What Causes Diabetes?

What Causes Diabetes?

“What Causes Diabetes?” After about age 20, we may have all
the insulin-producing beta cells we’re ever going to
have in our pancreas, and so if we lose them,
we may lose them for good. Autopsy studies show that by the
time type 2 diabetes is diagnosed we may have already killed
off half of our beta cells. You can do it right in a Petri dish.
Expose human beta cells to fat, they suck it up, and
then start dying off. A chronic increase in blood
fat levels is harmful as shown by the important effects
in pancreatic beta cell lipotoxicity. Fat breakdown products can interfere
with the function of these cells and ultimately lead to their death.
And not just any fat, saturated fat. The predominant fat in
olives, nuts, and avocados gives you a tiny bump
in death protein 5, but saturated fat really ramps up
this contributor to Beta cell death. Saturated fats are harmful to b-cells,
harmful to the insulin-producing cells in our pancreas.
Cholesterol, too. The uptake of bad cholesterol, LDL,
can cause Beta-cell death as a result of free radical formation. So diets rich in saturated fats not only
cause obesity and insulin resistance, but the increase levels of
circulating free fats in the blood, called NEFAs, non-esterified
fatty acids, causes Beta-cell death
and may thus contribute to progressive Beta-cell
loss in type 2 diabetes. And this isn’t just based
on test tube studies. If you infuse fat into
people’s blood stream you can directly impair
pancreatic Beta-cell function, and the same when we ingest it. Type 2 diabetes is
characterized by defects in both insulin secretion
and insulin action, and saturated fat
appears to impair both. Researchers showed
saturated fat ingestion reduces insulin sensitivity
within hours, but these were non-diabetics, so their
pancreas should have just been able to boost insulin secretion to match, but insulin secretion
failed to compensate for insulin resistance in subjects
who ingested the saturated fat. And this implies the saturated fat
impaired beta cell function as well, again within just hours after
it going into our mouth. So increased consumption
of saturated fats has a powerful short- and
long-term effect on insulin action, contributing to the
dysfunction and death of pancreatic beta
cells in diabetes. And saturated fat isn’t
just toxic to the pancreas. The fats found predominantly in
meat and dairy — chicken and cheese are the two main sources
in the American diet — are almost universally toxic,
whereas the fats found in olives, nuts, and avocados are not. Saturated fat has been
found to be particularly toxic to liver cells in the formation
of fatty liver disease. You expose human liver cells
to plant fat and nothing happens. Expose liver cells to animal
fat and a third of them die. This may explain why higher intakes
of saturated fat and cholesterol are associated with
nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. By cutting down on
saturated fat consumption we may be able to help
interrupt this process. Decreasing saturated
fat intake may help bring down the need for
all that excess insulin. So either being fat or
eating saturated fat can both cause that excess
insulin in the blood. The effect of reducing dietary
saturated fat intake on insulin levels is substantial, regardless of how much
belly fat we have. And it’s not just that by eating fat we
may be more likely to store it as fat. Saturated fats, independently of
any role they have making us fat, may contribute to the development of insulin resistance and all
its clinical consequences. After controlling for weight, and alcohol, and smoking,
and exercise, and family history, diabetes incidence was
significantly associated with the proportion of
saturated fat in our blood. So what causes diabetes? The consumption of too many
calories rich in saturated fats. Now just like everyone who smokes
doesn’t develop lung cancer; everyone that eats a lot of saturated
fat doesn’t develop diabetes. There’s a genetic component, but just like smoking can
be said to cause lung cancer, high calorie diets
rich in saturated fats are currently considered
the cause of type 2 diabetes.

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  1. so if u go on a fast for a few days and your body starts using its own fat as fuel in the blood stream that kills the insulin producing cells??

