67 Replies to “US-China trade tensions escalate before Buenos Aires meeting”

  1. Emboldened by the Globalist Billionaires and they paid Lackeys ,the Progs/RINOS have told the Chinese to wait Trump out and they will protect them …Traitors to their Core…If these alleged Americans would support our President this would have been over ,long ago… ..Build the Gallows and Hang a few of them and let them know were serious…Start with Dimon or Steyer…

  2. Can't wait for America's economy to collapse. That would be the day the world will know peace. No more wars, no more military bases around the world staging coups and destroying countries. Ahh, it would be a wonderful day.

  3. Donald Trump has absolutely no idea WTF he is doing on trade or anything else. This will continue to get worse and the economy will tank very soon.

  4. The US has plenty of Natural Resources and plenty of skilled personnel that are ever so glad to work and be paid good for it and we can easily deal with China or any other Country. Actually we have enough Natural Resources (right here in the US) and faculties to be Economically Sovereign, Independent and Self-Sufficient and I hope we use it ever so well and wisely for the benefit of our own people. And now that the subversive EPA reduction tool is at bay we can once again prosper. Maybe our children will now be able to pay off their college debts and the millennial's will finally be able to pay their own way and own their own home and fulfill the American dream! Too much of the world has been our welfare recipients and we the American people have flipped the bill for it in over taxation.

  5. Don't buy China's junk! They don't make anything that can't be made elsewhere. Plenty of countries with cheap labor that would love to have our business. Start moving companies out and they'll straighten up or we take our business somewhere else.

  6. In critical times, belt tighting is needed. In a democracy its expected that citizens do their own belt tightening out of patriotism as anyone who lived through WW 2 knows, In China or other dictatorships the government tightens the belts of the citizens who have nothing to say.
    If we really care about our and our childrens future you back your President and do what is right for the country. We are in a struggle for survival and VOLUNTARY sacrifice is required.
    Lose the struggle and lose that opt,ion.

  7. Nike's, iphone, Amazon items Ebay items, Walmart items ect ect are still made in china. Who is winning, its pretty clear. Americans are pretty tough only on tv or twitter😅

  8. I'd rather just see an all out trade embargo against China. They've already proven they have no compunctions with lying, cheating and stealing, and that they can't be trusted. They view the US as their enemy, and are waging deliberate economic warfare today, and after the metaphorical tomorrow comes, when they have drained and taken all they can from the US, it's likely to be conventional warfare they wage, as they attempt to fulfill their dreams of world domination, funded in full by their ill gotten gains. It seems completely suicidal to willfully fund those ambitions. Normally, the US does not trade with hostile communist nations, and there is no reason there should have ever been an exception made here either. It was pushed through by the crooked Clintons, who received large bribes from China to do so, and there is no reason it should be continued. Everything the US purchases from China, can be made or purchased from elsewhere in the world, just as it was prior to 2001.

  9. This entire debate was contradictory. The hostess was literally trying to spout out Trumpist rhetoric, while the expert, the interviewee was clearly against Trumpism. Not only that, he did not even bite at her ridiculous remarks about Chinese infrastructure growth. Americans need the facts and not patriotic bullshit to feel better about ourselves.

  10. There is no unfair trade between China and US. Everyone knows US factories/businesses are everywhere in China. They haveprofited considerably so far.The only big question: did they contribute enough taxes to Uncle Sam !

  11. With cowboy mentality, US will not back down unless they also lose militarily.
    With a bull head, China will not back down unless they sldo lose their bull head.

  12. Not sure how these anchors think China is on the defensive. Do they understand that president Xi doesn't have term limits? They have enough reserves to wait Trump' entire term out while it hurts Trump in the process. Former presidents knew this.

  13. In the 21st century and beyond, the irony is when we look back 25 years from today (in 2043), the reality becomes quiet stark in Indo-Pacific, the region that is totally identified with China. This is why President Xi never bothered to mention the U.S. by name at this APEC Summit because American presence is not welcomed by most of the 20 member countries there. Even former American colony Philippines, tiny kingdom Brunei, and APEC host Papua New Guinea signed up more deals with China, isolating the lone wolf U.S.A. In Asia, the communities of nations are united for progress, advancement, and a better future together pulling along Central Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The combined GDP of RCEP in this Indo-Pacific region could exceed US$115 trillion just 25 years from today! By comparison, the U.S. economy is small at roughly US$30 trillion. At the East Asian Summit last week, Singapore PM hinted that Asian countries would rather overwhelmingly side with China, if given a choice. Why? America is fast becoming a Banana Republic! President Trump can be easily bought by human body-parts butcher Saudi "clown prince" for a couple million dollars in exchange for some future unfulfilled defense contracts! Look, who is he is siding with? He sides with the Saudi butcher prince, rather than his own
    CIA and State Department or his Republican Senators. By any chance, is he a Saudi Arabian president? This can only happen in a Banana Republic that is the U.S.A. today!

  14. C'MON ppl's, u all hav got 2 give PRESIDENT XI/CHINA credit n support, 4 their ADMIRABLE n PEACEFUL stance against a corrupt warmongering system. 👊

  15. I see majority over 80 percent commenters here is giving super bad comments on China .

    I think Chinese people's in China really dump , still buying US luxury brands like no tomorrow , consuming Australia made milk powder and supplements like no end of the world .

    The outside world is speaking and talking bad to whole Chinese . Why the Chinese still supporting so much of US brands and Australia products? They should unite to stop buying any products from these two countries . They always have choices . Don't let them earning tons of money from you and yet they continue to comment bad on you .

