Type 2 Diabetes: You CAN Reverse It!

Type 2 Diabetes: You CAN Reverse It!

hello friends and patients dr. Barry back again to talk to you about a very important subject type-2 diabetes now there’s some disagreement in the medical community about whether type-2 diabetes is a disease of diet or a disease of genetics or a disease of lifestyle and also is it curable or is it not curable and so I want to talk about this for a few minutes today and give you some insight into the things I’ve discovered over the last decade when I’ve been doing this on a daily basis type 2 diabetes is a devastating condition people who suffer from it you may have a family member who’s lost a leg who’s on dialysis who is blind who’s who has lost toes I mean it can really destroy your life it is a huge risk factor for heart attack and stroke and dementia it’s something that you never want to come close to having yet as America and as the Western world gets more and more overweight type 2 diabetes becomes very very common in the past when I was first training in medical school it was almost unheard of for a child to have type 2 diabetes it was it was called adult onset diabetes back then because no children had it now it’s very common much more common than it should be for a child to have type 2 diabetes and that the medical community should be ashamed of itself that there is a such thing as juvenile type 2 diabetes that shouldn’t exist so let’s talk about this and let’s talk about whether we can cure this or not we can definitely make it better but I think we can cure it so first of all let’s talk about the difference between type 2 and type 1 diabetes very quickly your pancreas makes insulin and if your pancreas stops making insulin for any of a variety of reasons then you have type 1 diabetes you have to have insulin or you’ll die so type 1 diabetics are a completely different topic it really type 2 diabetes probably shouldn’t even be called diabetes it should be called something else because insulin is not the solution for to diabetes as it is for type 1 diabetes type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in someone who previously had normal blood sugars and normal insulin levels and normal hemoglobin a1c levels and who now have elevated levels this is a terrible thing if your doctor said oh your hemoglobin a1c is elevated a little bit I want you to do this and this and then we’ll check it again in six months I don’t want you to think oh well my even sees a loyal but it’s no big deal I want you to be mortified I want you to be terrified that your hemoglobin a1c is elevated that should never happen if that happens then there’s you you’re on the verge of having terrible terrible medical consequences so what’s the diagnose the definition of type 2 about diabetes so what we go by these days is called a hemoglobin a1c and that gives me a three-month average of what your blood Sugar’s been doing on a daily basis it’s not exact but it’s good enough that we can diagnose you based on that if your hemoglobin a1c is below a 5.6 or below then that’s that’s fine I actually want to be much lower than 5.6 but if it’s five point six or lower that’s okay for now if it’s five point seven to six point four then you’re what we call a pre-diabetic borderline diabetic insulin resistant in the past we kind of acted like well that’s not terrible you know it could be worse but I want you to understand today that if your hemoglobin a1c is five point seven or above you are at huge risk of heart attack stroke dementia losing limbs blindness dialysis terrible terrible things I want you to take that number very very seriously and if your doctor if you have high blood pressure or if you have any other risk factors for heart disease or stroke and your doctor doesn’t tell you what your hemoglobin a1c level is I want you to ask him because if he didn’t check it that’s a problem you guys probably need to have a talk and you either need to train your doctor or you need to find a new doctor but if he says oh it was 5.8 and that’s not too bad we’ll just keep an eye on it no no no I want you to get on the internet start googling start asking other people other doctors my 1c is five point nine or six point two and my doctor said that’s not a big deal is that a big deal or not it is okay that puts you at huge risk for all these medical things that you don’t want trust me so if your hemoglobin a1c is six point five or higher than you are a type-2 diabetic maybe now how does your doctor know that you’re not suddenly a type one diabetic well there’s a couple of labs he can check you can either check your C peptidyl level or you can just check an insulin level and based on those labs he can tell you if you still make insulin or not because if you still make insulin you’re not a type one diabetic you don’t need insulin ever and we’ll get to that but if you’re a type two diabetic insulin is never the answer for you okay we’ll get to what the answer is but that’s not it so if your doctor says oh you’re a type 2 diabetic I’m going to start you on the insulin you need to you need to worry about that and talk about that and say wait a minute don’t I still make insulin and if he says wool I don’t know if you do or not that he needs to check your say peptide or your insulin level and know for a fact because there are adults who become type 1 diabetics their pancreas just stops making insulin and if that’s you you need to know that because no pill in the world will fix your diabetes even your diet you won’t fix it if you stopped making insulin so you got you have to know the answer to that so if your doctor doesn’t know whether you’re making insulin or not that’s a problem you need the answer to that question so let’s say he did check a seed peptide or an insulin level and you’re still making insulin you’ve just become resistant to it what are you gonna do well there’s all