What is A Normal Blood Sugar Level & Signs Of It Being Too High! | Dr. Nick Z.

What is A Normal Blood Sugar Level & Signs Of It Being Too High! | Dr. Nick Z.

In this video, I’ll uncover the top signs
of high blood sugar. Hi, Ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. Now if you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have
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so I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video we’re talking about the signs
of high blood sugar. Now high blood sugar is a big problem today. Millions of people
who don’t have full blown diabetes have prediabetes today. And these millions of people are suffering
from a lot of different symptoms and you may be one of them. So, what we’re going to do
in this video is talk about the symptoms that are involved with high blood sugar because
it’s important to make sure you identify it so that you don’t have more serious problems
ahead of you. And then we’ll also talk about some of the changes that you can easily implement
into your life in order to help bring your blood sugar low. Let’s go ahead and talk about
it. So, hyperglycemia symptoms. Hyperglycemia
is basically saying you have a high amount of sugar in your bloodstream. Here’s some
of the symptoms that come out of it. Increased thirst. So, if you’re someone who just finds
that you’re thirsty all the time, no matter how much you drink, you just feel that you’re
still not getting enough, we want to make sure that we are going and paying attention
to this symptom cause it’s a symptom of hyperglycemia. So, if your increased thirst all the time,
there’s a good chance that we have a blood sugar problem, some blood sugar instability. Dry mouth is another big one. It kind of goes
along with that increased thirst because you have a dry mouth, very thirsty and you just
want to keep drinking water, but you’re like, my goodness, I already drank so much. How
much more do I need? Headaches is a big one. So, a lot of people
go and get headaches as well. They’ll get headaches throughout the day and these are
the type of people were saying, I’m getting a dull headache every single day. While there’s
a good chance, hyperglycemia, once again. Blurred vision and this is one you’ve got
to really pay attention to because this one can of course become much worse. You can damage
your eyes permanently if you’re not getting this under control. So, happens because of
a couple of reasons. First of all, there will be swelling in the eye, but also the other
things that can happen is you could start to have an increased amount of blood vessels
that will start to form in the eye as well, causing blurred vision. So, we want to not
avoid taking care of it if we’re having this issue. Frequent urination. So, you’re running to
the bathroom all day, but you’re also up all night. So, if this is a problem for you, then
once again, I would correlate it to maybe did you eat a lot of carbohydrates, did you
eat a lot of sugar. What’s happening that is causing that? Because sometimes people
go in and out of some of these different symptoms. And so, what I try to get people to do is
actually correlate the symptoms to the way that they’re eating. Now, the other thing
we want to watch here is that sometimes different mineral deficiencies like potassium, sometimes
magnesium, and these different minerals can cause some of these symptoms as well. So,
we want to make sure that we don’t have a mineral deficiency as well. Because some people
will look at this and they’ll go, well, I’ve been monitoring my blood sugar and I don’t
have these problems, but we also can get a lot of these different symptoms from that
mineral deficiency, the electrolyte deficiency. So, keep that in mind Next here is chronic fatigue. So, if you just
can’t get yourself going in the morning, and then it just takes a long time for your body
to just start getting with the program. Once again, a sign of hyperglycemia. Weight loss issues because even though you
have high blood sugar, you’re not able to actually get that sugar into the cell, like
you’re trying to dump it so fast that you start to get this big, uneven physiology occurring
in the body. And so, what happens? You actually start to lose weight. Inability to concentrate. You’re not able
to focus. And then of course sores and wounds that won’t heal. So, this is a problem too.
You’re getting different wounds on your body and you’re just not healing, it’s taking
forever. So that is a sign of hyperglycemia as well. So, pay attention to these symptoms
because like I said, they can actually become something much more severe down the road. Let’s go ahead and talk about changes that
you can implement today in order to help bring your blood sugar down, decrease your insulin
levels, and start reversing some of these symptoms. First of all, exercise. So, if you’re
someone who’s not exercising at all, start exercising. If you’re not into it, that’s
not your thing, start with a 30 minute walk a day. I just did a video on how powerful
a 30 minute walk a day is. So, get out there, do a 30-minute brisk walk. It’s going to help.
It’s going to support driving you in the right direction. Now also, when we look at exercise,
high intensity interval training is very powerful for bringing down blood sugar and insulin
levels and also weight training as well. So, we want to make sure that we’re increasing
our exercise and if we’re going from nothing to something that something is still better
than nothing. So, we want to make sure that we’re starting to implement exercise into
our daily routine. Change your diet. This is so important when
it comes to overall diet, this is one of the most important changes that you can make.
Now when we look at diet, we want to look at sugar free, we also want to look at low
carb. Now the reason this is important is because of course actually putting sugar in
our food or buying food with lots of sugar is going to cause a lot of issues, but also
the carbohydrates, they’re going to break down in your body as sugar, especially if
you have this blood sugar instability issue, essentially these carbs are just going to
drive your blood sugar up. So, we have to be really careful of that. And using your
diet in order to start attacking this problem is so important. Some people want to turn
to medication, they want to turn all these other things before they change their diet.
Change your diet first. It’s the most powerful tool that you possess in order to make this
change. We can also use things like apple cider vinegar
in order to help bring down blood sugar. Now I actually just did a full complete guide
on apple cider vinegar and I’ll put that in the link in the description below. It’s a
good video that just gives you everything you need to know about using apple cider vinegar.
It’ll be in the description. And now we also want to make sure we’re monitoring our blood
sugar, and this is important. This is powerful. So, when you wake up in the morning, you go
and you take your blood sugar levels and you’re able to see where you’re at. This is very
simple to do. You actually just go to the store, get a simple at home test to do it.
You’re just going to prick yourself, check your blood sugar, and as a result you’ll be
able to see where you’re at. If your fasting blood glucose is super high or you’re eating
meals and you’re seeing these huge blood sugar fluctuations, then there’s a good chance you’ve
a problem. And so then of course if you’re noticing that you have some serious issues
and you’re making changes and you’re not able to start making corrections in it, you should
work with your doctor on it. But when we look at changes to implement, use all these right
here. And as a matter of fact, when we look at monitoring your blood sugar, I’ll put a
link to a video right up here that I did that will help you go in and understand where your
blood sugar level should be and also how to do some of this different testing that I’m
talking about that you can do at home. Check that video out. And then also make sure that
if you have these symptoms, you’re taking this seriously. Because like I said, blurred
vision can turn into damaged eyesight that can’t be reversed. You have to make sure that
you’re being proactive with your health. Give this video a thumbs up and share it with
your friends and if you have any questions, put it in the comment section here below.
Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel. I would greatly appreciate that and check
out my other videos on how you can improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video.

