Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?

Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?

This episode of DNews is brought to you by
Norton Security. you might get a surprise one as a kid or an
awful embarrassing ones as an adult. But what the heck causes nosebleeds? Hey guys, Julia here for DNews 60% of the population will experience epistaxis
EP EH STECK SIS or a nasal hemorrhage sometime in their life. They’re embarrassing, messy,
and fun fact: in Japanese pop culture a sign of sexual arousal. So what happens when Mount Vesuvius erupts
on your face? Well , your nose is filled with lots of blood vessels with only a thin membrane
to protect them. Often this membrane gets torn or irritated. and boom, your face is
dripping with blood. there’s two kinds of nosebleeds, anterior
and posterior. Anterior nosebleeds are in the part of your nose called Kiesselbach’s
triangle and are triggered by an irritation to the lower nasal septum, the thin membrane
that separates your nostrils. Kids most often get this kind. I think they spend too much
time digging for gold. More common in adults, posterior nosebleeds
originate further back and higher up in the nose, to where arteries are. Sometimes they
can be severe enough to warrant medical attention. So how do you get them? Well the nose is in
a vulnerable place, so a bump or a punch might do some damage. Other than that common irritants
include cold, high altitude, dry air. Anything that dries out your nose leaves the lower
nasal septum vulnerable. A little scratch from a fingernail can start the blood gushing.
Although. spontaneous nosebleeds might be a sign of hypertension or infection disease,
or even more rarely Vitamin C deficiency, anemia, or heart failure. Those are common causes, what about more strange
ones you ask? Recently it was reported that
A scottish backpacker who had just come back from South Asia started to have frequent nosebleeds.
After a few weeks, she went to see a doctor, who thought it wasn’t serious and told her
just to go home. Then one night, she felt the blood clot move. Upon closer inspection
she saw something with ridges. A leech had lived in her nose for FOUR WEEKS. Another nasty nosebleed comes out of Saudi
Arabia. A 22 year old man reportedly kept getting nosebleeds on and off for about three
years. When he finally went to the doctor, they discovered a tooth growing in his nasal
cavity! So how do you stop a nosebleed? Dr. Mary Pickett,
an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School says a pinch will do the trick and
you should treat all nosebleeds like an anterior one. Pinch your nose halfway between the tip
of the nose and the bridge. Lean forward so the blood doesn’t drip down your throat.
Hold tight for five minutes. If that doesn’t do the trick, repeat. On rare occasions you
might need to go to the hospital. More complicated methods include cauterizing the blood vessel
using silver nitrate. Researchers from Detroit Medical Center won
an ig nobel prize in 2014 for using an old school approach. The award celebrates silly
and surprising but practical research. The researchers couldn’t stop a young girl’s
nose bleed with traditional methods so they tried salt pork. They say that “there are
some clotting factors in the pork … and the high level of salt will pull in a lot
of fluid from the nose”. Unfortunately this might cause more harm than good if its coated
in bacteria so it’s not recommended. So do you get nosebleeds? How do you stop
them? Would ever use pork? Let us know in the comments below, while you’re at it,
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100 Replies to “Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?”

  1. My membrane that keeps the blood from dripping out of my nostrils is so thin, that I get nose bleeds all the time

  2. In school i would bleed each day just a liitle bit until i was home and it was 3am and i started bleeding then i started barphing blood and i was scared and then they took me to the hospital and they told me its beacause i was looking up not down and i WAS STUPID!

  3. i used to think there were boogers filled with blood and when they popped i would get a nosebleed oOpS

  4. What if your laying in water and you look to the side and one side of your nose breaths in water but the other doesn't and that one in water bleeds what does that mean ?

  5. When my nose started bleeding I was laying back asleep but I woke up because I was choking on blood so I woke out coughing and blood flew to my shorts

  6. I have had nose bleeds since I was born it’s complicated and if it doesn’t quit happening then I’m going to get a surgery don’t where there stick a vary hot metal rod up my nose to seal them suckers of for good.

  7. I get nose bleeds while I'm sleeping and one time it did and there was blood allll over my bed sheet

  8. My nose bleeds when im really hot thats why when summer i be like yeya but then i remember and i be in the classroom like ummm i need some tisho😧😤

  9. Why eat pork? Theres are more better treatment than eating that yucky meat with lots of trachea larva on it..ewww…..

  10. Hi.
    I'm 13, and I jist got over a cold.
    I don't pick, but I blow my nose a lot.
    This is my second nosebleed in two days…
    Am I okay?
    I have hypochondria, so I'm scared.