these pills for type 2 diabetes and he’ll probably start you on warning for a while that’s fine but I want you to consider that pill a band-aid until you can fix the underlying problem yourself because type 2 diabetes is a is a disease of diet okay slender people who eat paleo diets in other countries never have type 2 diabetes it’s exclusively and we call it a lifestyle disease but that’s really not even true because you can exercise you can live on the treadmill and if you don’t change your diet you’ll never cure your type-2 diabetes so that’s the first thing I want you to understand is the the solution is your diet you have to fix your diets okay now let’s talk about that is it is it fat that’s making you type 2 diabetic is it protein what is it 90 percent of the time it’s starches and sugars ok so if you’re a diabetic it’s not cute that you drink two or three cokes a day or sodas a day in the South I told you we call them cokes but soft drinks that’s not funny that’s not a joke you’re doing permanent damage that can never be taken back if you’re drinking teas with that sweet and if your drink putting sugar in your coffee if you’re drinking fruit juices I don’t care if the organic fruit juice I don’t care if there are no sugar added fruit juice you are making your diabetes worse you’re literally giving yourself diabetes by drinking those things stop that immediately someone with the hemoglobin a1c a 5.7 or higher doesn’t ever need to drink a calorie ever if it’s an occasional treat that’s fine but as far as a daily basis you don’t need to drink any calories if you’re drinking calories you’re making your diabetes worse okay you there there are essential amino acids you have to have them those are protein building blocks or you’ll die you have to have them there are essential fats fatty acids you have to have them or you will die there is no such thing as an essential sugar there is no such thing as an essential carb there is no such thing as an essential starch you don’t ever need them in your diet ever now the big corporations can make all kinds of things out of grains and grasses and starches and sugars so they will pay every big Association every medical association to say oh gosh you need your whole week you need your grains you need your your all this stuff no you need any of that okay your body will actually get better and get more healthy and flourish by not eating those things okay so you have to understand type-2 diabetes is a disease of your diet which means your diet caused it that’s the bad news the good news is that you can use your diet to cure it yes security that’s right I firmly believe that in many of more and more doctors today are believing that as well William Davis a very prominent cardiologist believes you can cure type 2 diabetes dr. Jason Fung a very prominent nephrologist or kidney specialist he believes you can cure your type-2 diabetes not believe it – and I want you to believe it I want you to investigate this and I want you to cure your type-2 diabetes and prevent yourself from ever having it to start with now do you need to lose weight to cure type 2 diabetes indirectly yes when you get off the starches and off the grains and off the grasses and off the sugars you’re naturally going to lose weight and that’s going to naturally lower your blood sugar which is going to naturally lower the amount of insulin that you need and that’s gonna make you naturally lose weight and it may be a little slower than you want to and if you want to see your doctor and see if he can help you hurry up the weight loss that’s that’s acceptable but I want you to understand the reason you’re overweight if you are is because of your diet now if your doctor has checked your thyroid labs and your other labs and we know there’s no medical reason for you to be able to wait it’s your diet and you can play reindeer games and you can pretend like you never eat anything or you only eat raw cabbage on Tuesday I’m sorry if you’re overweight and your lab work is normal it’s your diet I’m sorry okay so by fixing your diet you can fix your diabetes and so we talked about this cure and people say well you can’t cure it you can just get your a1c level down low enough that we can say it’s controlled but if you’re anyone sees below 6.4 then you’re not diabetic because that’s the definition of diabetes right so but I want you to get your a1c down under 5.7 so that you’re not even pre-diabetic anymore and that’s completely in your hands you can do that you can listen to this video today you Google a few things you can do some research and you can cure your type-2 diabetes and you don’t even need a doctor to help you do it I’d prefer if you did have a doctor because you need someone to check these labs to make sure you haven’t become a type 1 diabetic but after that you can do it yourself you don’t need me you don’t need your doctor you don’t need anybody you can do it yourself with enough knowledge okay what about the medications don’t they cure the type 2 diabetes all the pills for type 2 diabetes none of them cure that condition all they do is they keep your blood sugar lower and more and more research is showing that the blood sugar being high in your blood is just a symptom of the diabetes that’s not actually the diabetes okay that’s like if you have the flu and it would make your fever go up right and so if you took some Tylenol and it made your fever go down then did you cure the the flu with your Tylenol no I don’t think so did you make your flu better no all you did was lower the temperature you lowered your fever that’s all you did and that’s what the pills for type 2 diabetes do they lower your blood sugar but many doctors and a couple of huge studies have recently shown that even if you take the pills and keep your blood sugar low you’re still doing the damage behind the scenes it doesn’t lower your risk of