White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing

White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing

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  1. It's time for the government to start censoring the media, which is doing more to increase the panic than it is to solve the problem.

  2. Potus needs to remove that counterfeit Christian ds pos MP and his crew of ds $$ hungry liars. The short guy behind him and the 2 ladies with the blinking reptilian eyes !

  3. Maybe this is why financial gurus tell us we need to have 3 to 6mos of savings. I am definitely going to start doing this. Might take a while and a second job but I will never rely on the national government.

  4. “We took over an obsolete broken system, we had three years to fix it and didn’t but I’m going to deflect the blame as usual.” There, fixed it.

  5. Something confusing on housing. If you rent a house, and that landlord lands on not needing to make one or two mortgage payments – what is the expectation of the family renting that landlords house. To complicate that further, if that renter lost their job – they are in a worse financial position typically than the landlord is renting that house from them.

  6. You working hard 😓 Mr President. Even at risk to get contaminated any time you go out to the public. ❤️

  7. The reason they lack on test kits is bc they want to keep the statistics low so they look good. Every other country in the world was and is able to flood the hospitals with test kits….except Trump! Looks Bad if we have high cases….lets not do that…might look like we failed.

  8. Honestly Trump should just stfu and step aside and give the podium to Doctor Fauci, he’s the only one with no political agenda

  9. We need federal guidance. Not state to state rules. If everybody doesn't follow suit theres ZERO point in any effort towards containment.

  10. Everyone who hasn’t needs to see what Dr. shiva has to say in his last couple videos on YouTube and his tweets!

    We don’t need to be shutting down the country over this!

  11. Mr. President – please look into the two strain CoVid theory and raise that at your next Task Force meeting as the learned seem to be deducing from proven reactions of lethalities in certain countries (Italy, Iran and China) that there were and are two strains: the bioweopen Novel CoVid and the normal flu-like Covid. We, the people, are kept in the dark about these two strains and too many people are poo posing the CoVid, not realizing that you and your task force efforts are putting forth extra measures because of the bioweopen CoVid strain. Please let the people know the truth about these two strains. Thank you Jabe

  12. My plan is as follows:
    1) simply suspend all monthly recurring payments without fault, with a few exceptions.
    2) quarantine the at-risk population, not the rest of us.

  13. Reporter: asks any question.
    Trump: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, this is all about me. me, me, me, I am the greatest, me, me, me, …

  14. Stop the international flights from entering the US…..asking us to hunker down? When that stops I will hunker down

  15. The president should be smart enough to know the name of the virus. Coronavirus!! Also more people die every year in the US from cancer and pneumatic or flu than this, I really wish he would go out of his way you help these people.

    Instead of worrying about what Trump calls it and blaming him HOW ABOUT YOU BLAME WHO CAUSES IT
    WHICH IS CHINA!!!!!!!!!!

  17. There have been 288 deaths in the US but you have managed to cause the whole US to financially go broke and skyrocket the unemployment rate, and you want me to say good job? You are doing us more harm than the virus!!

  18. So what did you talk about with the religious leaders? Excommunicate the virus, pray it away, exorcist it?

  19. If one were to sneeze, didn’t cover their mouths and it were windy, how far could these droplets travel before they are no longer a threat?


  21. I am a welder. My job is considered "essential". I don't want to work. Some of the people I work with are dirty. I don't want to die because 'so and so' county is short 1 salt truck next winter. At the same time, I need a new vehicle…

  22. God bless our president, our leaders, our health care workers and every company/business and citizen who is part of the solution.

  23. I've never seen any president who do a briefing everyday at least there is no politicians like that in south korea

  24. The curriculum for a journalism degree needs to be revamped. Critical thinking, logic, math and statistical analysis need to be included. If these subjects are already included, it doesn't show.

  25. World Leaders need to hold the Chinese government responsible for this human atrocity. Trump 2020! Time to make our own pharmaceuticals and manufacture everything in the U.S.

  26. Why can't Amazon be asked to distribute the mask faster than what they're being distributed? They have the assets to get items out faster.

  27. I can't believe the Reporter's are asking if Trump's businesses are getting funding! He has not had a paycheck while in office and gives his money to Research! Yet Obama kept his paycheck and was never questioned on the 12,000-61,000 deaths lost each year to flu.. because the CDC has reported. If Trump had to control state Governments it would be Martial Law!! I can't believe the Reporter's and States would want that.

