USANA CellSentials™: Premium Minerals and Antioxidants | USANA Video

USANA CellSentials™: Premium Minerals and Antioxidants | USANA Video

– Your body knows how to create
vibrant health. Your built-in
cellular intelligence can unleash
the best version of you, and intelligent cells need
intelligent nutrition. CellSentials from USANA delivers
optimal nutrition for your cells combined with the revolutionary
science of InCelligence for the ultimate in advanced
comprehensive supplementation. USANA’s patent-pending
InCelligence speaks your body’s own
biomolecular language, with nutrient complexes that tap into the communication
codes inside your cells. This groundbreaking
cell-signaling technology optimizes the powerful processes
already encoded within you. Only CellSentials
with InCelligence offers the triple-action support that provides
optimal nourishment, enhanced
antioxidant protection, and innovated cellular renewal. [piano music] CellSentials starts
by nourishing your cells. Most people simply
don’t get enough essential nutrition
in their diets. Optimal nutrition means
a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,
and special phytonutrients. Thanks to USANA’s in-house,
state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development,
CellSentials delivers pure, effective ingredients
and formulations. With its groundbreaking
cell-signaling technology, the InCelligence Complex
in CellSentials optimizes antioxidant production
inside your cells. Antioxidants
are your first line of defense against free radical attacks,
which happen all day, every day, as your body produces
and uses energy, and as you deal with stress and the toxic environment
around you. Antioxidants
created by your body are hundreds of times
more powerful than the ones you get
from your diet. CellSentials
optimizes your body’s natural power to protect itself. The powerful, proven nutrients
in the InCelligence Complex also communicate with your cells to enhance their natural
renewal response. The mitochondria are your body’s
energy factories, but when they get old,
they produce less energy and more waste
in the form of free radicals. CellSentials signals
the purification process that recycles old mitochondria, resulting in clean,
efficient energy production to power your life. With CellSentials,
USANA is the only company to deliver comprehensive,
triple-action support all in one nutritional system. You simply can’t find
USANA quality on the shelf at the store. With USANA,
what’s on the label is 100% guaranteed
to be in the bottle. It’s no wonder that over 1,000 of the world’s
most elite athletes trust USANA to help power
their performance. CellSentials is also available in USANA’s HealthPak
and MyHealthPak, which offer an expanded
and more personalized nutritional regimen in
convenient a.m. and p.m. packs. So join the millions of people
around the world, including over 1,000
elite athletes, who have trusted their health to the worldwide leader
in personalized nutrition. USANA. Your health. Your life. Your way.

54 Replies to “USANA CellSentials™: Premium Minerals and Antioxidants | USANA Video”

    This is what I love about USANA. It's not just a money-making scheme like other companies. USANA is a SCIENCE-based company founded by a scientist, Dr. Myron Wentz.
    True to its mission of promoting TRUE HEALTH, USANA has again made another breakthrough in science through it's Cell-Signaling Technology, (where your cells signal within themselves for your body to know what or where's the part that needs to be nourished, protected and renewed!) and Cell Mitophagy which is a natural process of renewal of damaged mitochondria!
    Now, the flagship product CellSentials has the capability to NOURISH, PROTECT an RENEW our cells!
    More Lives will be Changed! Thanks USANA! Thank you Dr. Myron Wentz.

  2. Fantastic, Dr. Wentz and USANA.. I am so grateful for 20 years of excellent health and I can;t wait for USANA products and the next 20. I am living my 76th year fully, happily, singing, sharing health from my Nursing background. Thank all of you.

  3. how to take usana essentials? Why is there's no information on when or how to take it. I've just heard that it is good but it comes in two bottles. Should I take it together at a time? what's the ideal time?

  4. Sorry I just learned about this… I want to know where is Usana Supplements available… I live here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please respond to my question.

  5. I've been taking this product for almost 3 years, my migraine and varicocele gone and I got an extra boost of energy especially in my job and when working out. This April 2017 I signed up for membership so that I can also share the benefits of these products to other people. Thnks usana.

    USANA Sanatate,frumusete Si Performanta De 5 Stele

  7. maganda dn ung usanimals vitamins for children 2 -12 years old, lalo na kng my hika ung anak mo maganda painomin xa ng usanimals,

  8. this is a great product… my team is using this…

  9. 🤣 bullshit. Be careful with that products, it will make imbalance hormone system. Human has a different way of metabolism, and food that you eat provides minerals n vitamin, too much isn’t good at all. Read the nutrition components. Iodine 25% per pill, if you take 4 pills per day is 100%, what about in nutri meal? 3x a day? So 175% per day. What about the food that you eat? You gonna fuck your thyroid hormone. I learned from my mistakes. I banned Usana products. Done!!!

  10. I'm a Usana Distributor. Let me know if you are interested to join Usana. The one speaking in this video is my Mentor. She will also be your mentor if you join our team. Send me an sms here 09476939054


  11. It will give you really energy…after taking it very good product. I'm really satisfied with USANA CELLSENTIALS

  12. I want to see a video of USANA showing the effects of their products to its users and a real-life story of how USANA change a day to day living of the person. Overall, great presentation, great product! 5 star for you Dr. Wentz

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  14. I am interested join this business. I am in Indian . It's my number 943754361. Give me your mobile number. Aur mail id

  15. wonderful..USana product is the best..words cannot express how usana made me complete,energetic and healthy..tireness has no place on my daily household work.made my skin fiem and younger looking..made my mother walk again and can move and stood alone..iloveyou usana…soo much..

  16. I have question can I take usanna? i have lots of allergies to some drugs for pain reliever that why im doub to take some drugs not neing prescribed by doctors thank you

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