Turkey rejects Russian demand of withdrawal from Syria as tensions mount – TV7 Israel News 20.02.20

Turkey rejects Russian demand of withdrawal from Syria as tensions mount – TV7 Israel News 20.02.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Israel is preparing itself for the possibility that the coronavirus could spread to the Jewish
State. Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett asserts
that an Israeli military operation against the Jihadist organizations in Gaza would only
happen at a time and method of Jerusalem’s choosing. Tensions continue to mount in northwestern
Syria, as regime forces continue to make rapid advances – while separately – the Turkish
military heavily reinforces its forces for an imminent counteroffensive. Israel is preparing itself for the possibility
that the coronavirus could spread to the Jewish State. The Israeli Health Ministry has formulated
an emergency plan, in the event of an uncontrollable epidemic. In accordance with the plan, if up to 500
people are infected, every hospital throughout the country will allocate 30 beds for quarantined
treatment. If 1,000 and more are infected, non-urgent
medical procedures will be deferred in order to accept more patients, and in the case of
more than 2,000 recorded cases, an entire hospital will be vacated for the purpose of
treating infected patients. Meanwhile;
An isolation ward was established at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. It is intended to serve as a quarantined facility
for 12 Israelis that were evacuated from a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship, called the
Diamond Princess, which anchored in Japan. While three additional Israelis, that were
unfortunately infected by the coronavirus, will remain hospitalized in Japan; the remaining
12 Israelis are making their-way on a quarantined flight to Israel, which is scheduled to arrive
tomorrow morning. Upon arrival, they will be transported by
ambulances to the isolation ward at Tel Hashomer, where they will remain under quarantine for
two weeks under close supervision. “The Israelis who are now on board on the
ship Princess Diamonds are going to be flown here to Israel and from Israel are going to
Sheba Medical Center in this place which is quiet in isolated area in Sheba Medical Center. And here we are going to monitor them using
the Israeli startups and all the innovations we know how well to use.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
toured the newly established ward, after which he held a meeting on Israel’s preparedness
to tackle the virus. “Our policy is to prevent or postpone – as
far as possible – the entry of the virus to Israel. It seems that we have been successful up until
now. There are claims regarding over-preparation;
I prefer – and am directing – over-preparation as opposed to under-preparation.” The Israeli Premier further highlighted that
vital information about the coronavirus remains in the dark; consequently, forcing Israel
to prepare for the worst. “We still do not know what will happen with
this disease. We do not know if there is a pandemic or something
more limited, such as we have seen with the flu or SARS. We do not know; therefore, we will continue
this over-preparation until things become clear and perhaps even afterward.” Turning now to Israel’s southern front,
where; An Islamic Jihad sniper squad opened fire
from the area of Khan Yunis, which is located in the southern Gaza Strip, toward IDF troops
that were operating within Israeli territory. According to the IDF spokesperson’s unit,
the IDF troops – alongside the Israeli Police Counter Terrorism Unit YAMAM – “identified
the (Palestinian squad) through observations” and opened fire in order to eliminate the
threat. The IDF further noted that “a hit was identified”
and that thankfully, no injuries were reported among the IDF troops. Earlier this week;
Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett voiced skepticism over a long-lasting truce arrangement
with the Jihadist organizations in the Gaza Strip. In an exclusive interview with the IDF’s
Galatz Radio, the top Israeli defense official underscored that while Israel will use all
the tools at its disposal to end the terror-related activities from the Hamas-controlled territory;
it will do so at a time and method of Jerusalem’s choosing. “The policy that we implemented states that
our response will be determined by their actions for better or worse. I am not in a state of normalization, I don’t
trust anyone, I am very skeptical.” “I do not intend to be dragged into (Gaza)
and send soldiers, on their terms. The terms, the time and the method in which
we will deal with Hamas, we will determine, not them.” Turning now to Israel’s northern neighbor,
Syria – where; Tensions continue to mount in the war-torn
country’s northwestern Idlib region, as the Syrian army – along-side Iranian-backed
militias and Russian air-support – continue to make rapid advances; while separately,
the Turkish military continues to heavily reinforce its military presence for a possibly
imminent counteroffensive. “We will continue the deployment and fortification
of troops in the area to ensure the safety of the region (Idlib) and the civilians there.” The Turkish President’s spokesman further
noted that ongoing talks between Ankara and Moscow officials remain unsatisfactory. “There has been no satisfactory outcome from
the negotiations until now. We did not accept the map and the paper offered
to us.” According to Ankara’s Defense Minister Hulusi
Akar, a Russian demand for a Turkish withdrawal is out of the question; while further emphasizing
that any attacks on Turkish forces will be met with a retaliatory response. “Withdrawing from our observation posts [in
Idlib] is out of question. We reiterated that any attack on Turkish observation
posts would be retaliated. So, we expect the parties [in Idlib] to rapidly
comply with their commitments under the Sochi deal such that a cease-fire could be achieved
and bloodshed can be stopped. We have complied and we expect the other parties
to do the same.” In response to the latest threats voiced in
Ankara; Moscow warned that a Turkish military operation against Syrian government forces
in the Idlib region would be a worst-case scenario. “If it is about operation against legitimate
Syrian authorities and Syrian army, it would be the worst-case scenario.” The Kremlin’s spokesman further emphasized
that Turkey had the duty to eliminate the terrorist groups in Idlib. And, unless its imminent military operation
aims to fight those Jihadist organizations, in accordance with the Sochi Agreement; its
future military adventures are deemed illegal. “If it is about operation against legitimate
Syrian authorities and Syrian army, it would be the worst-case scenario.” It is important to mention that a Russian
source informed TV7 that in spite of the voiced deadlock in talks between Ankara and Moscow
officials, some progress has been achieved. Meanwhile;
In light of the latest developments in Syria; French president Emmanuel Macron insists that
the American withdrawal from Syria was the key reason for Russia’s increase of dominance
in the war-torn country. Speaking to the Munich security conference
earlier this week, the French leader made an analogy between Russia’s influence over
Syria and Ukraine. “The American withdrawal, even if it was
corrected retrospectively, I think was an error in Syria, because it allowed other powers
to fill that space. And in the same way, we let them advance in
many fields of operation – and as they felt we were weak, they did what they did in Ukraine.”