  2. If you want to know what to eat in order to avoid diabetes and be lean and muscular look at the dietary habits of those that are lean and muscular. Hmm…lean and muscular? Who would that be? Oh yeah, bodybuilders and physique competitors. What do they all eat? Lean chicken and rice. Lean white fish and oatmeal. Egg whites and sweet potatoes. What do all these foods have in common? Carbs and protein with very little fat. Please point me to a physique competitor who is winning competitions eating butter? You can't because they don't exist.

  3. i feel A LOT better when eating low carb! i am not as energetic, but i dont store water and i feel full after eating! rice wont do nothing! i could eat a kilo of cooked rice and still have room to chuck in some more. plus; why would humans want to reach the age of 70 or more? nahhhh! dont wanna liv' forever!

  4. BS.  Why do people in France eat plenty of cheese high in fat and have low rates of diabetes? There is nothing harmful about saturated fat.  Why do the south Sudanese not all become diabetic? All they eat is full fat milk and milk products.  Why no diabetes? Let's look at the evidence instead of trying to push veganism.  I'm not against veganism, if you want to go vegan, then do it.  Let's actually look at evidence though, there are many people around the world consuming high fat food with no chronic disease at all.  Go back to the drawing board.

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  6. I was not digesting protein, I took betaine Hcl so I was now digesting protein, 2 weeks later I developed insulin resistance. I stopped taking betaine Hcl. My insulin resistance is gone 5 days later. Animal Protein causes type 2 diabeties

  7. I don't buy the fat crap. I think too  much protein can create diabetes. But ultimately, diabetes is a self defense mechanism, it's protecting your cells…medicine is not the way I would go.

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  9. ahem…vegans at work once again. i saw a recent vid from the "raw" girl kristina….where she and her vegan doc proudly presented her "perfect" bloodwork tests, showing her low LdL, while at the same time ignoring the very low hdL….ahem…and also skipping past her triglycerides which were over 200. 200..!!!!
    a vegan diet does not work for type 2's or the overweight, as they share the same issues…insulin resistance and/or a poor functioning pancreas. for many, a ketogenic diet will erase diabetic symptoms and knock down triglycerides to next to nothing…saturated fat alone is not the culprit. saturated fat combined with a poor diet (fast food-processed stuff, too much sugar) is the real problem.

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  12. So, when we eat fats, beta cells and liver cells are directly exposed to fats the way those lab testings expose such cells to fats? Interesting.

  13. Olive oil which is high in saturated fat but much higher in mono/poly saturated fat, can be considered a net benefit or not? Because as far as cholesterol is concerned I know mono/poly boost HDL and so heal the damage caused by saturated fats and LDL.

  14. Fraud plain and simple. My look at REAL research shows low carb and eating natural fats–including saturated fats from natural sources is the best avenue for the majority of people. Some do great on your approach; key words: some and m
    ajority. Not sure where you pulled that ONE study from. Your ass maybe.? Get some more scientific studies and then you may have a VERY small victory.. The real problem is overcooking our food and charring our food, meats and vegetables. Get with the program dude, You and the vegan cultists are sooooooo behind the real science. Time for you to dive into to research that is real grasshopper and not research that backs your false claims. Suggestion for further study: Glycation also intermittent fasting.

  15. Beta cells is responsive to glucose in the blood. It is funny how this crazy vegan thinks, that dietary fat has any effect on beta cells.

  16. This is just so spined and so far from reality, that I can't even think, how this guy is not charged for further causing obesity epidemic with his religious vegan misinterpretation.

  17. So if the beta cells are destroyed and they can not regenerate then what's the use? The time to cash in is imminent. Bummer, most things offer some measure of hope. HOW NOT TO DIE just told me I'm as good as dead!

  18. Don't eat high amounts of sugar and fat at the same time. Why do vegans think there is only one way to accomplish this? I oxidize saturated fat all the time, like right now because I am fasting. Is your own fat a deadly toxin. Make me laugh some more.

  19. 0:50 So EVERY saturated fat is palmitate ? Because you just made it seem like it was . If people would just report honestly , then the diet debates wouldn't go on forever .

