Trump Would Reject Climate Refugees (That He Creates)

Trump Would Reject Climate Refugees (That He Creates)

let’s go to the phones and see what is on
people’s minds today. The phone number is of course (617) 830-4750
and we will start today from our caller from the seven three seven area code color from
seven three seven. What’s your name? Where are you calling from? Hello. That is you. It this Bay. Yes, it is. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Um, so I was about to ask a question. Yep. Um, it’s on the topic of climate change. It has been estimated that by the year 2050,
there will be 200 million climate refugees in countries such as New Zealand, which I’m
from, right? We have deported climate refugees when those
people have been in need. And I also understand that Donald Trump has
some very inhumane policies at the border and in regards to rejecting asylum seekers
that are coming in to the United States, I wonder what the rate of job losses that are
estimated to come about due to automation in the next 20 years. We have, we could see the rise of horrific
demagoguery and potentially a sort of fascist line and a fascist in a fascist way of thinking
more and more in our politics. Yeah. So that’s interesting the way you phrase it
and frame it because the climate refugee crisis is going to your so, so okay. On the one hand you will have people like
me who have been saying, you need to understand that climate destabilization is a national
security issue. It is a population issue. It is a public health issue because it has
these externalities. We’re eventually, people are going to need
to go somewhere else. On the other hand, it is going to be you. I mean it’s like, listen, we already know
how the anti-immigrant right is going to use it. They’ll say this now justifies making our
immigration law even more draconian and [inaudible] and honestly, they will probably convince
some people with those arguments. Uh, probably. Yeah. Um, there has to be a massive cultural shift
to take place. Yeah. S um, recent examples like say what the Australians
are doing, which I do recommend you pay attention to with detaining refugees on Madison [inaudible]
become more and more mainstream. I could see some horrific possibilities become
the case. Who’s to say that a, you know, he’s the site
us Navy won’t simply reject and asylum seeking vessel coming in from say the Pacific right
from a nation such as care about and to for Lou and tow that boat out into un-see where
the waters and leave and and leave a VSL that is unseaworthy to simply sink. Of course, if Donald Trump was president in
30 years, the logical extension of his attitude today towards immigrants would be, Hey folks,
we’re closed the, but you just, you can’t come in. We’re closed. Boat’s going to have to go somewhere else. I mean, I don’t think it would even be remotely
surprising that that’s how he would react to the scenario. Your, your outline. Yeah, for sure. I just see this situation as being so damn
diarrhea. There’s no other way for me to put it. Right. Okay. Yeah. We’re going to have to bleep that and I appreciate
your phone call and a very well-made point and we will build up that and we will be in
very good shape. Okay. Thank you so much. I appreciate the phone call. We will talk to you soon.

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  1. Isto e uma ironia colocar os movimentos da natureza . com telecomunicação .e a tecnologia .que são elas que provoca estes desastre .desde que o Mundo.e Mundo .sempre teve suas mudanças climáticas.e suas catástrofe.o resto e invençã quem não tem o que fazer .em época que nem esta tecnologia existia .nos anos 50 60 .não tinha computador nem celular .

  2. Conservatives are hateful disgusting people that deserve no respect and civility at all…….they don't deserve it

    P.S Happy Genocide Of Native Americans Day

  3. Trump will reject the responsibility of the terrorism problem that he's currently creating…
    Dear People who died fighting ISIS, You've done it for nothing, fuck y'all.
    -Bone Spurs the first

  4. Another absurd Republican talking point is that we aren't responsible for the thousands of migrants heading for the US border despite the fact that our horrific foreign policy decisions in Latin America gave rise to regional instability and mass migration in the first place.

  5. Supporting Trump is like, "nuking a hurricane!"

    Lmsao 😆 😁.Build that space wall to protect Trump's dark side of the Moon Nazi base from the illegal aliens.

    We cannot afford for these aliens to take good probing jobs from the Republicans.

    Because, the only thing Republicans know how to do is probe.