mortality or morbidity at all by taking the pills and keeping your blood sugar down you have to fix this condition this disease with your diet okay what about exercise now exercise is great and if you do resistance training and you build muscle that’s probably going to help you keep your blood sugar down but is he gonna cure your diabetes probably not no probably not exercise is great for you it’s great for your brain it’s great for your body and hundreds of ways but exercise is never going to help you lose weight and it’s probably not going to help you cure your diabetes okay the number one way you’re going to cure your diabetes is by fixing your diet with either a ketogenic diet to start with and then morphing into a paleo diet some people can keep doing ketogenic forever but if you’re eating starches and sugars and carbs simple carbs you’re never going to cure your diabetes okay if you go see a nutritionist and he or she’s not in the know they may tell you how your type 2 diabetic you need to eat more whole grains if your doctor or your dietitian tells you as a type 2 diabetic you need to eat more whole grains you need to probably look elsewhere for advice ok so I want to leave you with a couple of books that you can read yourself and if you read these books you’ll be smarter than the average dietitian or doctor when it comes to type-2 diabetes sorry doctors and dietitians the truth is what it is if you don’t like it that doesn’t change it ok the first one is called the obesity code by dr. Jason Fung he’s a prominent nephrologist or kidney specialist and he is on top of this you read that book and you’ll understand this you’ll never be tricked again the second one is one called keto clarity by Jimmy Moore he’s just a guy who was obese and diabetic and he said you know what I’m sick of this I’m gonna fix this and he did so much research on his own that he is he has fixed his obesity is fixed his diabetes and now he’s helping other people do the same thing a third book is called the Paleo diet by Cordain I love this book it was one of the very first books that woke me up and got me interested in this sort of thing I highly recommend all three of those books to help you cure your type-2 diabetes and in the process you’re going to lose weight as well you’re going to lower your risk factors you’re going to lower your risk of heart attack stroke dementia kidney failure all these things okay there’s so many of my patients running around with a hemoglobin a1c of five point seven eight nine and other doctors have told them well that’s okay we’ll just keep it there but then a few years later their creatinine level starts to elevate and they’re like well I’ve got kidney pride sale yer I don’t understand what’s going on and all the doctors act like I don’t know why you have kidney failure but just don’t take this and this and this and we’ll keep watching that anyone see mm-hmm guess what people that anyone see the insulin the the sugar that’s what’s causing the kidney failure okay I have other patients with elevated a1c and they go and see the endocrinologist he’s like well we’re just gonna watch and you take these pills and then a few days a few years later they’ve got fatty liver disease and everybody’s like I don’t know why you have that I don’t know it’s just I don’t know it’s a thing so just try to you know limit your saturated fat intake and I’m going okay that’s not what caused that and that’s not what’s gonna cure that you have to fix your fatty liver you have to fix your kidney failure by fixing your diet okay there’s no pill that’s going to do that for you you have to eat the right things and you have to avoid the wrong things that’s just the long and the short of it and if you don’t like that you can just click away from this video and pretend you didn’t hear it but you’ve heard it and you’ve been told and you’ve been warned and if you don’t heed my words you’ll suffer later okay more and more doctors are waking up to this that slightly elevated a1c is not okay somebody with an insulin resistance with an elevated insulin or an elevated C peptide that is a huge risk factor that’s not okay alright so get with your doctor get with your dietitian and ask them about these things make notes and take notes and say hey what the heck dr. berry said this was not okay that my a1c was 6.2 is is it okay or not okay and if they get upset that you bring information that you learned on the internet you probably need to find a new doctor I love it when patients bring stuff that they heard or read on the internet when they print stuff out and they bring stuff to me that means that they care about their health that’s actually a good thing that’s not bad doctors if your patient brings you stuff and you get irritated by that you maybe need to look in the mirror and refocus because you’re trying to help people don’t you want their help in helping them I do I like it when patients are motivated and want to help themselves so please turn on notifications for this video subscribe I want to help as many people as I can and I can only do that if you share this message with other people comment below as always I’ll answer every question you ask me if you want to tag somebody in this video and they have a question I’ll answer their questions as well I love doing this you may be able to tell that and I want to keep doing it and help as many people as I can not have a heart attack I want to help people not have a stroke I want to help people not have to be on dialysis I want to help people to never have liver failure because their livers full of fat because somebody told them don’t eat saturated fat and then that’s that’s ridiculous don’t listen to that advice if someone told you that so tell me what videos you’d like to hear about next time I’ll be to make one ask me any question you have as always this is dr. berry just doing the best I can

