Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, And Your Health (Scary Stuff)

Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, And Your Health (Scary Stuff)

So thanks for coming I’m Dr. Ekberg and I’m
trained as a chiropractor but over the years we’ve learned to address the whole
person if you want to get a person healthy you have to look at it
holistically you have to address chemical structural and emotional and so
today I’m more of a overall health care practitioner if you will and I grew up
in Sweden I came to this country about thirty years ago the first time on a
track scholarship and I competed in the cath LAN for schools here SMU and I went
to the Olympics competing for Sweden in 1992 and a finished ninth and at the
time I thought I was really fit and healthy but in retrospect I know that I
was really fit but not so healthy just like everyone else I was told to consume
lots of carbohydrates that was the rage at the time so I ate six eight thousand
calories have Karp’s and I supplemented heavily with chocolate and ice cream and
I burned it all off so at the time I thought I was okay but in retrospect I
realized that I was setting myself up for trouble for decades to come
so when I was about thirty after my sledding career I started having back
pains and they were to last for about 20 years and they would be debilitating
sometimes I’d be flat out for days at a time and today I have mostly recovered I
used to have back pain brain fog acne shoulder pain knee pain you name it and
today I have recovered from virtually all of that I’m still improving but it
healing is an ongoing process but I have no back pain I’m functioning I’m
healthier today at 53 have been in the last 15 years
and I’d like to talk today about diabetes so for just a moment I want to
get a little bit extra serious because sometimes people don’t we don’t have to
be too serious because life is fun but we do have to understand the gravity of
what we’re talking about that these seminars and our YouTube channel are
about saving lives that a lot of people who think they’re okay or not okay
ninety-five percent of people in this country die prematurely from something
that could have been prevented so think about that if you visualize 20 people
that you care for 20 friends relatives loved ones and then these are all nice
well-meaning people with families and kids and grandkids and then you realize
that 19 out of these 20 will die prematurely from something that could be
prevent it and not only that but they’ll be suffering they’ll be on medication
they’ll be under medical care great expense for years or decades needlessly
so that’s what we’re talking about and these people they have been lied to
they’ve been told that they’re fine as long as they take their medication as
long as their symptoms and signs are controlled but the truth is that they’re
not fine all these people are dying and suffering
not because they forgot to take their pills they took their pills but they’re
getting sicker and sicker and this is happening to us as a nation so that’s
kind of the preface that then these things can be prevented and we’re going
to talk about how that works imagine if you could just understand what we’re
talking about and help even half of those 20 people understand this and turn
their lives around and start working toward health instead of treating
disease think about how many lives you could impact and save
so let’s dive into diabetes so here’s a nice little flyer posted by the American
Diabetes Association and today diabetes will claim $250,000 and it is
preventable 4660 Americans will be diagnosed with
diabetes today and there are millions more than don’t know that they have
diabetes in addition to 30 million people who have full-blown diabetes
there’s another 86 millions that have pre-diabetes they’re on their way there
and diabetes today will cost a very County 671 million dollars in the next
24 hours and that’s not fixing the disease that’s just treating symptoms so
if we look at how this has developed we know that genes have not changed in the
last several tens of thousands of years so if we look at the development from
1960 we know that genes certainly haven’t changed since 1960
we started off here with one point something million it has grown through
the years and you can see that this is not an encouraging trend it’s an
exponential growth today we have 30 million documented cases and if genes
haven’t changed then it must be lifestyle so they’re always trying to
blame things on genetics but it’s really a lifestyle that we need to look at and
let’s talk about how carbohydrates work carbohydrates have not been around for
tens of thousands of years not in any quantity they were introduced
through agriculture a few thousand years ago
they haven’t been processed at all until a couple of hundred years ago and they
haven’t been hybridized and GMO and processed and bleached until the last
few decades so this is a new food our body doesn’t know how to deal with it so
when you eat it carbohydrates create excess blood sugar
with excess blood sugar we get excess insulin we get insulin activity that our
system our bodies were never designed for when you have excess insulin that
results in a quick drop of blood sugar and it ends up with hypoglycemia now you
have low blood sugar as a as a consequence of high blood sugar and when
you’re hypoglycemic you get irritable and you lose focus you
get tired and you get what’s called hangry now you get cravings and what do
you have cravings for well of course carbohydrates which creates blood sugar
insulin hyperglycemia more cravings and now we’re stuck in in a loop that
basically has a drug involved so it’s very difficult to get out of this unless
we drastically change something so this is the short-term effects what does it
look like long term long-term effects of carbohydrates of
course blood sugar goes up and insulin goes up but when this happens over a
