Type 1 diabetes therapy shows promise for long-term reversal

Type 1 diabetes therapy shows promise for long-term reversal

– We rescued Lexi and we’ve
had her for several years. Recently we’ve noticed that
there’s some different changes that she’s had so we did
take her to the doctor and found out that she has diabetes. Having to give her shots twice
a day I have to constantly be thinking about where I am and what time and when I need to be home. It does affect a lot. If I could have it to where
I wasn’t having to worry about that everyday it would
make a tremendous change in my life. And my family’s life. (gentle music) – We’ve completed pre clinical
animal testing and would like to work with pet owners in
order to apply this cell therapy to dogs with diabetes. With the ultimate goal of
transitioning to humans with type one diabetes. With type one diabetes
the immune system goes in and attacks the insulin
producing cells which are found in the eyelets, these mini
organs within the pancreas and so when your immune
system attacks them your body is no longer able
to produce insulin or is only able to produce a very
little amount of insulin. Our therapy involves taking
replacement eyelets and mixing them with a natural polymer
that is liquid and injecting this mixture underneath the
skin where it integrates with the body, allowing for sensing of glucose and secretion of insulin. We are so excited and
interested to move forward with dogs and humans because of
the preclinical animal testing that we saw an almost immediate
lowering of blood glucose and maintenance of blood
glucose for a prolonged period of time. (gentle music)

12 Replies to “Type 1 diabetes therapy shows promise for long-term reversal”

  1. May God give success to this therapy and may it come into utilisation as soon as possible………just waiting for some miracle that can change life of my 27 year old son…….

  2. This is great news. I have a 25 year old grandson who struggles with Type 1 diabetes. This research leading to successfully reverse Type 1 diabetes within 24 hours and maintain insulin independence for up to 90 days, would be a life changing event for all type 1 diabetics!!! God bless you and the work you do.

  3. I have got T1 you ever need a human patient when it comes to trial sign me up. Would love to try and get a leg up on this awful disease

  4. So many old people commenting that either has it or have a family member whom of which has Type 1. I'm fifteen, and I'm a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was twelve, and I'm looking forward to this being a pivoting point in life (probably gonna be in middle age for me when it'll be available, but I'll take what I can get)

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    my sugar levels dropped in 4 weeks.

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