Why Bad things Happen to Good people | Is God Truly Just | Part 1

Why Bad things Happen to Good people | Is God Truly Just | Part 1

Circumstances don’t come without reason,
they come as teachers and they wish to teach us. If we wish to attract good
circumstances start by developing good thoughts but then there is something
that breaks our faith in this paradigm and what is that? When we see bad things
happening to good people it goes against our sense of justice. You see there are
three things in contention that we can consider one is justice second is
injustice and third is Grace. Nyaya, Un-nyaya and Kripa. What is justice? Consider for
example a worker who sloged in the factory all month long, at the end of the
month the factory owner gave him his salary. This is what you deserve
here is what you get, this is justice. What is injustice? The worker he put in
his efforts and then the factory owner at the end of the month said you know on
the fifteenth of the month you came late by one hour, instead of coming at 9:00
a.m. you came at 10:00 here I am going to subtract half your salary go! This is
Un-nyaya or injustice and the third is grace, Kripa. The
worker says, Saheb I have to get my daughter married I need so much of money
can you please give it to me the bank will not give me a loan.
The factory manager says okay, I’m gifting so much and I am giving so much
as loan which I will deduct from your salary on a monthly basis. This is Grace
or Kripa. The judicial system of the world is involved with ensuring that
there is a justice. Justice is important to ensure that people stay away from
crime because when bad things draw bad consequences others become discouraged
from doing it. It’s a very simple principle, about 30 years ago management
consultancy book had come out called the one minute manager some of you may have
read it. It taught how to manage in one minute. It says when you get a subordinate
first of all help the subordinate understand what is good behavior, clarify
the goals, this is what you’re supposed to do this is the output I want, this is
how you should behave. Let him or her define the goals of good behavior in
half a page simple and easy then someday catch that subordinate doing
well and give a one-minute praising for one minute
you re-confirm that behavior. Oh so wonderful you are
doing well and I am very pleased. You confirm the good behavior and later on
someday if you catch your subordinate doing badly you give a one-minute
scolding only one minute scolding. Sometimes parents they start giving half
day long scoldings then that doesn’t.. is not productive.
Just let the subordinate know that this is bad behavior. When you repeatedly
administer this one minute praising one minute scolding one minute praising one
minute scolding it will fashion behavior Why? Because everybody’s behavior gets
molded by consequences, pleasure and pain pain can fashion even the behavior of
animals. There’s a story of Akbar and Birbal. The Mughal emperor Akbar and
his wise minister Birbal. So Akbar said Birbal is there anybody in my kingdom
who can train a goat to desist from eating green succulent fresh grass? Birbal said huzoor it’s not a problem
give me one month’s time. Akbar said all right.
Birbal went and purchased a goat. Now he would put the green grass before the
goats nose and every time the goat would go for it Birbal would take a stick and
whack it on its mouth. When the goat kept on receiving the whacks one after the
other after the other, even the little goats
brain understood that it’s not worth it Forget it, it’s too painful. After one
month of such training Birbal took the goat to the Emperor. The goat in one hand the
stick in the other he said my goat has become a vairagi- it’s become detached
from grass, you try it out it will not eat. Akbar said really, he said come on bring
the most tasteful grass in my garden the servants brought it. Akbar himself
put it before the goat, the goat looked at the grass it looked at Birbal’s
stick. Birbal, he shook his stick the goat understood you know I’ll get a
whack, forget it it pulled back. Even the goats behavior had got fashioned by
consequences. Parents tell me Swamiji you know my child is so unruly how to train
my child. I said look I don’t have any experience but I’ll tell you this one
minute manager the same principle applies. You have to teach children with
consequences some parents stay away from those consequences and what happens,
spare the rod and spoil the child. Kripaluji Maharaj, you know he grew up in a
village so his relatives were all simple villagers so he would say that when their
children would not study what would he do? They would bring the children my
child doesn’t study Maharaji would not adopt the one minute
manager, he would take the child and lock the child up. Now after 24 hours the
child is saying Chacha take me out take me out. Maharaji would
let him remain there, until he decides that no it’s too painful not to study
then he would say all right come out. In other words any behavior can be
fashioned with consequences and that is why we have the judicial system of any
country in place, because when justice is fair, justice is timely and justice is
firm, it reduces crime. Once in Orissa the SDTM sub-divisional judicial magistrate
used to come and attend my lecture and then he became a friend he would meet me
etc he said Swamiji I am totally incorrigible. I don’t take any bribes.
Ever since I moved into this district the crime rate has fallen because people
have understood you cannot get away and when you get away what happens, take a
look at the pirates of Somalia, any ship passing by the Suez Canal going close to
Somalia gets looted because it’s a broken country the rule of law doesn’t
exist so people say never mind do what you like there will be no consequences. In the court of God also the principle of justice hold. God has the law of
karma if you do good things good things should happen to you, if you do bad then
bad things should happen to you. God is also the judge, in fact worldly judges
have limitations they depend upon witnesses they depend upon evidence
either of these could be misleading the judge doesn’t know what the convict
is thinking and even if the judge had that
yogic siddhi and could know the mind of the convict he will know what the
convict is thinking today, he doesn’t know what the convict thought five years
ago at the time of the crime but in the case of God he is all-knowing he doesn’t
need any witnesses, plus the worldly judge can make mistakes in interpreting
laws. Because laws have different interpretations and that is how
advocates make their money because cases get reappeared at higher and higher
levels. You know this judge misinterpreted. In the case of God he is
the one who created the law he doesn’t need any lawyers, he doesn’t need any
police, he is the witness, he is the police and he is the judge hence from
God we can expect perfect justice!