period of time your body starts doing something called down-regulation so you
have insulin receptors that respond to insulin in order to let the glucose out
of the bloodstream and into the cells and you have a certain number of these
insulin receptors but the more insulin you have the more they’re pushing their
way through and you don’t need so many because there’s so much insulin that a
few receptors will do the trick so now your body starts to down regulate the
cell surface changes so there’s fewer and fewer receptors and now you are
developing insulin resistance because the insulin doesn’t work the way it used
to when you had more receptors and if you have insulin resistance then of
course the pancreas has to make even more insulin because it’s not working
anymore and now you get more down-regulation and you’re stuck in this
loop so you’re developing insulin resistance it gets worse and worse and
worse and now you’re getting ending up with a beat up pancreas it has to bowler
work all the time and it gets less and less healthy because you’re eating
carbohydrates which isn’t the food that provides as much nutrients so over time
you get pancreas failure and you get diabetes so this is how this develops
it’s not disease it’s an adaptive process this is an adaptation your body
isn’t stupid it is only doing what it has to do and
in the long run it just can’t pull it off you can do it for months and years
it can’t do it for decades so how do you turn us around and with
pancreas failure of course you get even more blood glucose to make this even
worse so how have you turned this around reversing diabetes it is so simple you
can tell a child and they would get it you cut back or cut off the
carbohydrates now you get lower blood glucose you need less insulin and it
would less insulin your body immediately start up regulating again it might take
a few months but the process begins immediately now if you have more
receptors you are more sensitive to insulin now the pancreas makes less
insulin and we get more upregulation and now we’re stuck we’re not stuck we’re in
a positive loop instead and now we get a chance for the pancreas to recover so
these mechanisms are so well known it’s it’s mind-blowing that we don’t
understand this as a culture so here’s what we can use to measure this is the
simplest cheapest way there are various insulin insulin measurements but this is
a really good measure it’s called hemoglobin a1c so most people are
familiar with a fasting glucose test and that means you don’t eat for overnight
you don’t have breakfast you go get your blood drawn and that’s what your blood
sugar is when you’re fasting when you haven’t eaten for a while well that’s
not really useful because it doesn’t tell you what it looks like most of the
time so with hemoglobin a1c what happens is hemoglobin is your protein in your
red blood cells and the more sugar you have in your bloodstream the more of it
sticks to the hemoglobin so you can measure how much of the hemoglobin is
as has glucose stuck to it and then you can estimate how much the average
glucose is so what this does because a red blood cell lives somewhere between
three and four months this gives you an excellent measurement for how the
average looks over a three to four month period and diabetes is defined as
anything over six point five when you’re in McComb and a1c is six point five or
over you’re classified as diabetic
pre-diabetes is five point seven and up to six point five optimal where we
really want to be if we eat a healthy diet if we’re functioning the way we’re
supposed to we don’t have blood sugar swings we eat real food meat fats
vegetables then working these coordinates might be 85 to 90 but our we
have so few blood sugar swings that our average
still stays between 90 and a hundred on average and in between there between
optimal and pre-diabetic means that you’re not doing perfect you’re starting
to slip you’re starting to get some problems you’re starting to get some of
the effects of insulin resistance and high blood sugar and now for numbers we
mentioned before that this is 30 million people but once we add the pre-diabetic
it’s a hundred and fourteen million people that’s almost half the adults in
the u.s. that are pre-diabetic and if we add in the ones who are slipping I don’t
have an exact number for that but based on what we see for the most part I would
say that it’s at least two hundred and fifty million people in the US
population so they’re very very few people who are
in the optimal range and if you’re in here and you start working on it and you
lower it even by a few tenths you will improve all kinds of things in your
health so let’s just look at this slide real quick we we showed you some numbers
diabetes number one cause of amputations number one cause of blindness etc number
one cause of neuropathy and this is published by the American Diabetes
Association and the American Diabetes Association recommends a diet that
causes diabetes this has been proven their official guideline says that oh
you have to have lots of carbohydrate and they recommend 45 to 65 percent
carbohydrate in the diet that means that they want you to eat about 300 grams of
carbohydrate every day on about a 2,000 calorie diet so again let’s flashback to
here carbohydrates blood glucose insulin down-regulation insulin resistance
pancreas failure diabetes carbohydrates cause diabetes removing carbohydrates
starts reversing diabetes and this is a clinical fact hundreds of thousands of
people who have tried this know this is true and it is very very consistent and
predictable so we need to start understanding this so let’s talk about
some of the deeper issues besides carbohydrate how do we restore the body
when it is degenerated to some degree so first of all signs and symptoms are
just messages and it’s not a message a symptom of pain it’s not the problem
it’s telling us of a problem just like if we’re out driving and we get certain
indicators from our car these lights are not the problem they’re telling us of a
