What ProArgi-9 Did To My Blood Pressure

What ProArgi-9 Did To My Blood Pressure

What ProArgi-9 Did To My Blood Pressure This is Arnold at Healthy At 60 Plus. I have be taking ProArgi-9 for a while now
and I was surprised with the visit I had with my doctor yesterday. Being 73 years old, my doctor likes me to
come in twice a year just to make sure everything is running smoothly. We were both pleasantly surprised with my
blood pressure reading. It was 116 over 68. He said he almost never see those numbers
even for patients he has on medication. I owe those great numbers to nitric oxide
therapy as delivered by ProArgi-9. If you would like to see a really good video
about ProArgi-9 then just follow the link in either the descrition of comment section
below this video. If you have any questions just test or call
me at 609-410-4790. Or leave your question in the comment section

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  1. Questions or comments? Add them below. Link to nitric oxide therapy – http://healthyat60plus.com/blood-pressure

  2. When taking this supplement where do you first see the results of the nitric oxide and will it show up and your blood pressure first

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