    C6 Caproic acid
    C8 Caprylic acid
    C10 Capric acid
    C12 Lauric acid
    C14 Myristic acid
    C16 Palmitic acid
    C18 Stearic acid
    C18:1 Oleic acid
    C18:2 Linoleic acid
    C18:3 Linolenic acid

  20. In India, I've seen countless cases of vegans and vegetarians with T2D. Avoiding animal fats is just part of the equation. Using and heating artificially extracted cooking oils (even cold-pressed), sedentary lifestyle and inadequate sun exposure are just as important co-factors.

  21. So long story short: fatty foods reduces the levels of beta cells which is responsible for secreting insulin resulting diabetes.

  22. Hello, I wanted to share with you a blood sugar experiment I did on myself regarding overeating and high fat diet. Here is the link – https://youtu.be/VaQaLvHudUg

  23. So how do we tell someone without completely offending them that they've caused their or their kid's type 2 diabetes?

  24. i would love to hear Dr. Greger address Dr. Rhonda Patrick's take on new science with animal protiens (or my inability to fully comprehend the science behind the connection between fat and carbs with diabetes, heart disease, and gene mutations.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9Mj0Q9y084

  25. Elevated blood lipids is caused by a high carb low fat diet.

    A ketogenic diet rich in saturates lower blood lipid levels because…you're burning them for energy? This video is very poor in it's solid scientific backing imho

  26. I’m a bodybuilder and i guess insulin etc is important but I don’t want to get diabetes and die someone explain this shit😂😂

  27. Im not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover best diet to avoid diabetes try Natural Remedy Tactic (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  28. Physicians are responsible for 'knowing' current medical knowledge. Its time to Sue doctors that tell you to eat a diet that creates THEM a long term patient by destroying your health.

  29. Cherry picking studies without context:) why are there more diabetics and we consume less saturated fat than ever?

  30. When is fat bad? When triglyceride levels in the blood are chronically high. It's like glucose. When is glucose bad? When glucose levels in the blood are chronically high. You don't complain about glucose levels going up after a meal, but for some reason when triglycerides levels go up after eating it's the end of the world.

    But in a healthy person, triglyceride levels are down again within 4 to 6 hours after eating, just like glucose levels.

    Chronically high triglyceride levels however are another story, just like chronically high glucose levels. That is bad.

    Now I wonder what would cause chronically high triglyceride levels?

    Chronically high glucose levels are caused by the cells refusing to take up glucose. Basically they're saying: too much, I have enough. Is the same thing true for triglycerides? Do the cells simply refuse them because they had enough? Or maybe it's both? Once the cell is full of glycogen, it start to refuse both glucose and triglycerides?

    Adding everything up the condition of type 2 diabetes really is a condition of having too much energy stored in the blood and it can't go anywhere, so it stays in the blood. The triglycerides do make it to the fatcells eventually, but the glucose levels take much longer to drop.

    In this situation, the resulting insulin resistance causes the cells to not be able to fill their glycogen stores fast enough, so they start signaling that they're in need for nutrition. So people start eating again sooner, ending up eating or drinking something with sugar.

    Now, in this whole story I don't see how fat alone is the cause of insulin resistance. Neither do I see how glucose alone causes insulin resistance. There is something about the 2 of them together causing insulin resistance. But even then, that only really happens when you overeat every day. And the chance of overeating is more likely the more processed foods you eat and the less healthy food (vegetables specifically).

    This explains why extremes work so good in solving insulin resistance (provided you also remove processed food)…. These 2 extremes are high carb low fat and low carb high fat. In both these diets people lose weight and reduce insulin resistance.


    Because they both reduce the amount of energy stored in the blood. Both basically reduce one of the 2 macro energy nutrients, cutting the amount of energy stored in the blood in half to a level where the cells are able to clear the blood from excess energy without any problems, reducing the need for insulin resistance.

    It's not the source of energy that causes insulin resistance, it"s forcing too much energy into the blood that causes insulin resistance.

