Violent Day At The Border Results In 80 Arrests And High Tensions | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Violent Day At The Border Results In 80 Arrests And High Tensions | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Violent Day At The Border Results In 80 Arrests And High Tensions | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. I can speak, read, and write, Spanish and I know what they say. The vast majority of them thought it was a joke and as easy as pie to come to our country when they pleased. I heard many of them insult our border patrol and incite violence against our men and women who are there to protect and enforce our laws legally sanctioned by Congress as warranted by our constitution. Not all migrants fit this negative description but most do and it is our government's responsibility to protect us. I voted for Hilary Clinton and I'm sure her administration would have reacted the same way as our current President.

  2. I'd like to know who's preventing these migrants from leaving the general area to seek out "soft spots" elsewhere along the border….

  3. I lock my house my car and locker at work. I work in a gated community and need a pass to get in. The United States is my home. I want to know who's coming in. I don't leave my house door wide open! Wake up people.

  4. MEXICO Did offer the invasion people job`s they said no they wanted tacos el pastor not sandwhiches,oranges,and apples, they threw away beans saying we don`t eat beans we don`t drink water we want coca cola, that fat lady is what made Mexicans in tijuana finally stand up and realize they have been invaded,,,, days ago after the 1st Mexican protest, 3 men got shot near the asylum,some hundurian female walking all like she is use to the violence and exactly what she said her words- was i`m use to all this it happends in her area all the time in Honduras what are these people thinking they kidnapped a guy from the caravan who in the day of the Mexican protest said what are these dumbasses gonna do we are 3,000 thousand what is 30 pendejos gonna do we will dismember them ,i don`t know if he got killed or let go bunch of dumb people who insult the u.s.a presient

  5. "they just wanted to surrender" …. HOW do you know?!?!?! There is WAY too much amateur video to Refute your PROPAGANDA and bogus & biased reporting

  6. It has never abeen peaceful all the way we can see those are mostly young men and some girls. I speak spanish and I can hear what they are saying, the bragged " we are going over there" like that we mean business.

  7. I am sure a few of those Latino migrants are not criminals or potential criminals.
    A few of them will never even apply for welfare.

  8. You can call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (1-866-347-2423) to report an employer who hires undocumented immigrants. [5] If you are hearing impaired, then you should call 1-802-872-6196.[6]

  9. My forefathers fought the greatest empire on the face of the planet because they were tired of tyrannical rule and WON. If some farmers can do this than I have no doubt Hondurans can fight the drug cartels and win…. but first they must try.

  10. The Democraps are the reason these troops wont be home for the holidays!
    I cant believe they support and fund this caravan! You ALL should be
    ashamed of yourselves. The American people want peace not
    Hate,War,Violence and Anti America. American people will not put up
    with it!

  11. meanwhile in the south of Mexico the Mexican government takes advantage of to evict natives to steal their homes and lands

  12. There's so much video footage of these people throwing rocks trying to hurt the border patrol agents. Do we want these "people" in our country?

  13. Immigrants of caravan are crossing to USA fro Arizona and Texas borders government must reinforce security at this states borders

  14. Immigran of caravan " lady frijoles" now living in USA at Dallas Texas with her sister search on YouTube for lady frijoles

  15. MSNBC when will you realize that you are a joke? You've been saying that these were peaceful people. They aren't. You also need to figure out the difference between rioting and protesting. Stop lying. Your network is trash.

  16. We are proud to have President Trump is our president. God bless him for protecting America from the invasion of illegal migrant caraven, so called "The no-boarder people" looking for asylum in Amercia , "Free land, free money, free, free…"

  17. Such lies from MSNBC, there was NO "relatively peaceful" march! There was a PLANNED storming of the border! MEDIA LIES!! We see what the migrants are doing. The media is BLIND and BIASED, I recommend watching Mexican TV and you tube videos to see the migrants yelling "mujeres y niños al frente" and "todos adelante" meaning push the kids and women to the front and everyone forward together. It's a planned mass effort to jump the fence!

  18. Democrat government in Mexico is in a Big problem if he doesn't look for a solution! But Do it Fast, need a solution.

  19. Perhaps, the US,any Corp With wealth,China,Nigeria Russia negotiate with Guatemala, Honduras to start industries, in these countries to grow their economies!!! so the people there will have employment,healthcare.Then they can remain in their countries & STOP INVADING the US!!

