What Ridges In Finger And Toenails Mean For Your Health

Have you ever wondered how ridges on fingernails
form? The reason behind it can be as simple as aging, but it can mean something more serious.
Fingernail ridges can be either vertical or horizontal. As each fingernail ages, it can
develop fissures and lose its smooth surface. Vertical ridges can form. However, this formation
may have been a result of anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, or trachyonychia, among other conditions.
You may suspect anemia if there are also dents on the fingernail. It is still best to get
checked by a doctor. On the other hand, horizontal ridges are deep
and come as several lines. They are also known as Beau’s lines. Often, they are harbingers
of more serious diseases. Possible conditions associated with Beau’s lines are thyroid
diseases, kidney diseases, and diabetes. They can even be signs that a person may have had
syphilis or mumps at a certain period in time. Chemotherapy can also produce these lines.
Beau’s lines are more urgent reasons to go see a doctor.
Sometimes, the problems are merely skin deep. The vertical or horizontal ridges may have
been caused by an injury or a skin condition, such as eczema. However, if the ridges have
formed because of an injury, it should be generally temporary. Most of the time, they
do not need any treatment. However, if the ridges come and go, there may be an underlying
reason that needs to be researched. If you have ridges on your fingernails, the
first thing that you need to do is to have them diagnosed. If you have a health condition,
then you must address it by having your doctor prescribe the treatment. On the other hand,
vertical ridges are usually harmless and can be treated at home. Keep them moisturized
with vitamin E-enriched oil or even olive oil.
Massage your nail beds to promote good blood circulation. Keep the nails buffed, but do
not be too rough. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy food will also help maintain
ridge-free nails. In just a few minutes, you have learned something
that could help save a life or just keep nails healthy. If you enjoyed the video or feel
a little bit more informed, support us with a click of a button!

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