  11. I use bleed from my nose when I was a kid at school was worst at home as as well also when I used to go out with my mom and dad I heard older people bleed from the nose cause some people use too much cocaine

  12. Is it a good sign that i have never gotten a nose bleed except for sometimes when i was a baby?
    I have also hit and scratched my nose countless times and never gotten one. Is my nose just really durable or not?

  13. I get a lot of noebleeds like less is 4 times a month once i got nose bleed 5 times in one day then twice in the next day

  14. Iam 14 years old and have had my nose cauterised about 6 times and I still get nose bleeds, when I was in primary school they were so bad that if my nose bled for more than 10 minutes they needed to call an ambulance straight away

  15. I got a nosebleed for 40 minutes straight and had to go to the doctor. Man i hate having nosebleeds and its been so long since i’ve had one in a while.

  16. Yeah we get nose bleeds when ur hot and when u don't take a bath u get nose bleeds, or if u get punched too hard, it will bleed, I learned it from me mom for no reason

  17. I got a nosebleed in my science class ( a massive and terrible one ) and I tried to get attention to the people at my table and one boy looked up and was like " what happened? " and I was like " help. Tell the teacher! " and he raised his hand and as the teacher looked over she gasped and the other classmates gasped with her. She was like " oh my god are you okay! I'm calling the nurse! " she lead me to the bathroom and gave me a few towels and called the office. When they came, blood was on my shirt and skirt, and even the sink. They told me how to stop it and after it stopped she lead me to the office and gave me clothing. I went to the bathroom and it started to bleed again, but it was a little one. When I came out I went back to my class, and It never happened again. But it happens still A LOT at home. I started bringing paper towels and put it inside my gym bag in case it happens again. But that happened a few months ago, so all is good.

  18. Am i the only one who gets frequent nosebleeds?
    I found out that when i was little my parents let a doctor "freeze" my blood vessels cuz it was so bad, i don't remember it. Then it stopped for a few years and now it's been back for a few years again.
    I have no idea what may be the cause.
    I'm also a "sun sneezer" and i also sneeze almost every night before falling asleep, I'm weird. I have no idea what may be the causes to all of these things.

  19. I was sleeping and at 4:17 am I felt like something ran on my face and I woke up and saw I freaked out and called my mom and she said it’s a good thing 🙄

  20. There is like crust hanging on my nose and I’m trying to pull it but mommy I so scared

    Ok I just pulled it and there’s blood but not that much 😂

  21. Please give people the symptoms, more than just nosebleeds, of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. I have that particular disorder and had to study it in my teens because doctors were trained in it until about the last 20 years. My grandfather was a fifth person ever diagnosed with it. That was when it was called osler-weber-rendu. As it almost killed my son a year ago oh, it can have some very serious issues associated with it. And my son is one of the few that gets the nosebleeds but does not have the red spots on his fingertips that are normally a classic sign.
    One follow-up I have however, the quickest way to stop a nosebleed is to dampen a Q-tip and put it in very finely ground pepper and place it in your nose. Doing that also with Vaseline and the pepper works sometimes even better. The pepper causes the membrane to shrink up and pinch off the bleeder.

  22. saying nothing about omega3 . i eat omega3 for 2 month every day. started to bleed for nothing. just taking a warm cup of tea. and it started. have to stop eat omega3

  23. I don't pick my nose but when I start to feel something like water and it's not water it is blood start coming out

  24. Guys never pick your nose you will bleed if your keep picking it when your nose is bleeding and your keep picking it your nose will bleed forever and ver and the blood will be soooooooooo long

  25. I was watching this while I had nosebleed. The blood was leaving my nose fast and in large amounts so while I had tissue in my nose my mom told me that I might have a clot and then I looked it up and then In my mind I was like.OH HELL NO
    I then took it out prepared to blow it out but nothing was there.

  26. Is nosebleed related to right hemisphere of the brain ?
    I get a lot of nosebleeding when my right side of my head hurts so bad, it was like someone is holding my head or drilling right in my head

  27. I have so much nosebleed in my life I don’t even know how much
    And when I remove the tissue just this “blob” of thick blood just. Be like
    Ayyy bye
    Like nothing happened

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