  20. Wow. That does not look like people seeking asylum at all. If you are a peaceful caravan seeking asylum than do it properly. This reminds me of people on Back Friday weeks ago. Lol

  21. I am not a supporter of trump for many reasons BUT this I have to admittedly say this is wrong! We have so many issues here already why NOT focus on our issues within our country first before allowing immigrants who aren’t coming in on good merit in? I don’t get it?

  22. Why is MSNBS's ratings tanking like CNN's? Videos with rhetoric like this LYING to the public about what is and isnt "peaceful". If these migrants were doing this on their property at THEIR homes, who would they call? Thats right, the ppl with the guns. You're welcome for the enlightenment.

  23. Yes, it is up to Mexico who let them in the first place. All of those who got arrested are criminal trying to break The law. There is nothing peaceful about this, young lier?

  24. It for the country safety and for the citizens’ safety Trump is fighting for, And yet the Democrats don’t want to help. What kind of patriots are they ?

  25. Poverty is not a legitimate asylum claim. U.N. needs to declare Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala failed states; and take over.

  26. If more migrants are amassing to head north….why not stop them at the very first boarder crossing, instead of permitting them to cross and then complained when they arrive!!!??

  27. So..Mexico is joining in unresonal demands just like the invaders. Before Mexico can demand aid from the US..they should have stopped the migrants from the very start instead of giving then free food ,water, cloths, transportation, and encouragement. If they refuse to help build a wall for the benefit of the US & Mexcico, the build their own wall down south. Could've started hiring people desperate for jobs at the first mention of walls…..'sorry US, can'r help you with a wall, too busy building our own', sounds more reasonable than a flat refusal and now crying just like the migrants.

  28. The second they get in, they will be allowed to stay here while being processed . with a free apartment, food, money, healthcare, ect. They just said that we must support them in their own countries, or we will be supporting them here.
    We all know that they would stop coming here if they knew that they could not get in.
    So many billions spent on this problem each year. But they wont cough up a few billion to end it with a wall. If trump could declare this as a National emergency it would make it easier to resolve. TRUMP 2020.

  29. 5,000 people tried to FORCE themselves over the border! We do not want these kinds of people! And they need to go home! They are NOT Welcome! How is this NOT an invasion attempt? Get Serious? !🔨The Mexican govmnt. Shouldn't have allowed them in their southern border! They throw Rocks! At the border police.. They are not eligible to file for asylum. We can't just import the Whole central countries!

  30. The media is owned / run by the zionist jews. that are flooding the EU with migrants. The long term plan to destroy our singular society in order to facilitate the formation of the North American Union. They are literally saying we should pay for their failures at home, or we will pay for theme here in America. Thank you Mr. Trump America needs you.


  32. Them idiot's are trying to enter into our country, saying they was miss treated in their own country, do you see what I see??
    If their country was so bad then why are they waving their countries flag??
    Is that stupid or what??

  33. Oh yeah, peaceful migrants 🤣😂🤣
    We don't want their kind in our country.
    That is not peaceful immigrants coming.
    In fact some ISIS fighters have been apprehended along with some M.S.13 gang members and some other terrorist groups,
    Wake up America

  34. I would like a Moat full of hungry swamp gators at the boarder LMFAO imagine that OMG Did he just say that !

  35. If someone breaks into your home thru the window ,will you welcome them? Common sense isn't so common Trump2020.

  36. Make no mistake America you are at war. Defend your country. Hey nbc please correct your terminology . These are not migrants. These are illegal Invaders.

  37. Where is the Mexican police and the Mexican military And where is the Mexican President I think they all have something to do with it

  38. lawless illegal immigrates..not immigrates..they don't respect our laws, or any laws..they are lucky this America, or they would have been shot and killed.

  39. The Border Patrol needs to start using live ammo and starting shooting and KILLING all these invading, nasty, diseased, stinking, leeching tortilla/taco head BUMS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫🇺🇸😠🔫

  40. Protest the slow process? There are thousands in line ahead of you cheaters who are doing it the right way !! Go protest your own government!

  41. The United States of America is no longer the global welfare office we're closed 🤬🖕🇺🇸💪💯👷🍻👏👏

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