Trump and Macron try to defuse tension: ‘We want a strong Europe’

Trump and Macron try to defuse tension: ‘We want a strong Europe’

I do share president Trump’s
view that we need a much better burden-sharing
within Nato. And that’s why I do believe
that my proposals for European defence are totally
consistent with that because it means more Europe
within Nato, more capacity in order to pay our part
of the burden. And I think it’s very fair
and very important. – I appreciate what you’re
saying about burden-sharing. You know what my attitude’s
been and we want a strong Europe –
that’s very important to us, to have a strong Europe
and, whichever way we can do it the best and
most efficient would be something that we
both want. We’re getting along from
the standpoint of fairness and want it to be fair. We want to help Europe
but it has to be fair. Right now the burden-sharing
has been largely on the United States as
the president will say and he understands that. And he understands that the
United States can only do so much in fairness
to the United States.

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  1. Macron President said that 『Great Soldiers』= we Want to Strong (Nazism) European?
    Rising right-wing forces in Europe

  2. I notice the Guardian have played down the significance of Emmanuel Macron calling for the creation of a “true European army” to allow the EU defend itself from threats ranging from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin.
    They don't want to give Leavers ammo in the Brexit fight…

  3. Big Baby President …TRIGGERED BY LOSING HOUSE DURING MIDTERMS SWEATING OVER IMPEACHMENT I'm not going to memorial to honor falling American and ally soldiers now's raining and I'll spoil my hair* the MAN BABY has no shame he has no moral compass

  4. I forecasted years ago that the eu was gearing up to create a European Superstate army, Macron just admitted this. My thoughts were, if they did create this eu super arm, they would eventually, (not in my life time, I'm 72) attack the United States of America. This was part of Adolf Hitlers dream, his 4th Reich. President Trump was correct to say Macron was out of line to talk about this super eu armed force. The only reason this little slimy frenchman is in power instead of Marine Pen, is because the secret society the "Bilderberg Group" put him in office. Macron has NO real experience in politics, nobody knew who he was before the election. President Trump should NOT trust this little frog.

  5. i think trump wore himself out masurbating inside the bathroom on air force one. lets get this lying masturbating maggot of a president impeached and MAPA-Make America Proud Again!!!

  6. A strong Europe Defence force would be wonderful, then they can tell Trump and his minions to piss off. Europe doesn't OWE America any money for NATO. It is agreed that each country spend about 2% GDP on defence in NATO…NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION…not north american. America needs to be VERY careful now because if EUrope goes solo, all those US bases…will vanish.

  7. Trump clearly uncomfortable here. He knows what they want and no amount of blabber from this frenchman will change the fact that what they said about defending europe from the likes of russia, china and america is how they truly feel and is what they have been planning for a long time. This european union and european army is not being built just to protect europe, it's an empire in the making. They want to get rid of everything that makes each individual euro nation great and replace it with a machine in order to expand territory. One flag, one language, one currency, one army. Every war and battle ever won within europe will be for nothing. Every soldier killed in europe in ww1 and 2 and every war between euro nations before it in order to achieve something… for nothing. That's what a european army means.

  8. Macron is a young and sexually tolerant guy. Trump is an experienced and not boring president. Probably, they will never cross closely with each other.

  9. Wow… the pedo leg grab is going around in all news thumbnails….is that really necessary…i mean its apparent macron likes his lovers old like his pedo teacher he married….but SO UNNECESSARY 😂😂😂

  10. I met an educated French couple at Yellowstone park. In conversation, they were surprised that I knew of their favorite beach. I told them that all Americans know of Normandy beach where 209,000 allied soldiers died liberating France from the Nazis.

  11. by reading their body language, Macron and Trump both understand that the Donald has no idea what Macron is talking about. then Trump seals the deal by indicating that Macron understands Trumps feelings on the matter, while sending an unconscious signal that he will no doubt make a nasty tweet some time later. one which will mention something about everything being very unfair. the sgnal is in the form of the infamous illuminati vagina symbol.

  12. I wouldnt be surprised if europe build their super army then turn on the usa as trump isnt letting them walk all over him like before,hopefully not as i like the americans as a brit. I do actually think trump is a good president and seems patriotic but just pisses about abit and has a laugh.i do hope our 2 countries never fall out but i dont think that would happen.

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