9 Replies to “Valve Regurgitation: When a Heart Valve Leaks”

  1. Im always told that my heart is normal, but the thing is, whenever i get episodes of not breathing well, too much pressure, fatigued, etc. It does show up on the monitor whenever i feel something but afterwards, its all negative (normal). I was told, well my parents were told that i inherited a heart murmur and had a "leaking valve". Its not lethal at all, but i cant be treated due to my heart developing (the tissues can be damaged easily) and how surgeries are very risky and expensive so no. Im just told i cant do anything except grow out of it and as i grow, my episodes occur more and more rare. But another thing is, becoming stress and have my anxiety triggered makes it more frequent and painful so yeah…not a good experience.

    But hey, at least i dont have a hole in my heart just like my dad side of the family has

  2. Nice but in the drawing itโ€™s showing that the right ventricle is bigger than the left ventricle. I think this is a big mistake.

  3. iโ€™m 13 and heart diseases run in the family. i have been incredibly tired no matter on how much sleep i get. and doing simple things like getting up or going up some stairs makes me lose breath and my heart pumps rapidly. (no i am not overweight and/or have high blood pressure) i donโ€™t want to be jumping to conclusions, i would really like to go to a doctor…. but my whole family says it nothing. advise?

  4. I have this mildly and have to have another ECG done in 3 years time I have no symptoms just by chance I had a scan as my brother had a heart problem so all the family had to be checked out

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