100 Replies to “What You Eat Matters – 2018 Documentary H.O.P.E.”

  1. We are very grateful that you shared our documentary with your community! Let's change the world!

  2. I would never eat animals any more as their life is precious as us and we have no right to kill them just because we are little intelligent than other animals…. This documentary is going to change my life…

  3. Interesting how it takes severe health conditions for a lot of people to finally realize they need to change their diet

  4. Thank you for this emotional masterpiece. I definitely need to form a local film club to watch it with more and more people.
    I am happy to be vegan for 2 years and I am affecting ppl around me on every possible way.

  5. Stop misleading people and tell how it really is. How do you know that the problem is not sugar or salt? When people stop questioning then they start to get stupid. If you do not have the facts to answer then you mislead people.

  6. Flavor wise, going vegan just isn't an easy choice. And what dressing do you put on your salad? I don't like salty tasting vinegarette

  7. It is not the first movie I watch about veganism. I am amazed of this documentary that made me feel so much 😖 I will become vegan from now on even if I am scared of not having what or the time to prepare my meals 😌 wish me luck!

  8. This is so very sad. I feel sick watching these animals treated this way. I want to hug them and save them all. I’ve slowly taken animal products out of my diet (both for health reasons and because I despise factory farming) and am trying to reduce animal products in the diet of my kids. I hope people will at least consider eating LESS animal products, at least reduce them, as many people eat entirely too much meat anyway.

  9. I had no idea dairy could be a trigger for migraines. No doctor I ever went to told me about that. I really hope eating less/no dairy can help me. Love that these documentaries can always teach me something new.

  10. I am an animal lover I own a pet care company and I’m ashamed to say that I became a vegan after watching this video. Growing up in Poland and then coming to US living with my polish family meat was a natural part of every meal but I cried my eyes out watching this documentary. I feel like throwing up and this has really changed my life and my view of food.

  11. Thank you so much for putting this up. Until a few months ago I was your meat and 3 veg kinda guy. That has changed as I am now a vegetarian approaching vegan. This has cemented that decision. After seeing the cruelty that the for profit industries and government don't want us to see, our table fair will never be the same. Thank you so much for sharing, I have done the same

  12. Wow this documentary is brilliantly done! I've been vegan for over 15 years and I still learned so many things. It is heartbreaking that this is still going on and only getting worse. I love living the plant-based vegan lifestyle and my only regret is I didn't do it a lot sooner in life. Thank you for making this film!

  13. The vegan plant based diet has been a bullshit scam from the very start. There’s no proof that high cholesterol causes calcification in the heart valves. Calcium causes calcification. Sugar and high carb intakes is what kills us, the food pyramid is what made people sick by telling the world to eat 11 servings of carbs a day. Lies lies lies.

  14. Thanks a lot to make this documentary and open my eyes! There are always some facts which are always hidden from public. Thanks for showing. It made me cry. I want to become vegan immediately but my family may not accept. For me, I rather die than creating a demand which will suffer an animal beyond imagination. I hope I can get rid of animal products completely one day. Thanks a lot!

  15. Oh yes. Ripping living breathing plants out of the ground who have scientifically been lroven to feel pain for DAYS after their harvest is so much more humane than just killing an animal. You do realise that they cut down JUST as much environment to plant your soy beans and your veggies and your macha right? And the health issues with meat are because of the chemicals the food industry has laden ALL your food with. pesticides are the #1 thing put on vegetables and other "vegetarian" foods but it's the #1 reason the honey bees are almost extinct. It doesnt matter what the hell you eat because it was all living tissue. You need to have self control and moderation. Dont eat fast food all fucking day and you wont die of cardiac arrest. Learn both sides of this coin because one is NOT better than the other. You really want to put an impact on the message being sent in this video? Stop goinf to the grocery store and buying your shit there. Stop supporting these massive company's who bulldoze carelessly through everything to plant your shit and cover it in chemicals. Plant your own food and raise your own meat. Always ALWAYS know where EVERYTHING you eat came from. If you grow it up yourself there will never be a question.

  16. I wish all these evil farmers and greedy money earning humans who set up these disgusting establishments, just spend even one 24 hours in the same living conditions, in one crate. They wouldn’t last. One step forward, one step back, sitting, eating and excreting waste. All in one place. They wouldn’t last. I hope more people wake up to the cruelty 😭💔

  17. This documentary has woken me! I’ve been pescatarian for 9 months now. I found this film when researching “whole foods plant based” diet, and I’m eager and ready to be vegan.
    For the better being of my own health, all the animals, and Mother Earth ❤️

  18. I'm going to show this documentary to my students. We've been talking about the connection between nutrition, health and animal welfare and this is so enlightening!