problem and if we ignore the problem or if we do like any handyman with you put
a piece of duct tape on it how many people think that would be a good idea
didn’t think so because you understand in a car that if you cover up the
message you haven’t really improved anything it’s still exactly the same
problem you’re just not aware of it so you cannot create health by covering up
symptoms anymore that you can brighten the room by covering up the darkness unfortunately the ultimate cover up is
to the tune of three point two trillion dollars that’s our health care system
that is what they are designed and trained to do and this was in 2015 it
was more in 1617 and it will be more again this year that’s ten thousand
dollars for every man woman and child in the country if that money was well spent
we could justify it if we were the healthiest people on the planet but it
turns out that we ranked 37th out of 37 industrialized nations when it comes to
health so whatever all that money is getting us except ruining the economy it
is not getting us health and in a skyrocketing completely out of control
because we’re not addressing causes we have 5% of the world’s population we
take 55% of the world’s drugs we take 80% of all the narcotics in the world
do we have less pain no we get more and more and more pain every year the number
one cause of death 1 million deaths a year is our health care system so this
is based on research from medical journals in both the United States the
top medical journals United States Great Britain and they’re aware of these
numbers drug side effects hospitalizations unnecessary surgeries
complications adds up to about 1 million deaths a year that’s the same as if we
had 6 jumbo jets crashing every day with no survivors 365 days a year would you
be really excited about buying a ticket go flying tomorrow not so much but we
keep going back to the health care system because we don’t understand what
they’re good at and what they’re not suited for so that’s what we’re trying
to help you understand that the medical system is for emergencies but they have
no tools for you to get healthy healthy health is a personal responsibility and
there are health care doctors that are holistically minded that can help you
assist you guide you in getting healthy but the mainstream medical system is not
that they are for emergencies you break a bone if you have diabetic coma if you
have appendicitis if you crack your skull open go to the emergency room but
if you have diabetes or high blood pressure or a chronic knee pain they
have nothing for you you have to heal the body the doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will interest patients in the care of the human frame
in a proper diet and in the cause and prevention of diseases
so prevention means you build up the body before you have a symptom when you
have a symptom you already have the disease it’s already too late for
prevention so all the screenings that they do for mammograms and and this and
that early detection it’s not prevention it’s
just catching it early which is better than catching it late but prevention is
what avoids prevents disease so health is based on your autonomic nervous
system your autonomic nervous system has a passive level which all function in
the body is on a passive level which is bones cartilage connective tissue
there’s active tissue skeletal muscle cardiac muscle and there’s a regulating
level with brain and nervous system so everything in your quality that you
don’t think about is handled for you it doesn’t happen automatically it’s done
for you by your autonomic nervous system so 1 billion bits of information every
second goes to digesting food and circulating blood and beating your heart
and regulating pH and hormones and neurotransmitters and on and on and on
and every bit of it depends on how well the brain can process these things so
chiropractic the brain controls everything and the brain has feedback
from receptors all the body parts have receptors and they give the brain
feedback 1 billion bits of information per second and this is what informs the
brain every perceptive provides a piece of information that gives the brain a
true picture of reality and with a true picture the brain can do a good job of
controlling but if we lose some of this feedback now the brain doesn’t have a
true picture and we’re going to start having issues
so the sum total of this is called regulation the better it works the
healthier you are the more imbalances as we start to get the more disease and
pain and symptoms we start having so chiropractic works by finding out where
there is an imbalance stimulating receptors and restoring that balance
giving the brain a truer picture of what the world looks like and then the brain
can start playing a better game but what if there’s something else what if it’s
not just the receptors what if there’s something screwing up the signal on the
way so let’s talk about that next everything’s controlled about the brain
but the brain depends on a bunch of different by the organs such as hard and
thyroid and kidneys and liver and so forth and the health of all these organs
depend on how healthy each cell is that makes it up so if the cells aren’t
healthy obviously the organs can’t be healthy but these cells they wear out
over time so the body that you’re sitting there with today is 90 percent
different than the body you had last year 90 percent of those cells have been
turned over because you have a blueprint in the nucleus called DNA that allows
you to make a new cell but here’s the big question what are the factors that
determine if the new cell is better or worse than the old one as if it’s better
you’re healing if it’s worse they’re degenerating and that’s what we’re
seeing with most of the population is every generation of cells is a little
bit worse in seven years to replace every single cell in your body
so how would you like to start making better cells for the next seven years
