What Is Swedish Massage? | Massage Techniques

What Is Swedish Massage? | Massage Techniques

Hi, my name is Renee French and I’m here at
Practical Massage Therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’m going to be talking about massage
therapy. Swedish massage is the most commonly offered technique of massage therapy, and
it’s usually the basis of most of the massages that you will receive in the United States.
It involves the use of 5 strokes that include long gliding strokes, kneading, tapping, friction,
and vibration. So Swedish massage is one of the basic techniques that most massage therapists
will use to build other techniques on. There are lots of things, different combinations
that you can use on the body. With the cross-fiber friction, you can get some nice warming of
the muscles, and getting the connective tissue to start to release. With the long gliding
strokes, you can apply the massage oil and the cream, and that’s also really great for
warming up the muscles. And kind of getting that person in a relaxed state to start receiving
massage, and to get their breathing nice and even flowing. It’s a nice technique for opening
and closing the massage. You can the end the massage. And one of my favorite things to
do is to end the massage with the tapping. And it’s kind of like a percussion drumming
on the belly of the muscle. Kind of the thicker part of the muscle. you want to make sure
and stay away from the bones, as this could be really uncomfortable. But if you do some
tapping on the muscles, it can just really get the muscles to release any tension that
might still be kind of stuck in the muscle tissue.

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  1. @zalttpmmoot I really don't know, Ilive in sweden to and it's very much chineese massage, says it heals better

  2. First of all,thanks for the video really they are very interesting
    I am really very good massager,i've got practice and experience from small sport club,i have learnt this with one friend of mine,but i have no diploma or some paper to prove that,do have i any chance to get a job as a massager in sweden
    It will be nice if i get the answer from you thanks

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