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  1. Terrific! I liked this one a lot and I learned so much of course. Knowing that a huge amount of two-syllable words are pronounced with the stress in the first syllable is very helpful as well as useful knowing that English speakers tend to pronounce words putting the stress in the first syllable even when they're three-syllable words…

    Thanks for sharing, hoping to see how beautiful the wedding is going to be…

    Greetings from Dom. Rep.

  2. Please can you help me to speak English like you, can you please because I have problem in hearing please give the steps

  3. Hi Rachel 🙂 How are you? I live in Canada and here people speak American English as well. I mean the way you pronounce 🙂 I have a question. Sometimes, I hear people pronounce some words in a very different way, even I can't find that pronunciation on dictionary.com. For example, they pronounce milk as [me/alk]-not mIlk, also they pronounce mirror as "miar", and meal as "mel". And, sometimes Scissors to "zissors" – not with S sound, Drawer as [Jrawer] Why is that? Did I hear correctly? One more question, in this video you sounded like "Industrial" as InduSHtrial", so is it indus or dush to pronounce?

  4. Hi Rachel, you look so so happy and this place is lovely and romantic! I got my wedding in the church . Thanks so much for this nice video and to share with us about your wedding place. Congratulations  🙂

  5. hey Rachel, thank you so much for so many helpful videos. I recently talked to my friend and saying how difficult it is to say the word "library " right, even though she's american born

  6. Thank you Rachel, I consider  your lessons  very helpfull and I will put my back into it, in order to understand a lot of them and you have the coice to vary them and make us the result, ..good luck.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    me and my wife got merrid in small church in the mountins. There were only 4 of us we and our bestmen. Thank you for your lessons! Could you say more about all kinde of contractions like ain't and so on? All the best for you –  Merry Christmas from Poland

  8. Although "subordinate" is not a two-syllable word, but i will be happy if you can answer my question. I check it in 2 dictionary EPD of Cambridge and Longman pronunciation dictionary and i have 2 results. /səˈbɔːr.dɪ.nət/ and /səˈbɔːr.dɪ.neit/ and i don't know which is correct? Could you help me?

  9. oh! I have found the answer. /səˈbɔːr.dɪ.nət/ is noun and /səˈbɔːr.dɪ.neit/ is verb so there is a difference of pronunciation between them.

  10. Thanks.you did lots of work to do this video.However i like your other work better.this onem made me deasy couldn't make it to the end.good luck with the wedding and congratulations

  11. thank for your helpful videos that I have been watching. I hope you would have more ones, especially conversations in various subjects, thanks alot!

  12. Identify…… I notice you pronounce it like this : 'aidénafai,  is that right? I'm learning very much 😀

  13. Hi, Rachel! "Thanks so much for"… posting such  great videos!
    I'd like to tell you about my daughter's wedding.
    Lea met a nice american guy three years ago and she lives now in San Francisco with Dan.
    They got married in august, at Tahoe. It's was amazing! The celebration on the beach was very moved : two beautiful newly wedds, two families meeting each other, musician friends (Dan is a musician) playing guitar, childrens throwing petals of flowers, a dazzling sun, a clear water and very friendly speeches! And, of course, the exchange of rings and the kiss …accompanied by applauses and "Vivent les mariés!".
    Dan and Lea ran finally into the lake with their bride and groom clothes!
    A memorable day for all of us!
    I look forward to see news videos about your wedding. Emotions, feelings make us learn deeply  about the life…and the language!

  14. Very good video. Not very easy for a second ESL learner to guess how many syllabes can be identified ! That's a good training session ! Thanks a lot.

  15. thanks Rachel, I love your videos, my mom taught me spanish with these technique, and you make me understand how to pronunciate well, which happens to be my weakness. I always learned grammatical english and my pronunciation was like a robot, but I getting it now. so thanks… I'll like you to teach me how to pronounce medical words, would you do a video about some? thanks

  16. I used to watch this videos and if you hear my American English you won't believe that I never been to the USA thanks alot RACHEL

  17. I don't know how to make the relevancy of the word with DA da and da DA. please Rachel help me to understand this Rythym

  18. I like your American English Teaching channel and especially I like the action of your mouth when you pronounce a word
    It was very nice looking at you and how can i try like your mouth. Thanks

  19. thanks miss Rachel! this is so much fun in learning American English, I have been always struggling with my English accent.

  20. Hey rachel , thank you very much for the video.
    But there was some problems with the voice when you was at wedding venue. Can you fix that ?

  21. this episode is awesome i like it very much i have watched this video for several times .i learn a lot every time .

  22. Every video is very brilliant, so I want you share what you can teach us to be better in pronunciation.

  23. hello, my favourite English teacher! how do I know whether the first syllable will be a stressed or second syllable?

  24. Teacher , could you help me to make a video to guide how to pronounce some typical words such as : Start . Because i sort of think it's very American with the move of the mouth to sound this word. Thank you so much

  25. I need to Know more about primary stress and secondary stress.. could someone help me please?

  26. Rachel, Could you please explain more about the very word"Probably" as you said it without the middle "B" sound? I do think that it should be pronounced this way /ˈprɒb.ə.bli/ OR /ˈprɑː.bə.bli/??? Agree?

  27. Thank you so much for sharing. I have improved a lot from your videos. Thank you very much.

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