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  1. Don't let your doctor tell you that a HbA1c above 5.6 is "ok" or "close enough". At those levels you are doing permanent damage to every small artery in your body, from the arteries in your eyes to the ones in you kidneys. You must fix your diet to fix your diabetes!

  2. At age 60 I reversed my type 2 diabetes – my story is here on YouTube. Although my diet and lifestyle was the cause – I do wish that urgency you suggest from the medical community at the first sign of elevated sugars would have been conveyed – I could have made my change before damage was done.

  3. Dr. Berry, I just had a test done from my endocrinologist and my glucose is 102 and my insulin B chain is 29.8. What does the insulin B chain level mean?

  4. Love your directness, and so true. its funny my text book i have to study says to increase whole grains which is funny because they come in the form of starches and sugars so the opposite to what we need.

  5. When diagnosed 6 years ago my Dr who has been a Atkins proponent for years handed me a pamphlet and told me to lose weight and all my health problems will be solved. HBP, Cholesterol, A1C. 6 mos moderate carbs low calorie diet and exercise I lost 55 pounds and kept it off. A1C went from 6.8 to 5.8 without meds. I went Keto last year and 5.1 no meds. Our diet is truly killing us. I have not used Keto to lose weight just glucose control. It works for that. The main benefit is hunger control. I just don't need to eat often or large portions. I don't count calories and still exercise.

  6. I realise that this video is nearly 2 years old and maybe now you have better understanding but …

    Please STOP claiming to be able to cure Type 2 Diabetes. It's quite simply false.
    Type 2 Diabetes is in essence a condition whereby the body becomes Insulin Resistant. No amount of diet or exercise will remove that Insulin Resistance.
    Diet can reduce your carb / sugar intake but it does not change the way your body uses Insulin to process glucose. Similarly exercise can help your body to process carbs and glucose stores faster but again it is NOT stopping your body from being Insulin Resistant.