    Starbucks alone in Shanghai one mega city , you can find more than 600 outlets , everyone wearing new balance , Nike , ……….eating MacDonald ……

  16. ridiculous ,how come a declining power dictate to a rising power what she can do and what she cannot do ,hilarious so funny !

  17. Unfair trade ? Did you find New York City has China franchise fast food restaurant or selling coffee ?More than 600 outlets? In one City?
    I think Shanghai you might see Starbucks at everywhere and more than 600 outlets

  18. President Xi will not meet Trumpig. Bow to our President Xi with bended knees with your Made In China kneepads.🤣🤣🤣

  19. Trump thinks the world is so simple. He thinks he's that new kid in the block who would just bully all other kids he found there. The world is more complicated and complex, you need to follow the minds and views of the experts..

  20. pence should have know or tried his luck. opening his mouth caused the Chinese to lose face and that is one thing you don't do if your trying to get something from them. so be it. more pain. trumps obamacare.

  21. just impose the tariffs, mr. trump since u believe trade is easy to win……. don't waste everyone's time and stop all those dramas…… we're sick of u

  22. President Nixon created modern China. One of American Arrogances and Delusions, Yes We can…can you…? USA will become a carribean Island…

  23. do you think china would give up her economy politically to sit down, sign and be controlled by trump gangs ???.
    do you think US market (400million people) is just the only one market in the world (6,5billion people) ??.
    china knows if US dictate trade deal to china, made in USA will rise up dominance globally, and made in china price will be soar hike up.
    because trump also wants yuan more 3x stronger, at least = US dollar. so
    china debt level would be the biggest one in the world, than japan/brits/US debt.
    also china would be big deficit to US and US would be big surplus to china instantly.
    and big bonus for US:
    hkg, taiwan, macau, tibet, xinjiang, guangdong, shanghai, etc would be each independence and embrace US freedom democrazy.
    thats a brand new way advance CIA skills of imperialist colonization puppet style model.

  24. Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics, wrote a guest comment in a number of media outlets in August this year, arguing that in the long run, the ultimate loser of the trade war will be the United States. He believes that the US government's fiscal reserves are too small, and once the renminbi depreciates, the effect of the US tariff increase will be partially offset, and China's competitiveness against other countries will rise. At the same time, the United States launches a trade war against China. It just provides an external impetus for China's transition from an export-oriented to a domestic demand-driven economy. In view of the fact that the Chinese government has a stronger ability to control the economy, "so the US is doing what it wants to help China do it." Things to do."

    Stiglitz said that if Trump's goal is to obstruct China's realization of its "Made in China 2025" plan, then he can only achieve the opposite effect. "Because Trump's actions can only make Chinese leaders clearly aware that the United States is unreliable and China must develop its own technology."

  25. USA and China are already in Cold war.A statist country calls for ending of protectionism???Is this a joke?China wants intelectual properties from everyone all over the World

  26. Sick and tired of this stupid administration to "protect" us. It is just hurting everyone including us. It has to be a better way.

  27. who know that highly planned economy along with a not for profit approach to social and infrastructure development would benefit the overall health of a country.

  28. I've heard that the new manufacturing labor is Africa. Encourage US companies to do manufacturing in Africa. China reign is over. Let China go into a 3rd world country. The party over!

  29. Listen to the condescending tone of the dumb host, I highly doubt the Chinese will make make any deal with Mr. Donnie until he changed his stupid way of act.

  30. Communist China? do you guys still live in the 60s, 70s, stupid and dumb. There is no communist, only nationalist, and unfortunately, that's in the States.

  31. America is fast becoming a Banana Republic! President Trump can be easily bought by human body-parts butcher Saudi "clown prince" for a couple million dollars in exchange for some future unfulfilled defense contracts! Look, who is he is siding with? He sides with the Saudi butcher prince, rather than his own CIA and State Department or his Republican Senators. Is Trump a Saudi Arabian president? Why would a president of a self-claimed superpower siding with a murderer butcher "clown prince"? Is he making America or Saudi Arabia GREAT again?? This can only happen in a Banana Republic, where corrupt leaders abuse their positions to indulge in corruption and putting self-interests ahead of national interests! U.S.A. = BANANA REPUBLIC!

  32. US has been 'freely' sailing for the last hundred years. China is the first wall that US gonna hit. Just face it. China will not back down and US will not get pass. So, just get rid of the hypocrite technic by accusing China for 'wrong doings'. The Chinese just played exactly the same move as US did previously and played well. In fact Chinese are out smart than the US. That's why US is feeling the pain and trying whatever they can to stop it.

  33. Bullshit Foxs….She Is Saying I’m An Adit… Don’t Take Away My Poison It Will Kill Me Now…Just Let It Be…Let It Kill Me Slowly….Damn Fool. That’s Socialism Policy…Feed Me Now…Think About It Later When Others’ People Money Runs Out…That’s Stupid Not Cut Off The Criminals Communist China Now

  34. Zionists whores israelis terrorist organisation America, selling 100 billion weapons to Saudi to armed terrorist attacks Yemen ! What a shame lol

  35. President Xi is the most powerful man in the world in second place Putin and in third place Trump that is how well things are going for America. Only a couple of years ago Obama was the most powerful man in the world but Trump has fucked up by removing America from its world leadership roles which means you no longer get to be the number one man!

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