  28. they showed a chart that said 195,000 had been tested they also said we only have 19,500 cases confirmed so far …. that's 10 percent. the population of USA is 332 ,000,000 so 33 million American's or more could easily end up being infected especially if the untested are allowed to continue to infect others because they show no symptoms.

  29. I m with President Trump in this difficult times no matter whether I like or not everything he do. I think he’s doing everything he could for our nation and this is not the time to criticize him instead be with him and support him.

  30. For the hundreds of years prior to wallstreet banksters export of manufacturing to China, the Western Cities now hit by Covid 19 were the global Hubs for logistics, manufacturing, and especially textiles. These cities have tens of millions of workers, and hundreds of miles of factories and warehouses and should be able to not only meet their own needs for face masks and other medical gear, but should be expected to export those items to the rest of the world, just as they have exported clothing and other textiles for hundreds of years. Eg: .A curtain factory can make re-usable, washable, protective clothing.

    All Bra and Bikini Makers, tailors, seamstresses, and anyone with a sewing machine should make new and retrofit re-usable, washable, face masks. Half a bra is similar in most respects to face masks, and fit better than the disposable paper ones, that may be used as liners. Any bra or bikini maker who does not immediately stop production of bras and bikini tops, to mass produce face masks 24/7, ASAP, should be boycotted, forever. [ Ladies: gloves and masks on, bras off [in appropriate social settings LOL ], to advocate good hygiene and solidarity for Covid 19 relief.

    NY Governor Como needs to use emergency powers to suspend or remove the incompetent NYC Mayor de Blasio and put a gag on his obstruction and sabotage of national Covid 19 emergency efforts. After the Covid 19 emergency has passed, de Blasio should be prosecuted for gross and culpable negligence. Instead of mobilizing land, labor, and capital in NYC to take a positive action, de Blasio only destructively uses Covid 19 as an opportunity to expand the leftist identity politics and class warfare Marxist propaganda that is regurgitated ad nausea by fake news media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. Trump saved thousands, maybe millions, of US lives by taking decisive action to ban travel from China just days after the first US Covid 19 case appeared. Trump was harshly criticized by the leftist fake news for that and other actions to slow the spread of Covid 19. De Blasio failed to take decisive actions or preparedness for the Covid 19 pandemic, and continues to fail to take appropriate actions, and is doing little more than obstructing and sabotaging the heroic mobilization of Trump, FEMA and others by using Covid 19 as a platform to spead divisive identity politics, hysteria, and disinformation.

  31. Put Pelosi on charge before the orange quack kills millions of Americans. Time for the adult to step in. NOW!!!!

  32. “I can see clearly now the rain 🌧 is gone
    I can see all the obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds ☁️ that had me blind…
    It’s gonna be a BRIGHT BRIGHT sunshiny day!”

  33. Nobody's cares if you're the first to do this or do that you bloviating buffoon. People actual people need your help like weeks ago. Omg this president is one stupid human.

  34. 'Being this is one of the wealthiest countries should this even be happening shouldn't this have been done weeks ago?' Weeks ago i specifically remember Trump and Pence being in a 3M plant asking to ramp up production of masks. You would think a WH reporter would know it was done weeks ago, but they just continue to insist to make fools of themselves.

  35. 275 covid-19 deaths in the USA, 34,000 influenza deaths last year, 61,000 the year before but there wasn't a run on toilet paper, there wasn't a shut down.

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

  36. Stop consuming the media there scaring people fear is what they want stop talking to people about it shut off the news this is not our first crisis and won’t be our last

  37. Taking one of a kind of measures is great. But honestly and citizen apology is needed. We are so late in acting especially Washington state…

  38. We don't need a vaccine!!! Just a Z pack! Its 100% effective against the cronavirus look it up everyone that's why China is 100% back to work and China said the cronavirus is almost completely gone in China!!!

  39. can't even order online-walmart, amazon, costco out of stock or says in-store-purchase only. now that's dumb. We are suppose to stay home and many can't even go to the store. Then shelves empty

  40. I would like to know what you are hiding. There is something else you do not want to say. I think it concerns a war with someone over seas. And the losses you don't want anyone to know.

  41. With plenty of time for binge watching, I suggest the Twilight Zone Episode, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street .

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