Type 1 Diabetes Makeover – From Rollercoaster to Full Control

Type 1 Diabetes Makeover – From Rollercoaster to Full Control

Affaf: I always felt like I had no control
over my body. I always felt like something was going to
go wrong. I was doing everything the doctors were telling
me and it was just so hard because all I felt was fear and all I could do was think
about like diabetes 24/7. I couldn’t think about
anything else. Affaf: And now I eat like either oatmeal or
fruit in the morning. I eat rice, I eat potatoes, I eat a lot
of fruit. I’ll go on runs at like 1:20 and before I
wouldn’t even leave my house if I was under 200. It’s like you’re on coffee constantly. That’s basically how you feel, right? Robby: Exactly. It’s the truth. You just have energy. You get to eat food you like. Robby: I’m really excited to have my new friend
here, Affaf. She has an incredible
transformation, and I think it’s gonna inspire a lot of you guys. So we’re going to share her story
here today. Let’s start with the beginning. In August 2015, you’re diagnosed with type
1 diabetes. What happened before then? What was going on upon the diagnosis? Affaf: Basically, I was just sick for a whole
year. I was throwing up a lot. I felt really thirsty. I lost
a lot of weight. That;s basically it. Robby: Yeah, the normal stuff. Affaf: Yeah. Robby: Okay, so you get diagnosed. And then what happens? What does the doctor tell you to
do? How does your family handle this? Affaf: My family was fine, but the doctor
was like basically don’t eat carbs. I didn’t eat any carbs. And it was just depressing because it was
just so hard to manage it, and my life just like
changed like that. Robby: Absolutely. What do you remember from the early days of
not really being in control of diabetes? Affaf: I used to be so scared to go to sleep. Because my sister when she was younger had
a friend that died in her sleep because of diabetes. Robby: Wow. Affaf: And so before I would go to sleep,
I would eat so much to be at 300 just so that I feel
comfortable going to sleep. And I would wake up in my 30s. It was so scary because I just felt
like I had no control over my body. I always felt like something was going to
go wrong. And I
was kindof careless, but at the same time I didn’t know how to be careful. Because I was doing
everything the doctors were telling me, and it was just so hard because all I felt was
fear and all I could do was think about like diabetes 24/7. I couldn’t think about anything else. And I was just
so scared all the time. It was just so depressing. I would just be in my room all by myself crying
because I just didn’t know what to do and how to feel better. Robby: Walk us through a typical day of eating
before you started the low fat plant based whole
food program and then what you do now. Affaf: So basically, I would eat eggs and
turkey bacon and then I would eat for lunch probably
chicken. For dinner I would probably eat meat or something,
but the thing about the way I was eating before, I would eat like that for like
3 days and then I would binge on Pop-Tarts or pizza
or something like that because it was so…Like I had no energy. I didn’t have anything to do. And
also I would drink so much caffeine. It was disgusting. I would have like 4 cups of coffee a day. And now, I eat like either oatmeal or fruit
in the morning. I eat rice, I eat potatoes, I eat a lot of
fruit. Yeah, that’s what I eat now. All day long. It doesn’t really matter what time f day it
is. Robby: And you eat quite simply. Affaf: MmmHmm. Robby: You were taking 22 units of Lantis
and then every time you wanted to eat a meal, you
would take roughly 10 units of Novolog. And also you were high all the time. Your A1C was 14. So roughly 62 units of total insulin eating
roughly 30 grams of total carbohydrates. Affaf: And that wouldn’t even fix my blood
sugar. Like it would still be high. Robby: So then you found out about what me
and Cyrus are doing at Mastering Diabetes. You
are literally one of the best students I’ve ever had. I really was like okay, let’s do this. Let’s try it
out and see how it goes. You were pretty scared to eat fruit. Affaf: MmmHmm. Robby: But how did it go? Affaf: Well it was honestly like it was easy,
but at the same time it was so weird because my
blood sugars would be normal and I would start freaking out. So I feel like the transition from
now and then was so easy because I’ll go on runs at like 120 and before I wouldn’t even
leave my house if I was under 200. And so I feel like the transition was pretty
smooth. Robby: Yeah, that’s a real thing. People who don’t have very good control of
their blood glucose or any predictability sometimes are just scared
to do things. The other problem you were having
is the extreme highs, but also the extreme lows. You would tank sometimes. Affaf: Yeah. Really badly. Robby: You did everything I asked you to do. I mean I said log everything in Cron-O-Meter. You
did it. I said send me a picture of each meal. You sent a picture. I said fill out the decision trees. You filled them out thoroughly. You were doing everything amazingly well. Affaf: I still fill them out. Robby: Thank you. That’s great! So now, it’s 6 months later and let’s review
your totals. Your
current Lantis use now is 10 units per day. And then when you eat meals, how much do you
inject for your meals? Affaf: It’s like 3 or 4 for each meal. Robby: Yep. And it’s roughly 80 grams of carbohydrate
per meal. Affaf: Yeah. Robby: Okay. And then sometimes you might have a snack
in between. Affaf: Yes. Robby: If we run the numbers conservatively,
that gives you a total of 25 units of insulin and
now you’re eating roughly 300 grams of carbohydrate. Affaf: A lot more. Robby: A lot more. So the numbers in regards to insulin sensitivity
is dramatic. But now let’s talk
about the more important stuff like how do you feel? Affaf: I feel so good! It’s just — It’s like you’re on coffee constantly. That’s basically how you feel,
right? Robby: Yeah, exactly. It’s the truth. Like you just have energy. You get to eat food you like. Affaf: You don’t have to starve yourself to
be skinny. Robby: Absolutely. I see your Snapchat, your Instagram, you’re
active all the time. Affaf: MmmHmm. Robby: That’s essential for overall health. And have you had a new A1C since changing
your diet? Affaf: Yes, but it was at 8. Robby: It improved from 14 to 8. It’s progress. You’re young. You have friends that probably
don’t eat the same ways you do. How do you navigate those situations? Affaf: Honestly, I feel like it’s not that
hard because either if I’m going somewhere I’ll just make
sure that we go to somewhere that has a vegan option or something like that. It’s not that hard
to just put like a plastic container of food in your bag or whatever and go out with your
friends. I
feel like it’s not as hard as people think it seems because they just overthink it. It’s just like, pack
your food! Or do whatever you need to do if you want
to feel good. There’s no price. You’re
changing your taste buds, you’re changing your entire life, and then as soon as you
get used to it, it’s just like whatever. Robby: If you just lead by example and take
care of yourself and don’t make other people feel
bad about their decisions, you’re not judging them like oh you shouldn’t have eaten that,
Then it sets a good tone so they’re not going to do
the same thing to you. We’re all supporting each
other, doing what each of us decides is best for ourselves. You support them; they’re gonna
support you. If anybody is thinking about doing this, whatever
type of diabetes they’re living with. If they’re
considering this program, what advice would you give to somebody? Affaf: Just do it because you’re not going
to be depressed and sick all the time. Robby: That’s pretty simple. Affaf: That’s all I have to say honestly. Robby: Just do it. Just give this a try. Affaf: I mean it’s not going to hurt you. If you try it for a week, you’re guaranteed
results. Like I
swear to God. It’s just so true.

