U.S.-Iran Tensions Raise Concerns Over Possible Cyberattacks | NBC News NOW

U.S.-Iran Tensions Raise Concerns Over Possible Cyberattacks | NBC News NOW

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  1. Awkward setup for an interviewer hunched infront of a laptop like a college student. NBC cant afford a desktop computer and an actual desk?

  2. Iran didn't want war…
    Trump and Israel are provoking war with Iran…
    Iran will probably repeat what Trump is doing if they strike back at all….
    They may cyberattack to disarm mistles….
    Iran doesn't want war so they're not going to be so easily provoked.

  3. How about US gov't giving Trump to the Iranians so they can do whatever they want to him and they can call it even😜hahahaha

  4. we are dumb as a nation… are we that dumb? i am suprised Russia keep us alive this long… we are fcuked as a nation…

  5. "Iran is an overtly aggressive regime". Sure. You can tell by their global assassination campaign, drone striking foreign military and diplomatic service men and women.

  6. The Biggest Threat to America and its Citizens are the Stalinist Democrats and the Fake News Medias.. How many Americans has Mexico/Drug Cartels Killed? How many Americans have been Killed by Sanctuary Cities and Stalinist Democrats who Protect Illegal Alien Criminals over Americans? These Stalinist Democrats Hate Americans and This Country so much that they now Defend Terrorists. Think About That. Do You want these Lunatics Running this Country? 
    Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people
    guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction

  7. Assassination of an Iranian top general. Murder it seems is just like a game for US. Killing a fellow human being it seems is just like an everyday life happening for US. No remorse, no regret, no guilt, unfeeling. Even animals have feelings. Sad very very sad. If this is the world we are to live in, might just as well detonate & end this sad world!

  8. Yeah, with a bit of assistance from China and Russia, Iran might pull something that'll have to be dealt with…

  9. Sweet 🙂

    I hope both nations destroy each other. So the underdogs can inharit the earth. 🤷‍♂️🤔

  10. Cyberwar is the least of the problem.
    The hot war has already started.
    Just wait until the funeral is over and that's when the fun begins !

  11. And they trying to get People to buy Electric ⚡️ Cars and Self Driving Vehicle’s, no thank’s only thing other Countries has to do is target the Grids, and good bye 👋 Power.

  12. Lol, they cant even protect themselves from russians or does even bother to put measures in place. How will they even think they can avoid being hacked by other countries? Not as if everyone is open about their identity.. ooooooh.. no one is.

  13. I don't think Iranians are capable of wagering a cyberattack against the US. Trump said we're a safer nation after his drone attack.

  14. There is no need to worry? Rudy Giuliani is in charge of cyber security! For real. There is no need to worry about a Cyber attack? Again Rudy Giuliani is in charge of cybersecurity. Under the Trump regime that's what's going on. The guy who butt dials. Yeah he's in charge of cybersecurity for real! Yeah Rudy Giuliani again is in charge of cybersecurity. Under Trump he is the man that's going to protect us? For real. Do you feel better now?

  15. I think a better question is “What is the likelihood that an all out cyberattack has been going on for many years…” (and it’s breadth, depth and cost has not been fully disclosed to the American public for various reasons )

  16. You do realize they cant get access to most of those sites you said lol. I know for a FACT 110% FACT for half of those you need on site access.. and all facilities have anti VPN and NVPOs… and outside country ip or transmission data since we use GB vs their GnB
    .. fake news right here.. no surprise from NBC

  17. Come on now, all the news channels are saying the shot down the missle now cyber attacks,
    You guys are trying to hard, operation mocking bird

  18. It's no longer necessary to put a bullet in your enemy to defeat him. It's cheaper, faster and easier to deny involvement in hitting the return key and shutting down a banking and power grid system. They and multiple others are capable of doing this and when it happens you'll suffer in ways you can't imagine.

  19. Boy oh boy, all the what ifs! What if the Earth stops spinning, what if there were no NBC. etc. If we worry about every what-if scenario, we'd all be nuts…maybe we already do and are! It's plain and simple- if any country commits cyber attacks against the America, do a BACK- AT- YOU!!!

  20. If Iran’s Cyber capability’s are as bad as the military capabilities we really have nothing to worry about. Accidentally shooting down a passenger jet really shows your incompetence.

  21. Iran, people should be worried over a country that will build Nuclear weapons that shoots down civilian Aircraft with war weapons.

  22. We need forced diversity of all fed and security staff. Most of these establishments have white supremacy/white knight templar dirtbags.

  23. This is the Fault of the Obama administration and John Kerry for Violating the LOGAN ACT going behind Trump's back to Iran AND Obama INVITING his Iran Terrorist into the WHITEHOUSE and they actually came to the Whitehouse with pictures of them and Obama. SICK

  24. They could get even with the US compassionately by hacking trump's tax returns and his secret server. No lives lost but no doubt serious revenge against their aggressor.

  25. this is the most uninformed reporting I've ever seen. The actual administration has backed down to the Trump administration. They recognized he's got a spine unlike the last US administration. NBC, do some research. Do some old school research and reporting. Not just a gal surfing the internet. Wow, you guys are really bad.

  26. hurry up weak ones and wipe out IRAN for the safety of good people that don't randomly attack others and then put US at blame : The ultimate Backward thinking country.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  27. Why did you guys film this like this? Why are we watching a girl who never looks up from her computer talk to someone on a computer? Why not give us some face to face?

  28. I wonder if a cyberattack would be something like when China broke into Hillary Clinton's private email servers in her bathroom and stole all the classified emails that were on her server? Would that be considered a Cyber attack?

  29. so you're saying this,when we just learned that Iran did their mistake on a commercial plane,due to backdated radar technology. yet they have all this other really advanced equipment.sounds like scare tactics of yours,to raise your sales and work up a frenzy. how no conscience and unamerican!!!!! Russia and China is who we should watch out for! SMH

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