  19. I must say this documentary truly touched my soul ❤️
    But after my delicious dinner of baby goat and osso bucco stew. the feeling as I pushed out a few farts and dropped a log in the dunny was so EMPOWERING! I could almost smell the hellish screams of horror of those poor little fellers coming out of my arsehole!

  20. Im so sorry for being non vegetarian til now might be bcoz i did't knew it……but no more from ryt now……..god bless everyone who has put so many effort for des documentry…….

  21. I’m sorry guys But when I eat meat I don’t think of the animals, But when seeing all the awful things they put up with it’s very sad but I’m still eating meat.

  22. No, why, just watching the scenes with the pigs made me so mad and I started to tear up, wow, just wow.

  23. @1:02:29 Dude it already has happened! During an era when a group of humans (resembling yourself) weren't seen as human but property. Families were separated and children taken from their parents. Women who recently had babies were forced to nurse the babies of their owners. This documentary resonates with human suffrage.

  24. Have you guys watched this video or only came here to talk bullshit? I mean fuck, you are freaking told why you get sick and you still rant about wanting your bacon

  25. I'm not vegan or anything but seeing animals treated like that is disgusting. We are the smartest creatures on earth yet we choose to have no compassion for other living creatures just because we can't regulate our growth. We deserve to get hit by a asteroid quite honestly the damage is irreversible to this planet.

  26. These animals should not be breed to die as a food. Our planet cannot sustain chickens and cows in order for them to just exist. Make them extinct and the cruelty stops, and this ‘food’ will no longer be available for humans.

  27. You must blame the Western industrialization for creating this factory farming phenomenon, a spin off of #WhiteSupremacist #Capitalism of Slavery
    The parallels to slavery are so striking

  28. Thank you making this available. Add one more person who will choose not to be a part of this consumption any longer.

  29. If you want this suffering to stop but don’t have the first idea how to go vegan (I used to be the same) this video has solid tips https://youtu.be/YmFO5BHO4YE

    If you’re worried that it’s unhealthy to be vegan here’s a link to the British Dietetic Association saying it is perfectly healthy https://www.bda.uk.com/news/view?id=179

  30. I watched this on October 31st 2018.
    Since that day I became vegan,Heart Disease & Cancer are in my family and I suffer with so much illness, Since becoming vegan I have found my pain is manageable, my inflammation much better, I need to stop the processed foods. I am trying, I couldn't ever drink milk I was sick because of it.
    I'd like to thank this documentary for making me see I was killing myself! it's disgusting that people don't realise because there's No education!

  31. Omg I watched most of it but had to stop when the slaughtering started. My heart is completely broken for these animals!!! The suffering is unbelievable. I was crying so much!! I had to go to the bathroom to throw up!! I never want to eat meat or drink milk ever again!!! I’m thoroughly disgusted in humans!!

  32. i have two friends who started to left meat and eat just vegan. both are much thiner now, both are sooner tired, both are often ill, both are freezing in shadow while i take my shirt off, both can't drink more then a half a beer – otherwise they are speaking languages we others don't understand and both got some sort of spiritual. so far, so good – still my friends.
    what you eat matters – and now watch the premium documentary "what plants are talking about" or "the secret life of plants". you are plant killers (plants who grow indoor in rows or oputdoor on fields sprinkled with pesticides) and you feel nothing because they can't scream, can't cry and don't have those big and round eyes … but they are alive, are fighting for survivor, communicate, think, react, arrange coalitions with other plants or insects, etc, etc, etc. get the fuck off … you ALL are bigot assholes. right?

  33. This is a wonderful message, I took it much more to heart than if it had been yelled at me by a militant vegan. Let this be the lesson that if you want to be heard it is better to talk than yell and show hatred or contempt. I heard you and I now will no longer eat animal products, and I will forever look at them as fellow travelers on this good earth.

  34. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I have been trying to reduce my consumption of animal products (for health, environment, etc), this documentary just encourages me to go even further. Plant based food is the future whether we want to accept it or not.