14 Replies to “Type 1 Diabetes Makeover – From Rollercoaster to Full Control”

  1. Thank you so much I was looking for a YouTube who would talk about diabetes
    I currently take 25 units of humalog
    35 Lantus at night and morning my a1c is 16 🙁

  2. I so needed to see this. I just got back from my Dr. The good news is my a1c went down from 7.9 to 7.2. But not
    Realizing that thyroid controls cholesterol that went up. So she put me back on metformin, and lowered my treshiba. So back to square 1. I'm back on Crestor, my thyroid which I was told will be forever. And we are weining off the treshiba. I will beat this. It also could be I have been diabetic for a long time. Thank you for this site I love it. Any special meals on A budget for diabetics would be great. The great news is I feel amazing 👍🏻😎

  3. I’ve just stumbled onto this video I want to try this so badly how do I do this I take low seizures nearly every night I never eat normally and hate my life please help

  4. Hi Robby, how many calories do you eat in a day!? Love your videos man! Any tips where to buy organic fruits and vegetables in LA , San Diego and Palm Springs for a good price. Later this year we come to California for our holiday! All the best from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  5. these people entirely talk talk talk like someone chewing gum stuck in mouth. they don't speak anything which is important or anything close to what people like to hear. All they say what family think of?  what was your reaction? how you get itand so on. Where they should get on point.

  6. Hi ya, ive been a type 1 diabetic for 38 years. What i want to know is how do you calculate your insulin based on your carb intake when eating all this fruit. So, lets say im currently taking 1 unit of fast acting insulin for 15 grams of carbs, and lets say these are now going to be fruit carbs instead of lets say, cereal and milk. Do you just take same amount of insulin and and if your blood sugars drop dramatically when eating fruit then you now know you need less insulin requirement. Anyways, totally intregued and desperate to learn more.

  7. fellow diabetic here, here's a few of my tips
    1) test your blood before you eat (write this down)
    2) test your blood a few hours after you eat (write this down)
    3) track your calories so you don't over/under eat
    4) track your carbs using an app
    5) inject your insulin up to 20 minutes before you eat
    6) stick to meal times, keep it regular
    7) adjust insulin ratios accordingly, as to whether you went high or low post meal

    i'm NOT saying don't join this programme. just know that YOU have the power to control your diabetes. i'm 21 and it has taken me over 8 years to give it a shot at tracking my levels and writing them in a book throughout the day and going back to basics with weighing out my food out like the early days. and like the person said in the video, it's like you're on coffee constantly. feel liberated and control your diabetes, don't let it control you!

  8. lol this is such bullshit. Carbs are what cause extreme lows and highs, not fat. Legit she probably isnt even diabetic you just paid her to do this. this literally enrages me. no one i know on a low carb diet has blood sugars near the 300s. LIES

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