Understanding Blood Pressure

Understanding Blood Pressure

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  1. I learned from Dr. Robert Morse that the systolic pressure relates to the adrenal glands, and anything below 120 is showing mild to severe adrenal fatigue depending on how low the number gets.  Hyper adrenals if it goes much above 120.  And the diastolic pressure relates to the kidneys and should be between 60-70. 

    Does that make sense to you?  Do you think he could be right? 

  2. I eat raw fruit and vegetables only and I have a blood pressure of 86/59, pulse 43 (these are this morning data). I don't know if it's normal but sometimes I feel tired and I can't concentrate, especially during summer. Could I fast with a pressure like this?

  3. you mentioned the top number should ideally be 90-110. I didn't hear you mention what the bottom number should be. Here are my readings…what do you think?
    Left arm = 98/59 Heart rate 79
    Right arm = 102/61 Heart rate 80
    Thanks for your help!

  4. For a layman yourself, you made by understanding much clearer. My eyes opened when you spoke about being cold n taking certain food that the body sees as toxins….that was like an epiphany for me. Thank you. Clearness now where once there had been fog.

  5. Hi Loren, I've really been liking your videos since I've been becoming more interested in health recently. My dad has low blood pressure and high cholesterol. I doubt he'd be willing to fast, but he is willing to change his diet. He tends to eat a lot of bread, oil, animal products, some fast food, and drinks a few cans of beer every night. Salt consumption is obviously higher than optimal due to his diet. I suspect he is dehydrated and possibly also has atherosclerosis and adrenal fatigue. He has already agreed to eat more fruit and I will also try to get him to eat more tender leafy greens and cut down on the alcohol. Is there anything else you can suggest to raise hydration without fasting first? Thanks.

  6. +LorenLockman could you please share your thoughts on blood giving. Is it healthy or we should avoid it and in which cases. There is a blood giving campaign in my town and I am confused, because me relatives say I shouldn't do it(it is not good for the body), but I really want to help somebody who might need. Can you share your opinion on that

  7. Hey Loren why can't you use a chalk board to show us what you mean, videos are so boring unless they have some content other than just yourself in them, not complaining just sayin'

  8. Followed most of the suggestions in this blood pressure solution “yumkum shocking guide” (G00GLE it) for 4 weeks and a half. I`m obese, diabetic with Stage II Diabetes, and also have hypertension. It was necessary to pass the exam for D.O.T. Physical. I lost Thirteen lbs, my BP went from average of 155 to 136. My daily blood sugars went from 160`s to 125 – 130.

  9. Still another LL video with noise. I love the information – wisdom actually – but this one sounds like someone is tap-dancing.

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