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  1. Love how well-rounded the information is! It's always important to take the preponderance of evidence into account instead of looking at individual studies.

    This is even further compounded when you take into account who funds a lot of these studies too, which you so eloquently put!

  2. Industry funds in peer reviewed studies should be banned altogether. Conflicts of interest makes them unreliable a priori.

  3. This doesn’t really answer the question in the title, this video topic is more about best kind of reviews. Besides previously you’ve said that Hibiscus is way healthier than green tea. Hibiscus doesn’t even get a mention here.

  4. MD says Gator Aid for the electrolytes. It's convenient for me because of the taste and it's bottled. I almost never drank water but as I aged I needed to drink more so it's always with me throughout the day.

  5. The Coronavirus has now infected 54,968 people in the United States and Donald Trump's epidemic of incompetence has contributed to the untimely deaths of 784 Americans. South Korea has only had 120 deaths. They tested. Trump blocked testing.

  6. MISLEADING TITLE! I STILL WANT TO KNOW What Are the Best Beverages? Good review and interesting information, but you never answered the question! CLICK BAIT- Shame on you Dr. Greger, you do not need to do click bait, just give us the real topic and please do another video that answers this question.

  7. The mechanism of soda causing (Edit, not causing, but rather accelerating) cancer is from the sugar and the caramel coloring's advanced glycation end products (more responsible for neurodegenerative diseases).

  8. Dr. Greger, you should be speaking NOW about why governments from all the world should ban animal commerce and animal protein products to avoid more pandemics like the actual COVID19. Its the moment to make global laws about this so we can prevent catastrophic events like this one or even worse… If governtments take extreme meassures like confinement of entire countries for months, they ALSO can take meassures like banning all animal products and animal farming, hunting, selling.

  9. This might be one of those rare cases in YouTube where the video ends up being much more interesting than what the title implies.

  10. Is it good with matcha tee with grind stevia leafs ( the leaves so the stevia is green not prosseced and white)

  11. 1:51 – It could also be that those writing the reviews smoke, were as independents don't like smoking and are slightly bias? But then you would expect independents that also smoked… So I guess it depends on if they have a bias, and expect an outcome…

  12. Please do a video on coronavirus and marijuana. Can it live on weed? Should we stop smoking weed? Should we only smoke with ourselves? Should it only be joints? Please Dr. Greger we need these answers 🙏🏽

  13. Just to play a devil's advocate here; I wonder what's the probability of positive outcomes when vegans do the research (like dr. Barnard, dr. McDougall, dr. Esselstyn, etc.) when comparing NON-vegans do the research. I think we are as biased as ''the industry'', just by our own worldviews, values and goals. Just sayin…

  14. So many of your non-conclusions just add more confusion. Your videos often lack thesis and clear conclusion, and people walk away even more confused. Need a section where you clearly state the point!

  15. After looking at the review cited it concluded that "Grain products show promise as foods with a potential to reduce DRCD risk, most likely even more so than fruits and vegetables" Which goes against conventional thought to emphasize fruits & Veg as the cornerstone of our diets. It also suggested we should greatly limit fermented soy products ( Tempeh, etc) The study also never mentions green tea just Tea in general.

  16. The alcohol video I mentioned was: Is It Better to Drink a Little Alcohol than None at All? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-it-better-to-drink-little-alcohol-than-none-at-all/) and the Parkinson’s video: Pepper’s & Parkinson’s: The Benefits of Smoking Without the Risks? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/peppers-and-parkinsons-the-benefits-of-smoking-without-the-risks/). I also mentioned Dairy & Cancer (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/dairy-and-cancer/).

  17. To be fair being funded by Coka Cola or Dairy Industry doesn't make the science bad… It's a bit like an Ad Homiem to simply say because they funded it, and they wanted a good outcome that the scientists automatically gave them this to keep getting funding. It would be much better if you took the science and showed how the science of the study is flawed, then make an assumption that because they funded the study that it's more likely or highly likely to be biased and flawed.

  18. Dr Greger at his best! Emphasizing the importance of meta-analysis and not single studies, esp those funded by industry players and are bias. His comment at 4:55 about a study funded by Coca Cola is hilarious!

  19. So, why is the world's largest buyer (and seller) of vaccines—the CDC, a credible source when they proclaim that vaccines do not cause autism? Why is this any different from any other industry funded study?

  20. Keeping that morning cup of joe and doing the rest of the day with my green tea. Always nice to hear good news about your good habits!

  21. Quit coffee in February and switched to tea. I feel SO much better. Less anxiety, clearer mind… No jitters. It's wonderful.

  22. I wonder what the effects are of mixing tea and coffee. Ive been mixing green tea into my coffee every morning for a couple months now

  23. Can't trust politicians and now, can't trust scientific researchers. Wow, what happened to altruism and those who really just want to help people?

  24. The first 37% of this video is dedicated to explaining reviews. Not even reviews of beverages, but reviews of 2nd hand smoke. What? You didn't have enough material for a 7.5 minute video so you had to pad it with something else? I'd rather watch a short video of something I'm interested in than a longer video that is padded with information I already knew. 😠👎👎👎👎

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