What is Eczema | एक्जिमा क्या है | Eczema In Adults | प्राथमिक जानकारी | Preliminary Information

Eczema is a skin-related disease. Many people all over the world are affected by eczema. Many people get relief from eczema disease and many people have to live with eczema throughout their life Eczema causes an intense itching on your body and turns red. Sometimes it also bleeding on excessive scratching and skin will be damaged. Eczema is contagious in some cases. This means that eczema can be transmitted from one person to another. There are many types of eczema. Which will be discussed in detail in the next chapters. If a person is allergic to something and it causes eczema. So it is not necessary that anyone else has eczema due to the same allergy. The reasons for eczema may be different in different individuals. There have been many cases of eczema disease in the last few decades and these cases are increasing. The cause of eczema is not yet known. We can only guess the reasons. Changing weather, pollution, global warming etc. are also considered to be responsible for eczema. Believe it or not, our day starts with chemicals and the end of the day is also with chemicals. The FMCG products that we use contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin. It can also be responsible for eczema. See the complete information about eczema is not possible in a single video, so we have divided eczema into different chapters. We will discuss step by step information about eczema in the next chapters so be with us.

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