What are the medications prescribed after hair transplant | HairMD, Pune

What are the medications prescribed after hair transplant | HairMD, Pune

Hello I’m Dr. Dhananjay Chavan dermatologist
and hair transplant surgeon from HairMD India Pune lot of people
ask about what are the medicines given or prescribed after hair transplant
yes after good hair transplant commonly hair transplant surgeon
they prescribe one good antibiotic some anti inflammatory analgesic to reduce
the pain topical antibacterial agent or antibiotic and some vitamins to heal
the wound properly and immediately within three to seven days 100 percent healing
occurs on that graft taken area or the area of the body from where the grafts
are harvested then after seven days and in those seven days immediately next
day or after the second or third day you can wash your hair with the help of
shampoo especially usually very delicate shampoo or mild shampoo or you can say baby
shampoo it is given you have to make the foam apply over the scalp and wash your head
it will remove your scabs properly and in very short duration of time even doctor
prescribe saline to apply over the transplanted area where the scabs are forming
and these scabs are removed while taking bath important medicines especially after
hair transplant after seven days finasteride and minoxidil we can
start after seven days or after fifteen days of Hair Transplant and to supplement
these two medicines usually doctor gives you vitamins especially calcium Vitamin D3 for
a month or more one and a half months to two months maximum biotin and iron
tablet especially essential amino acids or some vitamin supplements in the form of
B complex doctor can prescribe yes it is beneficial to have vitamin supplements at
least for a couple of months after hair transplant so as to get faster growth
of your hair but finasteride and minoxidil it forms the mainstay of treatment
see usually in grade 7 Baldness all hair over the top of your scalp they are gone and hair
transplant in such cases if those patient if they do not take minoxidil take finasteride
or apply minoxidil okay it is up to certain level it was thought to be not of
any use of finasteride or minoxidil after hair
transplant but this is not the case for last 15 years they have followed various
patients and they have found that those patients who are taking finasteride and
applying minoxidil their hair growth their hair density it is very good after
taking finasteride and minoxidil those patients who are not taking finasteride
and minoxidil their hair density has been low it is reducing so nowadays it
is consensus that or majority of hair transplant or maximum hair transplant
surgeon they prescribe finasteride and hair or to preserve the whatever hair
they are on the scalp before hair transplant grade seven hair transplant
very few hair transplant surgeon does hair transplant after grade seven and
they can transplant 7000, 8000, 10000, 12000 we have transplanted 15000
grafts also in grade 7 hair transplant my hair transplant we have transplanted around
11360 grafts so we can transplant that and if we take finasteride and minoxidil
for a longer time transplanted hair and whatever hair they were present before
transplant also all those hairs which are at a risk of getting bald they can be
preserved or they can be kept there for a longer time and baldness can be postponed
it is my humble request that finasteride and minoxidil
even after hair transplant you should continue along with important thing
the couple of months in year you can take some vitamins whatever I have mentioned you
can use ketoconazole containing shampoo once in a week because it acts as anti-inflammatory
also and whatever dryness or whatever dandruff like thing you see on scalp after
minoxidil application it can be taken care of you can use any other shampoo cosmetic
shampoo or day-to-day the hair care shampoo you can dye your hair you can do whatever
you want to do with your hair you can curl it perm it shine it or you can
use any type of gel or anything after applying minoxidil sometimes after applying
minoxidil because minoxidil apply on the scalp and gel and all this things
is applied on the hair shaft so don’t mean dilemma whether to use Finasteride
or not whether to use minoxidil or not use it it will not hurt you at all those
patient more than 99% patients they do not get any adverse effect due to Finasteride
or whatever adverse effect comes they are temporary and they can continue so if
you are not having any problem with finasteride that finasteride it is useful
apply minoxidil if it suits to your skin majority 99% patient they are using all
these medicine thank you and remember if you have any question any problem you can
visit my website hairmdindia.com where we are putting new information recent information
recent scientific updates on that website and there also I have kept one
window for asking me questions you can ask on that website also
after looking after that website or going through the contents through the in
website still if you got any problem you can utilize that box write down there and
ask me question thank you.

17 Replies to “What are the medications prescribed after hair transplant | HairMD, Pune”

  1. My hair falling stop after using minoxidil and finesteride . i used minoxidil and finesteride last 4 month . how many days should i use this solution pls suggest me

  2. I have a chronic epileptic seizures and I took lamotrigin, clobozam and valporin ( sodium valproate + valproic acid) daily, can these medicines counter or block the efficiency of your mentioned medicine as well as the transplantation.

  3. Does finasterride or minoxidil work on gray hairs ??? If yes what age limits if no than does gray hairs can be converted into back black ???

  4. Hello Doctor,
    I had my hair transplant done in Dubai, After my hair transplant my surgeons had prescribed me medicines for only 5 days.
    They have not prescribed me with any different medications after day 5.
    So will I have less of hair density ??
    Will my transplant fail ??

    Thank You.

  5. finasteride will make you impotent sexually. Dr. please explain how finasteride works in human body… please dont take it. it makes male harmones weaker and weaker and makes female harmone stronger thats why hairs getting strong

  6. Dr.
    I do agree with you ,
    But i have seen one of your videos
    Wich says after stop using minoxidil, u loose your hair.
    But now in this video you are saying after hair transplant we should use minoxidil .
    So if a person uses minoxidil and stops later 1 year then what would happen
    Will he loose his hair?
    What would you say?

  7. Hello sir, I had transplanted my hairs in Kuwait with turkish technology.presently I m in India and not able to get the kuwait biotin 2000mg tabs. Also twicly had done the PRP. Can you please advice the further treatment.

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