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  1. Why Bad things Happen to Good people finally decoded.
    Watch the entire series to understand the concept of "Karma" from Vedic point of view🙏

  2. Ohh Gurudeva… when I'll be able to touch your feet…

    Radhe radhe … hare krishna…jay jay sri ram…

    Your speech is nectar for me… driving me towards immortality…

  3. In this beautiful lecture, Swamiji says that in God's court, there is only justice and never injustice. The circumstances in our lives is an example of that justice based on our own past actions from many lifetimes.

  4. In our country judges are also behaving like criminals… politicians.. lawmakers.. government officials should listen this message of Swamiji.

  5. Circumstances are teachers for us. So very clear …and inspires one to cultivate good thoughts and look for that which is God's justice.

  6. The goat in Akbar's court built vyragya after understanding the consequences. In the same way, negative experiences in life help build detachment from activities that satiate our senses and focus our energy towards the true goal.

  7. Swamiji says that in God's court, there is only justice and never injustice. The circumstances in our lives is an example of that justice based on our own past actions from many lifetimes. Thank you, Swamiji!

  8. Beautiful lecture. Swamiji makes us understand that-The moment we experience that only God is our judge, we become fearless of everything in this world.If we do good definitely the consequence will be good.

  9. Swamiji beautifully says that challenges in life help us to grow internally and become spiritually stronger. Our perspective toward these difficulties is what matters. If we believe that there is never injustice in God’s court, accepting challenges as a blessing of God will take us a long way. Thank you, Swamiji!

  10. God is just and merciful,He can never do bad with His children,its only the connsequences of our karmas wich we forget but God remembers.

  11. Wow. Why bad things keep happening to Good people ? What a great explanation with real life examples to make this most common question simplified. A must watch for all ! Thanks 🙏 Shri Swamiji for the awesome discourse . Jai Ho !

  12. Thanks 🙏 Shri Swamiji for awesome discourse explaining why bad things happen to Good people ! Nice 👍 examples like Akbar -Birbal and the Goat . A must watch for all as it is a very common question 🙏Jai Ho . Radhey Radhey

  13. Why good people always suffer? Let us understand this example. In Earth, everyone has like taken a loan. Now for their existence, they had been given some money to be repaid after a certain amount of time. The defulters are like the runaway criminals. They not only defer the repayment, but also rob others of their money and keep trying to escape the law. Law cannot bring them for a settlement as by the time an amount is decided and recovered, their filthy mind increases the amount. So there is no way to get them to justice and clear their outstandings. On the other hand, the law abiding people who try hard to repay the loan amount are in trouble for a short duration after which the loan, interest, penalties etc are all cleared. Thereafter they can lead a peaceful and happy life and have no necessity to again take a loan or prove their credit repayment abilities. They have cleared all the exams and are out of the defaulters list. This should make us understand the situation that even if we are suffering without deviating from the right path, we are on the verge of clearance. Hope this is logically understood in today's terms.

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