  35. 12:05 they forgot to mention Milk is full of sugar. It may not have complex carbohydrates, but it definitely has carbs from the sugar. It is a blood sugar spike…

  36. Factory Farming, Meat Eating, it's what the world requires . Factory Farming feeds the world in more ways than anyone could think of, if anyone is thinking of reducing this world's diet to a vegan one, they are truly blind. Sure, it's cruel, but think of the people who are living off scraps of food everyday, taking away the choice of meat from them might as well be their undoing. If you have such revolutionary thoughts, amaze everyone by stepping up and chanting shit out loud like everyone else.

  37. Powerful message. Horribly sad what has become of our food supply, all driven by greed. I am going all plant based foods now.

  38. meat is not cheap lmfao at least not here in canada… the cheap fake meat shit like hotdogs and deli is too processed to eat without consequence, and once you only eat unprocessed meat is where it really costs an arm and a leg. quite litteraly too.

  39. This ill treatment of animals in the industry has been going on for years and should come as no surprise to anyone especially given that profit and production are the only concerns that matter! This does not emphasise the worst of it either, not really by half, when taking into account countries globally. There is far too much food now and far too much food waste as a result as well as health issues that arise from food consumption. It is out of control and there is no stopping it now.

  40. I notice that fish are not mentioned in this film. Presumably fish lead a pretty normal life in the sea until they are caught and so dont suffer the way factory farmed animals do. Excluding farmed fish of course. I wont be eating meat again but fish probably. Factory farming is sick, evil and inhumane. Animals are just wonderful, Gods creatures which must be treated with the utmost respect.

  41. i feel its the carbs and processed crap that is causing dis-ease along with the way we eat meat,yes i am a meat eater.i hate the profit driven mechanised system of the meat industry. i know my meat personally before i eat it and after its had a happy life i give thanks and after slaughter i eat every eatable bit of it,shins,tongue,cheeks ect.i will not buy meat.we now know fat does not make you fat .im a high fat meat eater and a very hard worker and im a lean muscular woman with low cholesterol .i would like to see a world where if you can't kill and dress your own meat then you don't get to eat it full stop,hahahahhahahhaha 90% of the world would suddenly be veggie or vegan.

  42. I this is so inspiring……… I have really learned a lot which I think would help me improve upon my work in my next video at FTY’S NUTRIMEDS. Thumbs up 👍🏾 I love the intro in this video

  43. To enter this world and leave , only ever knowing suffering and "mans"? cold cruel hand is horrifying . Our fellow Animal are healing to our souls if only that can be recognised x

  44. Not all animals live like this before they are made to food you just have to by your meat from the Right places

  45. This touched me. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. And to vegans out there, my question is what about leather products or wool…isnt it the same as milk or cheese or meat, as it comes from these same poor creatures? I'm asking to get educated not to provoke. Thanks

  46. After meeting this wonderful person with a big heart and love for mother Earth she opened my eyes to this we both love animals and i made it my duty to myself to stop eating meat God bless and thank you

  47. it's sad but really? pepole have there opinions and so do I I dont agree the way we use and to this day kill in some parts of the world animles but craving something isint bad or mindless its your body saying "yo……I need some danm meat or greens in here" it's also not bad to be vegan but I hate it when I see vegans attack pepole that eat meat just bc they don't agree with it

  48. God, I want to vomit. This makes me vomit the meat out, I have eaten in the past 20 years. Thank you, thank you so much for opening my eyes. I can't handle it, the chicken, the pigs and the animals at the Slaughter. I want to go plant based now.
    God, I'm shaking, even crying a little. Help the humans see what the are causing.

  49. Stress and a bad diet puts people in the grave or take years off a person's life. People act like I'm lying when I say this. I'm getting myself together a day, a week, and a month a time.

  50. @20:40 – "I think god saved my life" – Religion is nonsensical; it dismisses the hasty intervention and methodology of modern medicine and technology even though it is this that is solely responsible for saving this man's life. God is either malevolent if omnipotent, or an impartial bystander that couldn't care less if you still wish to believe in him/it.

  51. To think, Africans lived comparable lives during the slave trade. I am utterly disappointed at these industries and also myself for being so ignorant. Today I'm changed.

  52. Those dying are the ones who contribute to the horrific and unspeakable torture and pain of animals by eating them. They burden society with their sick bodies. They pee their damn medicines into MY groundwater. With their behavior they destroy the environment.They don't care about anybody else, except their sick and demonic addictions. So, good that they are dying off. The sooner, the better!!!

  53. So powerful. Thank you very much for your work. So many people should watch it to be aware of what's really happening in this world. They'll know more about all the pain behind a piece of meat in a supermarket.

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