What Causes Explosive Diarrhea? | Stomach Problems

What Causes Explosive Diarrhea? | Stomach Problems

So, Explosive Diarrhea, is exactly what it
says, Explosive Diarrhea. So, a lot of times, patients have diarrhea,
with a lot of gas and that’s what really makes the explosive part of it. And basically, you have a lot of gas and a
lot of water and a lot of stool, that comes out at one point, and seems like it’s very
explosive. So, Explosive Diarrhea can happen in both
Acute Diarrhea and in Chronic Diarrhea. People who have a lot of gas and a lot of
bloat and diarrhea, may know that they have more explosive diarrhea, than people who have
just diarrhea, with not a lot of gas. So, you may see this in patients with Irritable
Bowel Syndrome, or you can also see this in patients that have Infectious Colitis. And again, by helping to manage the diarrhea
and helping to pass the gas, that may help reduce the explosive diarrhea.

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  2. i'm utterly confused as to why they actually made a video about "explosive diarrhea", it kind of goes to show how much howcast blows life's dick.

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