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    The Quebecois need a new HOMELAND.

  2. The lord protect Israel from any pestilence as he have promise he will never forsake nor leave his people peace be still on Jerusalem and Israel 🇮🇱 shalom from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  3. Soon Turkey Bring Peace In Syria 🇸🇾🇹🇷🇵🇰 Best Wishes For All Muslims From Pakistan!!

    In Sha ALLAH Syrian People Live Happy Life Under Strong Muslim Government ☝️ One Ummah

  4. Peace be unto you…
    The Turkish Government does not accept the map offered to them?

    Obvious admission to hostile takeover of land belonging to a sovereign country…

    With Peace Sakinah

  5. russia got much more good missiles then turkey, and turkey got much more professinal army then russia turkey have only un tested missile systems, this will be very interesting.

  6. Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria are all bad actors. When they get their differences settled they will move on Israel to their destruction. When reading the Old Testament one major point is people never learn. The French government of Macron blaming the United States for the current fighting is expected and typical of them. Just wishing peace for Israel seems inadequate. I always hope for victory over those that seek to destroy Israel. Soon no one but God will stand with you and you will be in better Hands. Give yourself over to God and He will not fail you.

  7. So Macron says the American withdrawal was a mistake. Kindly send french troops Mr Macron and you take up the burden if you don't like American policy. Talk is cheap when it isn't your troops in harms way.

