugar levels. I think you should go to your nearest rave club or lalapalooza festival to dance / or emotionally drain out the side effects of whatever your eating that isn't healthy. You look like you consume redbull drinks in between your juicing. Or maybe …triple shot coffee drinks ? No one here understood "anything" you said. Please rewind; and watch your videos before you put them out on youtube. People need informative help, information etc.

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