    To claim that diet and exercise are a cure for Type 2 Diabetes is like saying that you've cured a rapist by locking them away from potential victims: they're not cured – sure, you've prevented the undesirable result but the underlying condition still remains.

    And not all diabetes is weight-related: mine's genetic. So again, diet is not a cure.

  7. I realise that this video is now 2 years old and maybe you now have a better understanding of Type 2 Diabetes but please …

    This is false and unethical.
    Type 2 Diabetes is a condition whereby the body becomes Insulin Resistant and so cannot process carbs / glucose normally. Type 2 Diabetes is not stroke, loss of eye-sight or fingers or toes, etc., … Type 2 Diabetes is Insulin Resistance.

    While I'm in total agreement with you that diet and exercise are healthy and key to MANAGING Type 2 Diabetes …
    Diet merely serves to reduce the carb / sugar intake while exercise increases the rate of burning carb stores for energy. Both diet and exercise help to reduce the glucose that the body needs to process – therefore avoiding the issue with Insulin Resistance and avoiding the glucose being dumped into the blood stream.

    Claiming to be able to cure Type 2 Diabetes via diet and / or exercise is like claiming to be able to cure a paedophile by locking them in a room alone. All you've done is avoid the end-result.
    Paedophile + child = rape
    Insulin Resistance + carbs / sugar = Type 2 Diabetes issues

    Removing carbs / sugar and children simply removes B from the equation. It does not address the underlying condition of A.

    Like so many conditions (bipolar, clinical depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc., …): it cannot be cured – simply managed and hopefully avoided.

    And not all Type 2 Diabetics have weight issues. Mine is genetic and, as my Dr told me, I'm not overweight so I can't fix this by losing weight.

  8. There are a large number of female doctors a more inclusive use of pronouns would be wonderful. For example “they” when describing male and female doctors.

  9. Doctor Berry, my husband is over weight and diabetic. He is having his blood work fasting next week. Any important tests we need to ask the doctor?

  10. Yes! It is reversible! I've done it! You are the best doctor! Thanks for your honesty and for getting this truthful information out there!

  11. Type 2 …1800 daily metformin
    38 waist ….A1C…10.2 …6mths ago
    What do I do?😡
    What do I eat?
    Please help

  12. Hello (Doctor?) Berry. I have T2D and I agree with everything you and an exponentially growing number of physicians are now concluding, which is that T2D IS REVERSIBLE and that insulin actually make T2D (Insulin Resistance) WORSE. Just a little 'heads-up' though: You can have much more credence (& more people take you completely seriously), if you STOP wearing your stethoscope around your neck ! No 'real' doctors do that anymore. It's like saying "Look at me, I'm a doctor. I know what I'm doing & pretty clever". We know that doctors just have ability to remember symptoms, diagnose patients & BLINDLY prescribe med(s) as per their COMPLETELY OUTDATED training. We are hopefully going to change that and STOP T2D pandemic which current treatment is failing to do.

  13. Dr Berry what are your thoughts on family history of heart disease and diabetes? I've always been told I can't get away from the family history of both of these diseases. I am a borderline diabetic and am on 2 high blood pressure meds. I started the keto lifestyle 2 weeks ago and stopped taking my metformin. I have lost 12# and my blood sugar is consistently below 100 at all times of the day. I feel fantastic!

  14. I figured out “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) from my good friend and read it to shed weight as well as treat my diabetes. I had been following firm exercise as well as diet plan. I had been able to reduce Thirty five points from my blood sugar levels right after a day on the diet system. Right after Four days, I lost 60 points from my blood glucose levels. It`s been efficient for me personally. I`m very pleased that I managed to stabilize my blood sugar levels..

  15. I had been clinically determined to have diabetes almost a year ago. I`m presently Sixty-four years old. Getting diabetes is a distress for me personally, and also the fact that I will be suffering the effects of diabetes like my father. The good news is, I have found this excellent guide “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). The main test outcomes show that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. I read the program carefully for a week and now my A1C dropped to 5.9…

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