  8. Vladimir Putin, is the fourth beast, the one like unto a bear, mentioned in Revelation 13:2, and Daniel 7:5, whom is also the rider of the red horse, in Revelation 6:3:4, yet to be given power to take peace from the earth, after all relevant world leaders sign a covenant declaring world peace, which will be the troublous times Jerusalem is to be rebuilt within, also mentioned in Daniel 9:25 KJV… before the antichrist, whom is the one like unto a leopard, mentioned in Revelation 13:2, and Daniel 7:6, is to be revealed sitting in the temple of God, as if he is God.


  10. Israel will be smart to attack Gaza when Turkey and Syria attack eachother. Greece can also retake cyprus. This will make Russia, syria and Iran stronger. Iraq will join them anfld together they are going to try to attack Israel.

  11. God bless the Pakistanian in the Israeli in people just the real facts are that they are all one people but they're divided so they own greedy purposes God Allah wasn't a divider he was a uniter to all the races

  12. “Come now,” says Adonai,
    “let’s talk this over together.
    Even if your sins are like scarlet,
    they will be white as snow;
    even if they are red as crimson,
    they will be like wool.
    If you are willing and obedient,
    you will eat the good of the land;
    but if you refuse and rebel,
    you will be eaten by the sword”;
    for the mouth of Adonai has spoken.”
    Isaiah 1:18-20

  13. I wish that the U.S. would take all of our military equipment out of Turkey. I don't like the odds that knucklehead (the Turkey prez) won't start a war just cause he feels like it.

  14. Peace and Security for the entire world, including Israel, and especially Syria because as you know, the mothers of Israel were Syrian, and I hope, Israel won't spit in their mother's face by disrespecting the covenants between God, Israel, and Syria…that would be a very bad curse on Israel. Many moons ago, I cursed my own mother and while doing so, I got the brilliant idea of cursing God too, all because of cold food. By the time I got through cursing them all, I sat back in the train and made myself comfortable, feeling good and manly now. I was about 16 at the time. When I looked up, and saw the train number, not only was I on the WRONG train, but I was heading in the WRONG direction, and towards the absolute worst part of New York City. My first thought was….you guessed it…. "Oh God, no, no ,no!!" I had that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach like judgement was instantly passed on me, and I broke out in cold sweat one time. Probably the fastest turn around in history because it was instant regret and realization of not only what I had said, but I must be crazy to have said it all. I prayed for forgiveness and never stopped, and station after station, after station kept passing by until the train arrived at the last stop. I didn't know where I was and had no more money on me, and no one…no one was around. I was still praying though, and by some miracle, I was able to find my way on the other side of the platform and just in time too. I got onboard, and eventually by 3am found my way home. That lesson left a mark I will always remember and the symbology of going in the WRONG direction was the most important part of the lesson. I hope Israel will see that in who they are supporting and feeding in the war and suffering in Syria. If Israel can establish business agreements with Saudi Arabia, then it can establish economic and friendly ties with Syria. Everyone wants to trade and make money. Not everything in the world is about oil and energy control. God is in control and for whether Israel likes it or not, God has chosen you as His people, and He will continue to chastise you until you learn your place, and pick up your crown. Until then, you're kicking thorns.

  15. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is a modern-day replica of Benito Mussolini, and as with Mussolini he will fall. Turkey has no real allies which also includes Russia, who basically use them as a means to an end. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will eventually turn on Greece in the vain hope of a proto Ottoman Empire, which will lead to the immediate intervention of Russia going for the occupation of Turkey, while NATO will look on with that now very familiar stance of denial that nothing like that could happen on the doorstep of Europe. All the markers are nearly in place yet nobody sees it coming, and Turkey will be decimated due to Erdoğan.

  16. The God of Israel use Turkey to punish Syria, because Syria allowed to used by Iran, Syria deserved that pain. God blessed Israel 🙏🙏😍😍

  17. Lol how about Russia retreats back to Siberia? What a joke lmao We are coming lol don’t run away now, you will all taste the Ottoman slap soon enough 👋

  18. All funds spent do to this coronavirus should be paid by the Chinese Military for their escaped engineered virus they seem to have created. Doesnt the city this was based in contain a military bio research facility? The Chinese ambassador didn’t deny the possibility. That’s as close to an admission you can get from the communist

  19. I’m not Jewish, however, I have total respect for the Israelis. I myself would support and commit to supporting any Israel action. God bless Israel. 🇬🇧🇮🇱🇺🇸

  20. God forbid such a virus on Israel soil! and even if evil comes- it will be defeated! much love and prayers for Israel…. from far away Latvija.