what kind of body would you like to have next time around okay turns out there’s
only two factors that determine if this cells can be better or worse
one is toxicity and one is deficiency the deficiency means that the cell has a
need it has to have something but if it’s deficient means it’s not getting it
toxicity means the cells trying to do something but there’s a stressor there’s
an interference there’s something that’s getting in the way of that cell doing
its job and these are the only two factors that determine how that cell is
doing the cell can be efficient in activation use it or lose it if you
don’t activate the cell go away if you activate the cell you have to give it
fuel and fuel that’s the calories carbohydrates fat and protein and some
people think that that’s all it takes that nutrition is about calories you
even see posted in restaurants this recommendations based on a nutrition of
2,000 calories what does that have to do with anything because we are overfed and
undernourished because we’re not getting the genuine replacement parts genuine
replacement parts is the stuff that you need to build a new cell Whole Foods has
everything in it that you need to make new cells it has the enzymes the
vitamins the minerals the coenzymes the cofactors with vital factors the
essential amino acids the essential fatty acids it’s a complete package
that’s destroyed by food processing so if you’re going to make a new cell do
you want genuine replacement parts or you want cheap knock-offs
that’s what I thought so processed food are cheap knock-offs
you cannot build a healthy body you cannot sustain optimal life with
knock-offs and then you need some peace because
stress interferes you can’t heal in a war zone
your body needs some peace and quiet to pull that off so stressors those are
things that interfere with the function with the replication where the
mechanisms with the metabolism of the cell
those are allergies metal toxicity chemical toxicity and new challenges
scars and electromagnetic fields so everything in your body is about signals
and all of these things will change they will alter how signals are
processed and balanced in the body and most of these are new we haven’t had
metals and chemicals and electromagnetic fields until very very recently and the
reason that the body succumbs to allergies and immune challenges is that
the cell gets weakened by all this processed food because if we don’t give
that genuine replacement parts it’s gonna get weaker and weaker and weaker
and these are going to become more and more and more of a problem until we get
everything kind of backed up and we are toxic so how do we figure this out so
now you know how health works you know the factors that the only two factors
that affect the cells toxicity and efficiency you can be inefficient and
activation or nutrients or peace they’re saying they need you louder so
turn the volume up okay testing testing testing three testing there okay alright
thanks for pointing that out and so the things that get people sick today are
different than a hundred years ago hundred years ago we died from
diphtheria and typhoid fever and starvation etc but today we don’t die
from those things we die from deficiency and toxicity the world has changed more
in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 50 thousand and the game has
changed we have to start understanding the new rules of the game so that we can
keep up with us so what’s the solution how do we figure out what you’re missing
and how do we figure out what you were toxic with Tracy you want to come up
here so we’re gonna do a little demonstration here and this is called a
nutrition response testing for those of you who haven’t seen it so please stand
right got it really alright so this is based on muscle testing so we’re gonna
talk about what muscle testing is first and show you so if you hold your arm out
for me and I’m gonna push down and you match my pressure so there it’s not a
strength test I’m pushing on the bone the bone is held up by a muscle the
muscle is controlled by a signal from the brain and I’m starting with it I’m
starting with an ounce of pressure I build up to about a pound and all I’m
looking for is a solid feeling that’s called a loft muscle
now if you move your right leg forward and we push on this arm again and match
for me and now we don’t get a lock she can try really really hard but there’s
not gonna be a lock in that muscle because that leg is sending a different
signal this is different feedback that’s part of the billion bits of information
so when one leg goes forward the brain interprets that as walking because
that’s what’s usually going on when the leg goes forward would you agree
and if one leg goes forward the opposite arm is supposed to go forward we don’t
talk like this and that’s that’s foreign to the brain so when we try to put the
same leg and arm forward the brain says hey that makes no sense I’ve never done
this there’s not a single pathway in my neural circuits that recognizes what
that is muscle test lock muscle yes okay so now
switch legs so this is called a gait reflex a cross crawl pattern and now
when we push on this arm we get a perfect lock because this makes sense to
the brain if we try the opposite side we get an unlock if we switch legs
we get a lock so everything that happens in your body is a result of brain
signals and everything that the brain does is a result of what signals it
receives does that picture makes sense so now that we know what the what the
muscle test is so now we’re going to check a few things and start with a lock
and then we work our way through so every place that I’m touching is a
different area of the body that can have can have problems I’ve been here for two years I don’t
have a little problem correct so we’ll see if we find anything at all this
things change we have we have things changing every day as the body is is
