Why are some People Lactose Intolerant? | #aumsum

Why are some People Lactose Intolerant? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why are some People Lactose Intolerant? Coz they didn’t lick a lot of lollipops. Naahhh. Lactose intolerance is basically the inability. To digest a sugar called lactose found in
dairy products. Usually, our small intestine produces an enzyme
called lactase. Lactase breaks down lactose into simple sugars
called glucose. And galactose so that they can be absorbed
into the bloodstream. However, people having lactose intolerance
produce very little. Or no lactase at all. So, what happens?? The undigested lactose passes into the large
intestine. Where millions of bacteria break it down. Leading to the production of excess water
and gas. Thus causing bloating, abdominal cramps,
diarrhea, etc. Lactose intolerance is of two types. First is primary lactose intolerance in which. Individuals sufficiently produce lactase during
childhood. But gradually its production decreases as
they age. Then comes secondary lactose intolerance. Which occurs due to some illness or injury
to the small intestine. Causing it to temporarily decrease the production of lactase.

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  1. you are unbelievable aumsum… my dear friend your voice over explanation was amazing… 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. You know what,

    That is my question everyday.
    I am not a beggar I dont need money and likes
    If there is a reply that i am a beggar,
    I will report it.
    Not a copyer
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  3. Whenever u upload a video related to biology try to provide remedies and solutions and precautions also . It will ur channel to improve more subscribers and we will gain more knowledge

  4. In answer to ROBLOXPLAYER3.0 making it public again About nitrogen in lungs +++about a intolerance topic interesting RELATED!
    N – Nitogen in breathing is passive not having biological effects nor getting changed.
    People got only one source of nitrogen for building amines that is microbiom that NUT rather missed and failed to explain at all line. Having symbiotic that is probiotic (jogurt) AND(!) prebiotic (onion, radish, hickory containing inuline a two-sugar ). Synbiotic culture is only one retrieving and producting nitrogen sugar exo-sugars. No one can digest d-galactosis himself, that is gruesome imbecility he says someone, someone smthn smtng that is so and sooo… Lets notice all Chinese have intolerance and with good yellow cheese somoehow it is gone before thay know thay ate diary. Simplest ALL LACTOSE "Intolerant" BUY YOURSELF Polish Inulne Grain no-coffeine coffe /grain coffe ANATOL – go Goolge it and buy self a box or a tray of boxes to not miss it, drink with small probiotic yogurt (that is no coffe so it mix for 2x energy than caffeine anyway, good for mothers in pragnant+++ radishes) good advice for EvErYoNe, try
    amateur endocrinologist food technician by researches and practice TOLD YOU

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