Treating Bipolar without Medication

Treating Bipolar without Medication

What talk therapies are effective for bipolar
and can people be treated for bipolar without medication?
Let’s do the second one first. Generally speaking, medicine is the way to go with bipolar disorder.
We don’t have a lot of evidence that therapy
helps for bipolar at least in a direct way of decreasing mania or
improving mood, especially when it’s that severe for bipolar. Medicine is usually the
option. Most doctors are likely to encourage you to stay
on it as long as possible, if not for life. The therapies usually come in to help people
identify patterns in terms of what things might trigger
manic or depressive episodes, to provide support and education and also to help families. Someone
asked, “How can my husband and I cope with his bipolar diagnosis?” I would say to see
a therapist for those things or join a support group.
There are people who have been there or people who understand and the professionals, generally,
are really good at just helping people get a structure
and build their life around the bipolar idea. The thing
is, when people here that they’re bipolar, they immediately just start to think their
whole life is going to come falling apart, which doesn’t have to
be the case, but it does have to be treated actively and I think
you should be consulting with a therapist as to how it does impact relationships and
things like that.

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  1. What about allowing the episodes to take their course with proper care/safety and helping clients gain psychological and spiritual insights. Aren't the medications just to alleviate immediate symptoms rather than provide a deeper awareness? Might there be wisdom, healing and growth that arise within the disorder itself that can be uncovered in the sobriety of one's innate psyche?

  2. My husband was diagnosed with the disorder at 16. He refuses meds because he says they "zombify" him. It does help to recognize the patterns so I know what's about to happen. However it doesn't make it any easier deal with. I pretty much have accepted that its going to go the way he let's it. Sometimes it even seems as if he enjoys having an excuse to be mean and moody. But after a while when things are "normal" I couldn't ask for a better husband.

  3. Medication for Bipolar reduces life span by 15-20 years. 15-20 years! It also has huge side effects which can be as bad or worse than an episode. They also don't actually fully control the symptoms. So you'll have episodes any way. All in all a really bad deal. Work out strategies that work for you. Talk to your partner and tell them how you feel. Keep yourself safe. The meds won't do that.

  4. Bipolar sufferers can easily be treated without medication. Check out truehope empower plus. Checkout functional medicine. Checkout Orthomolecular psychiatry. Bipolar disease is just the result of a nutrional deficient brain. Drugs are USELESS. Therapy is POINTLESS until the brain gets what it needs and then you can re-learn how to live. Don't listen to this doctor, he's a trained drug pusher, take a pill to sleep, a pill to wake, a pill to be happy, a pill to be less manic. oh dear

  5. Yes i totally agree they are total gangster's I am definitley considering em power plus but I am looking for more answer's have you had any experience's with it yourself?

  6. I use empower to help with my depression. Im currently being treated for mood swings caused by food intolerances so im not totally 'cured'. But i have serious GI and food issues. I personally know of one Bipolar II who has no symptoms as long as he takes empower. I have another friend who is currently taking empower on max dose and will be reducing his meds next week. He is Bipolar I. I have met others online who all state it has worked or is helping them reduce meds. It really is awesome stuff

  7. Fuck bipolar pills if you feel angry take a run bycicle or box if you can't sleep drink wine or beer .never listen to those motherfucking doctors what's wrong if you get mad who's fault is it you or the one that started it .I'll give you advice if you know someone is schizophrenic don't bother them they probably on drugs or something.

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