Victor recalls his family’s tragedy | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

Victor recalls his family’s tragedy | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

We are sorry for your loss. The regional commander
sends his condolences. And, Victor… The general’s office
has released an order. They reshuffled the leadership. What does that mean? There’s a standing order
to replace you as commanding officer of the team assigned
to get Yosef Alhuraji. What? Have I lost the division
commander’s trust? Doesn’t he trust my judgement? No, Victor. With what happened
to your family, the headquarters cannot
compromise the operations. This is too personal– That’s exactly why
I want to lead the operation! Because this is personal! I didn’t just lose my troops. I lost my wife and daughter. I’m sorry, Victor. But the general
wants you to rest. You need this. Once you’re in good shape,
you’re welcome to come back. Who’s going to replace me? I promise you,
Julie and Sam… Your death won’t be in vain. When have I ever missed
our anniversary? [GUNSHOTS]
Get down! [GUNSHOTS]
[SCREAMS] Julie! Sam! Sam! Victor. Dante. Have a seat. The colonel informed me
about the change of leadership. – Actually, I wanted to talk–
– It’s fine. I trust your leadership. We’ve been friends
for many years. Just promise me… …you’ll kill them all. Kill every last person
in Yosef Alhuraji’s group. Promise me… …you’ll avenge my family. Good thing you still managed
to change Alex’s assignment. That’s the problem. Mondejar wanted to recall Alex
right after he was deployed. I guess he still hasn’t
accepted HQ’s decision to postpone the establishment
of a cybersecurity team. Hold on. Is that what Alex was supposed
to head before the ambush? Exactly. I thought that proposal
was rejected. That’s also what I thought. We need to find Saal
as soon as possible, before Alex and the general
gets the chance to talk and before he uncovers anything. My troops in the 4th ID
are on standby. They can’t find out that
this is a covert operation. Does your team have any leads
on their location? My troops have new information. We’re just waiting
for you go signal.

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  1. SURVEY LANG PO, no bashing po kasi pareho ko silang pinapanood at parehong maganda 1. A soldier's heart at 2. Descendant of the inyo po
    sino ang mas maganda?..pili lang po ng isa.. KASI sa mga video ko po MALALAMAN NYO NA KUNG SINO PINILI KO….Mag post din ako ng question sa kabilang teleserye same question pili nalang po ng NUmber 1 or 2..-CHECK NATIN KUNG PAREHONG PIPILIIN..THANKS!!!

  2. Hoy hindi ikaw c victor ikaw c eugene wag kang ambisyoso 🤣buhay kaya si joan jc at aros🤣at isa pa pulis ka hindi ka army hajajajajajaja🤣🤣

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