35 Replies to “What is A Normal Blood Sugar Level & Signs Of It Being Too High! | Dr. Nick Z.”

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  2. Thank you for the info. I am hoping that this little piece of advice won’t offend anyone. I promise that my intentions re good. Pronouncing ‘especially’ properly will add to your credibility. Saying ‘exspecially’ just works against you. Maybe it’s just my little pet peeve but it may be helpful? I’ve noticed this on all of your videos. Have a great day and thanks again for the videos.

  3. Dr. Z , I take  ACV in tablets only. am I missing out if I'm not taken it in liquid form?  Thank you in advance!

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  5. I had most of these problems until I cut down on my carbs and sugar and bought myself a blood monitor so I could leave out all the bad foods and only use the good foods and I'm now on the right track and getting my sugar levels down.

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  8. Well, I was a little disappointed. If there was ever a time when the advice to see your doctor needed to be emphasized it was on this topic. This is what most internal medicine and family physicians do all day. Diagnose and treat diabetes. The Gods Dr Z did mention it in passing but nowhere near the emphasis he gives when advising folks on herbal and alternative approaches. In addition to what he is telling you here, you’ll want to see your family Doc so that they can run the proper blood tests. This can help determine if you’ll need medication up to and including insulin while you do all these other great things Dr Z has brought up. In my experience, the number one treatment for diabetes is EXERCISE. Dr Z is right on about that. So if you go buy a meter and your fasting blood sugar is above 100 time to go see the doctor. Don’t wait. Make an appointment. It’s really important.

  9. Thank you Dr. Z. I think i have one of those symptoms….frequent urination particularly at night. Will implement those strategies to prevent a full blown sugar problem.

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  11. I, myself personally can testify to the usefulness of this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) plan for treatment.A number of other products I`ve tried only lowered the blood pressure for awhile. There’s no other therapy out there that fulfill what it claims. I simply demand the brief period of time, my high blood pressure had gone right down to 145/90 and managed it for quite a while. .

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