  21. 🇹🇷Who is Turks?🇹🇷
    The reason of Great Wall of china(METE)

    The govemment who begged europe(ATİLLA)

    The govermment who drive the ships from the ground and start a new era(FATİH)

    The government who defeated 200.000 soldiers while it has only 50.000 soldiers(ALPARSLAN)

    Turkey is strong and hardworking country 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  22. Corona virus needs Quarantine & Isolation fr. Public to stop the spreading.

    1. Preparedness is very important
    2. Action plan on what to do
    plan A,B &C
    3. Cure/ finding cure or medical breakthroughs

  23. https://youtu.be/vlsAX5AmSmo God spoke to me that in future Russia could be split in two or more nations, if these guys starts to wanted to be ditactors and not show respect in words for small nations around them, they have a very big land already if they not know how to work as a nation and uses their military to better of a nation will be splited in future, a very bad civil war will happens there if Putin not leaves the power, … so that is why God not wants US to plans to kill Putin let the feelings of dictators grow inside him and that he feels big because could be a starting for God split the nation, since these people are feelings too big, and thinking in control people by force too, instead give power to the people ad a nation

    If they starts a civil war in future do like in Venezuela put other president also, making in one side be the dictator and the other the president, tj6e free nation …because God could make with them like happened in North Korea and South Korea , the same way could happen in Russia … spliting the land the territory in two narions or more because these people are feelings very big as a nation in territory. ..and using this power to think wrong as a nation, that should give rights to people and titles to people,,be passing the titles of the government making others also feel proud as president , and in titles the nations gives…

    but instead they are there full about feed the feelings of one man in the office of presidency like he is the only one able to be lead the nation as long his heart wishes….
    Maybe God will help them by sending someone closer to kill Putin and save their future and this not happens everthing of their future also depends in blessing and decisions of their present people…but mayne someone closer soldier of the side of Putin will open the eyes and see that if he is trying to become a ditactor will kill him for the better of their future as nation because look around is dictators who divide nations, if you let the people lead they always wants be one as nation

    religious dictatorship and dictators is what can divide the nation when one thinks they who are the powerful ones to make decisions and to control a nation …
    If you let the people lead, they will never divide this nation

    Russians if you love the size of your nation in territory, careful to not permit only a man leading the nation like he is a type of dictators because that is what could cause the split of the land in future and other nation be founded there like happened in North Korea and South Korea, the place once was divided, as the Lord told me will happens too in Russia if….

  24. Turkey does not have the right to be in Syria's soil at all! They need to get the hell out of Syria!
    Turkey just want to invade part of Syria's territory and keep it for it self!👎😆👎

  25. Israel praying for you, Jonathan Hessen and family, Netanyahu and all Jewish people 🙏 God Himself will protect Israel❣️Praying for the peace and salvation of Israel ❣️ EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS ❣️🙏😇

  26. Israel you have TOO MANY FRONTS!!!!!! March everyone of those ISLAMICS out of Israel, they can go to Lebanon or Egypt. Bulldoze Gaza and put in Hotels!!! ANY GOOS GENERAL WOULD TELL YOU, YOU HAVE TOO MANY FRONTS!!!!!

  27. in case of Quarintine.

    suspected with Corona should be treated outside the Facility ER,
    like Building a tent( just be careful of Balloon incidents)or
    garage type ER isolated fr. the rest of the ER so virus dont spread fr. the rest of the patients.

    in the West they build a tent outside the ER vacant parking lot area during the Ebola outbreak

  28. For people that take care of Corona patients just boost ur immune system with Probiotics & Vit. D3/ 1hr. of Sunlight before 10AM.

    who knows for the Patients infected w/ corona if this Antiviral meds work or worse come to worse hopefully no blood transfusions or something!

