What Is Diabetes? Diabetes Described In Words

What Is Diabetes? Diabetes Described In Words

If I had to describe type 1 diabetes in one
word I would say it’s exhausting It’s maddening It’s challenging Unpredictable Expensive Frustrating, depressing, tiring, tedious, overwhelming, 24/7/365 days, nonstop It doesn’t give me a break It makes it hard for me to concentrate in
school The exhaustion is real, the anxiety is real,
the fear is real Diabetes is a lot of hard work and You can do the same things every single day
and get different results I’m sad for my son I’m sad that at age 2 he has now been diabetic
longer than he hasn’t I’m sad that I can’t fix this I can’t heal this I’m devastated that this is forever My son will never remember a day that he wasn’t diabetic It changes the whole course of your life Every day when I wake up diabetes is what
I think about right before I go to bed it’s what I think about. Diabetes doesn’t sleep It’s with me constantly It’s lonely It’s hard to live with a disease that is misunderstood It’s life-threatening and it leaves me worried
to close my eyes at night If I had to pick a word in this moment now
to describe type 1 I would say disruptive My 3-year-old little girl being woken
up at 2:30 am to drink a juice box in order to keep her alive So disruptive would be my word Diabetes is very stressful Really annoying and upsetting Diabetes is hard but it has made me stronger Diabetes is about never never giving up and
getting through life realizing I’m doing the best I can but every day is
an uphill battle Sometimes very sleep depriving for my mom Diabetes makes me brave, it makes me appreciate
life, and it makes me who I am Sometimes I like diabetes because you can
make friends that have diabetes and You can do anything you want to do you just
got to add a little bit of extra responsibility to the mix It also makes you learn how to trust your
body again and that’s probably one of the best things about it It makes my daughter unique I love her and I will continue to fight until
I have no more fight left within me It’s highs, it’s lows, it’s sadness, it’s happiness it’s everything because Diabetes has changed the way I view the world
and myself and that’s pretty awesome I pray day in and day out for a cure for this
horrible disease because it does not take vacations, it does not know any holiday True warriors are people with type 1 diabetes
because they fight like no other

3 Replies to “What Is Diabetes? Diabetes Described In Words”

  1. Oh I wish I could have taken part in this – well done! I've had T1D since the 60's – and still going strong – and sometimes forget what we all go through with battling this autoimmune disease. Thank you!!!

  2. So I've had T1 since 1955…63 years.
    I've got minor complications but my health is pretty amazing for a 66 year old guy.
    So having said those details…there is hope!
    I want to give a TOTAL shout out to those incredible Super D Moms!!!
    God bless you!
    All my fellow T1's…keep rockin' it y'all!
    Yes, it's a struggle at times but you'll learn how to do it more easily over time.
    Love y'all!

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