adapting all right we found one so we have the transverse colon maybe you ate
something and Hey so the transverse colon now normally
if you check somebody will find 10 or 20 things wrong but since Tracy has been
only programmed for quite some time we only found the single thing so it could
be something she ate the other day so let’s try some multi sign and Enza core
and zyban so first we ask the body where the problem is it doesn’t tell us what
the problem is we’re just locating where it is and then we’re thinking if it’s
the if it’s part of the coulomb then it might be a food and that makes no
difference it’s good lactic acid yeast no difference so right now we’re trying
digestive enzymes but digestive enzymes usually work a little bit higher up in
the digestive tract so none of those work so here’s a prebiotic yeast and
that works very nicely so this is a mycelium yeast that prepares the soil so
a lot of people take probiotics but let’s see lack it against the 88 lakh
tens so here’s a probiotic and if we test that we don’t get a change and most
people keep throwing probiotics down their guts and hoping that some will
stick but probiotics are like seeds and if you throw them on concrete nothing’s
gonna happen it doesn’t matter how much seed you throw if it doesn’t have a
place to grow it’s not gonna do you any good whereas if you get something that
prepares the soil something that works at an earlier level all of a sudden we
get a result so that’s the beauty of nutrition response testing is we check
various different reflexes and then your body is very very specific in knowing
what it needs to fix that and then with some experience we can we can pull the
right things and just keep going so we have a solution so thank you very much so how can that work well your body is
an electromagnetic system it’s an electromagnetic field and the entire
universe is energy frequency and migration
if you want to find the secrets of universe think in those terms so if your
body is energy then we have to have a tool that can evaluate that and that’s
what muscle testing is and everything including those little pills in the
bottle have a little bit of energy so if you hold it and you are energy then that
energy is going to interact it’s going to be processed by your electromagnetic
field so in the end what this results in for goal is to design personal clinical
nutrition so with this we can ask your body what’s the first thing we have to
handle what’s the second thing we have to handle we can find out what the cost
what the solution is and then we move on and even if we have someone new has 20
different things going on then typically we only have to handle the roadblocks we
only have to handle the big stuff and then the body takes care of the rest and
how do we know this works because we’ve had in this office we’ve had hundreds of
people that have tried absolutely everything else they’ve been to 20
different doctors they’ve been on every therapy known to man until they come in
here and they get better and between all the practitioners that use this we’re
talking hundreds of thousands of people and these are not the easy cases their
last resort cases so there’s two doctors in our office
here we’re both licensed chiropractors for both nutrition response testing
practitioners and when we say nutrition it is different than just about every
other nutrition in the world that you can find the vast majority 99% of
everything sold is synthetic vitamins so what we have is whole food supplements
they’re not synthesized they are the complete product made by standard
process because of that in safe there are no side effects okay so that
concludes what we have to say about this and we’d be happy to take any questions so someone did say congratulations on
your first wife’s train there they loved it thank you
and they were able to get their hba1c hba1c down to 4.5 and it’s probably
lower now oh wow okay so we just got a compliment from a
viewer who said that they follow this and then get in there they’re a 1c all
the way down to 4.5 by following these principles so there you go any other questions all right
so thank you so much for attending and we’ll stay on here for for a few minutes
if there’s anything else you want to chat about thank you tomorrow is that do you have another one
tomorrow I do you can’t go so we’ll do another one of
these tomorrow and it’s gonna be at 12:30 Eastern Standard Time and the
topic will be weight loss we’re going to talk about how weight loss is more than
just calories and exercise and the people who have tried everything and are
really frustrated they know what I’m talking about
that there are several different factors and things that can interfere so we’re
gonna cover what those are yeah so spike just asked when when will
be the next life yeah so tomorrow Friday June 8th at 12:30 all right thanks so much we’ll see you

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  1. LOL YouTube concentrated the hour-long stream into 37 seconds. Sorry everyone, but it seems if you are watching the replay you only get the highlights with static.

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    I've seen this type of muscle testing before and have always wondered about accidental bias being introduced. I can think of two things that could add more rigor to the testing. First, a simple setup with something like a luggage scale that's attached to an immovable object on one side that the patient pulls up on on the other side. The readout would indicate their strength rather than the more subjective pushing down by the practitioner. Second, have the substance under test be handled in a double-blind manner so neither the practitioner nor the patient know the contents until after the strength test has identified one.

    Thanks and looking forward to the next ones.

  3. nice visualizing what you're explaining. i know quite a few people with diabetes and it's not joke.

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