  6. This is video is stupid and dishonest. If climate change has been happening for 40 years–remember the new ice age scare in the '70's?–how did Trump create climate change refugees? Also, David, your Orwellian language skills are perfect. Refugees. Asylum seekers. Immigrants. But not one word about illegal aliens. Keep it up. I'm sure you'll go to the head of your "No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!" class.

  7. Im sorry … I gotta unsubscribe from these news channels for awhile … I no longer feel optimistic and it's depressing me so bad .

  8. There are quite a number of climate refugees due to islands being swallowed up by the rising sea levels, to the coffee bean plants are being destroyed by a fungus in Guatemala. There are ancient olive trees also dying in Italy. Just today, a woman of Turkey claiming the lack of water because of droughts. In a previous documentary, the water is cause for fighting. When water is available, you get a liter, maybe two but there has been blood shed. Those who claim climate change is a hoax, live in their ivory tower's full of luxury. You can't drink a golden throne nor out of it.

  9. All I want is for Trump to either go for a ride in Dealey Plaza in a convertible or go catch a show at Ford's Theatre.

    Is that too much to ask?

  10. David is so good at creating straw man content! He answers the ridiculous questions that no one else is even asking. What’s next? In 30years will trump still be eating cheeseburgers even though the Left has gone completely Vegan?

  11. Hey, why not cover the recent project veritas video exposing CNN? Instead of this Climate Crap? You're boring as faggot!

  12. Washington Post:
    October 14, 2019 at 7:14 PM EDT

    On Friday, in a closed-door speech at the University of Notre Dame, Attorney General William P. Barr talked at length about a “campaign to destroy the traditional moral order.”

    The alleged perpetrator of this campaign?

    “Militant secularists,” who insist upon keeping government institutions free from the influence of any faith or creed.

    To be clear: This was not merely an affirmation — delivered by a devout Catholic, while visiting a Catholic university — of how privately taught religious values can contribute to character development or stronger communities.

  13. Remember when Al Gore was wrong about climate change? The world didn't end. Same thing again. Climate change is just a money making scheme

  14. My goodness! There are a lot of vocal science deniers and conspiracy theorists in this comment section. It's painfully sad how prevalent willful ignorance is in this country.

  15. Since Florida and most of Georgia would be underwater, not to mention Boston, New York and Washington as well. Many climate refugees would be from America itself.

  16. This isn't really a counterpoint to this as I fully believe that this would happen but in the Mediterranean Sea right now we have 'charities' that are actively assisting in smuggling people leaving Africa for economic reasons, intentionally or not.
    To the best of my knowledge these boats don't even leave the African territorial waters before they're picked up and brought up all the way to Italy instead of being returned to the much closer Africa and even if it's not intentionally aiding the smugglers they have started playing in on this by sending out people in boats that will under no circumstance make it across so they can let the people waiting for them do the work, if the ones on the 'boat' are lucky enough to be spotted.

    I know someone will attack me for this but yes, of course there are people actually fleeing for the safety of their lives but I find it hard to believe that someone with an iPhone 7 in a refugee camp and had to pay thousands to smugglers to be sent across didn't have the means to immigrate legally.

  17. by 2100 650 million people will be displaced by sea level rise that's 1 in 12 people in the world if you're bad at maths. 625 million people's primary water source is from glaciers those will be gone too by 2100 that's another 1 in 12. so by 2100 1 out of every 6 people in the world will be refugees that's according to the 3rd special IPCC report that was out the other week. But 2100 is a long way off and according to the numbers global food production was down around 20% last year (no droughts or anything not that exciting just about 8 days worth of rain meant the seeds rotted before they rooted, that's the reality of farming it doesn't take floods or droughts just takes the regular cycles being disrupted) if that happens again this year we'll be heading for massive social instability a lot of places as the wealthy countries ship in supplies from all over to stock the shelves and leave shortages in the poorer countries. The system was designed to fill in gaps for when individual crops fail here and there, wasn't designed to handle sustained failures, could get messy, imagine a house of cards and it'll collapse long before 2100.