  31. Lol, this is hilarious, it is a joke right? This bloke has replaced glucose for saturated fat for some sort of satirical joke…

  32. Absolutley wrong!! The fatty folks you actually see walking around with diabetes is NOT due to them eating saturated fat. That is probably a very low portion of their diets. It is fake boxed processed foods, cheap fake fast food, potato chips crap, TOO much protein from TOO much meat and SUGAR, SUGAR and more SUGAR. Those diabetics are not eating coconut oil, olive oil, avacados, nuts, seeds, etc. They ARE eating foods that constantly wearing out their pancreas by raising their insulin levels nonstop. Here's a little nugget of new information for you….Saturated fats DO NOT raise insulin hardly at all IF any. It is the SUGAR and fake crap that diabetics eat. It is not from eating good whole foods including saturated fat.

  33. I've been diabetic for about 20 years following a low fat, moderate carb diet with very little success, taking my medication as instructed by my doctor until one day I opened up to fat because it was the last thing that needed to be done. I can't be any happier. Fat is bad when you combine it with lots of carbs. But when you consume only the carbs provided by the vegetables with high amounts of fat the results are phenomenal. Fat does not cause insulin resistance, it's the high carbs. You got it all wrong. By the way my diabetes is almost gone. I feel highly energetic too. I'm appalled how you distribute this information without testing it personally. I know a doctor who cured his diabetes with a high fat low carbs diet xD. Incredible.

  34. Exploring “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) will help you to recover from diabetes and acquire a healthy lifestyle. For a time frame of 1 ½ months, my hubby has been a keen follower of the program. He has been reliant to insulin for 5 years in his 6 year long struggle against type 2 diabetes. Considering that reading through this program and also sticking to the plan he is eating better everyday & everyday…

  35. I just wonder Why Non-diabetic people have normal blood sugar levels and somehow they are much less effective by Saturated Fats, why they can be Healthier?

  36. High cal diet with high saturated fat consumption… fair enough. How about low cal diet's high in saturated fats?? Or high fat diets with little to no carb intake?

  37. A lot of this is just theory. For example other research shows the role of excess fat and carbs – Besides genetic influence, it is generally accepted that environmental factors are the main cause for the rapidly increasing worldwide prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle and hypercaloric diets rich in large amounts of carbohydrate and saturated fats are known risk factors.
    Elevated glucose and increased FFA have been shown to trigger pancreatic beta cell loss and dysfunction in type 2 diabetes [1], and increasing evidences demonstrate that long-term exposure to high glucose or FFA generates peripheral insulin resistance, both in vivo and in vitro resulting in pancreatic stress and increased susceptibility to beta cell apoptosis and, as a consequence, suppression of insulin secretion [2]. Although the overall picture is known, the detailed mechanisms underlying these effects are only partially understood.

  38. How do infants survive when their diets are high in saturated fat (from mother's milk)?
    An when a person is on a extended fast, isn't he burning saturated fat, and doesn't fasting prevent/reduce/reverse diabetes?

  39. He never talks about the harm of added sugar and processed carb like flour …it is more harmful than saturated fat

  40. US FDA is also in bed with pharma. Antibiotic-resistant alien bacteria from livestock are already gestating in the guts of most human beings causes diabetes and more. Help us Ripley.

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  42. If you want to eliminate diabetes and want to switch to a more healthy way of life, then you can count on this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). The manual have taught me regarding how cells are not able to feed on glucose because of fat. ”Vαnοjο Fivu” (Search Google) has helped me cure diabetes and avoid its serious and also fatal effects..

  43. Here's the million dollar question Dr Gregor : where they eating only fatty food or what else were the subjects eating? Because I am doing Keto and my long term friend Diabetes type 2 is reversing gradually. I've been doing this over a year. Cholesterol, sugar is fine says my doctor. See I practice what I preach, you don't from what I see. What a waste of mind unfortunately.

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