    Pray for cure & stop the spread of Virus throughout the world!

  29. The turks appear to prefer to support terrorists, they have an inflated view of their strength and that will be their undoing. Turkey is nearly bankrupt so carry on and let erdogan waste more of your money he will soon be removed.

  30. Jer 31:35  Thus says the LORD, Who gives the sun for light by day, And the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar; The LORD of hosts is His name: 

    Jer 31:36  "If this fixed order departs From before Me," declares the LORD, "Then the offspring of Israel also shall cease From being a nation before Me forever."

  31. I'm asking this question every day, and often to my elected officials: Why are we watching Turkey invade Syrian territory that's held by the RUSSIANS, and we're not disavowing them with one hand and punishing them with the other? We're doubling down instead, and binding ourselves to Turkey's outrageous and illegal aggression. They have gone radical, nationalist, Islamist, egotistically maniacal, fallen victim to Erdogan's cult of personality or something. Whatever- that's their problem. But we (USA) can't let it become our problem, so let's cut them loose -now, if not yesterday- and let them march to their doom, if they insist.

  32. Turkey vs. Russia??? What do you even call a fight like that? NATO isn't going to help the Turks spread dawa. They are fools……. the Russians will swat them like a mosquito…… https://youtu.be/huVXV0Lkujw

  33. I wonder if Russia is regretting selling those S400s to Turkey, or if Turkey is regretting buying them. Because it's probably both about now. Ha ha. FU, Erdogan. Pretty clever, aren't you?

  34. Peace for IsraeLIE ? Yahushua , The LAMB OF GOD, sent a gift delivered by Princess Diamond. We hear, look for the worst …. AND more to come. Kings, burnt offerings & temple, PLEASE. #negrohebowgumbo

  35. If Israel figures out a way to stop this virus I never wanna hear anything bad about Israel again because it will be made to help all nations

  36. Let Macron and the French go try keep the peace in the Middle East. Europe is weak and morally foolish. They love to talk and pass resolutions. The Trump doctrine is to get out of wars. (with exceptions for precision strikes on bad guys)

  37. Russia thinks she owns the whole world , good job Turkey stand against Russia and her puppet Assad's aggression .

  38. History repeats itself.
    Exodus 23:27
    27 I will send my terror before you, and will throw into confusion all the people against whom you shall come, and I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you.

  39. Remember USA ….GOD loves your nation for being a friend to the world…. so don't interfere in Syria….. because Turkey have a history of invading and destroying the worship places of other FAITH… They have become proud and arrogant which GOD HATES!!!

  40. A imagination warning to Russia
    https://youtu.be/-PHLBxsxjA0 the Lord says that before God your imagination about creating weapons and bombs against other humans is high and the angels of God will have to act in the air dimension against you,

  41. Russia must help Kurdish rebels give good strong missiles must riched all Conner Turkey now Turkey plaining to steal Syria land

  42. Why is Russia bombing innocent people at they Syrian border with turkey Russia talks about America but it's alright for them to bomb innocent children in a country that does not belong to them or why is NATO not doing something about this

  43. Turkey 🇹🇷 is neighbor and eorst affected by Bashar brutality,
    But russian have nothing to do in Syria they must not Support Bashar the butcher

  44. துருக்கியே சிரியாவைவிட்டு வெலியேரு வெலியேரு

  45. நெத்தென்யாவுக்கு இந்தியனின் வணக்கம் வாழ்கவளமுடன்

  46. If Emmanuel Macron thinks it was a mistake for the US to leave Syria, perhaps he should have replaced our troops with French young people? How smug he is. Forgive me for my anger Lord and please come soon.

  47. Wow! lets all pray for Mr. Hesson and his TV7 Israel News family; and all Israelis that God, the Father of our Lord jesus Christ will keep them safe!

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