  18. I really cant take david seriously when everything is about trump. How did "trump" create climate change? "if trump was president in 30 years" ………… He won't be so why even make that reference? Knock it off David!

  19. Why are people so mad at America for climate change? Over the 9 years, we have had the largest drop in pollution output as opposed to any other country. Also we only account for about 13% of worldwide pollution, why are we not talking about how India and China aren’t doing their fair share.

    Okay the flip side, republicans aren’t anti immigrant, they’re anti illegal immigrant. There’s a very big difference.

  20. Luckily TRUMP, Ross, McConnell, Graham and all these dinosaurs will be in a nursing home, a coffin or ashes in jar. etc. 30 years from now. Hopefully it will be 5 years or less to stop spewing their poison to the world.

  21. How can Trump create climate refugees today? CO2 forcing takes decades to manifest. Sea levels began to rise in 1890s nearly half a century after the discovery of oil.

    Any anthropogenic climate events in 2019 would have been caused by oil and wood and coal burned in the 1970s.
    China and India have been burning for centuries before The West existed.
    No one mentions their pollution or denuded environment.

  22. To be fair to trump 🤮( sorry writing that made me sick) but most Republicans cause this and rould turn down refugees

  23. (1) Some people are natural climate cycle science deniers. They are all in on 'man made climate change'.
    (2) The US has no duty to take in so called 'climate refugees', which is even a actual term.
    (3) Pretending for a moment that 'man made climate change' exists, it would fall to China and India to take them in because they are the biggest polluters.

  24. The left created climate change by not supporting mass deportations over the last 20 years. Pakman's number: 10 million undocumented immigrants presently in the USA. Why are the here? To support dirty industry, drive cars, consume, release carbon emissions. Was the a green deal in sight? No. Will there be one? As Pakman stated, the Senate will remain the same. The left shot itself in the foot. After supporting the undocumented immigrants, they want to tell you about "wealth disparity". Thanks for feeding temp services all these years?

  25. David's reaction to someone cussing is always absolutely fucking hilarious and sometimes a bit indistinguishable from parody.

  26. We will have climate change refugees in the country in any case that is American citizens who will have to finally leave the fire catastrophes in California or coastal areas which will continue to get slammed yearly by massive cat 5 storms.

  27. Democrats want to….
    – censor speech
    – revise history
    – disarm citizens
    -push racial division
    -embrace collective punishment
    -embrace anti-science
    -enact authoritarian socialist policies
    like every tyrant, dictator and despot has done throughout history to subjugate people.
    Stop voting Democrat if you want the madness to end.

  28. So what are Democrats going to do now that there is video evidence of CNN lying and pushing propaganda?
    (cover their ears) Dem sheep " lala la la lala la"
    "you can't make me look".

  29. David's synopsis of his video "more OPINIONS from Democrat losers"
    Didn't you just do a video on dogwhistles?
    All the Democrats have are imagined slights…dogwhistles by their media….
    No proof of anything racist.
    No proof of homophobia.
    No proof of Islamophobia.
    No proof of concentration camps….and NO, places where people are free to go home are not concentration camps….places where people travel thousands of miles to get to are not concentration camps.

  30. Eventually the refugee numbers will be a billion or in the billions, and I'm sure public opinion will turn and rich countries will use severe tactics to protect what's left. Sadly it's true that the only way to save anything will be to keep some areas from being destroyed by vast overpopulation.

  31. Did anyone see the speech William Barr gave at Notre Dame? Mother Jones headline – Attorney General Barr Rages Against Secularist “Assault” on Religion.

  32. Trumpist – Silly Leftist. You thought Trump would take responsibility for his actions. HAH. You are a gullible Moron.

  33. 🤷🏼‍♂️ what do you expect? US policy is already very often the cause of refugees , economic refugees, violent far right dictators propped up and supported by the US, destabilization of countries through a mix of economic sanctions and warfare , support of terrorists… If the right doesn't want to accept the refugees that the US already creates why would they accept refugees created by yet another US policy?

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