100 Replies to “Tove Lo – Sweettalk my Heart (Official Video)”

  1. "💖 Great work. 💖 Don’t forget to submit your work to the Berlin Music Video Awards, follow the link for more info: http://www.berlinmva.com/main/submissions/

  2. Like how half of everyone is just hating on her when she's actually quit very talented she has the confidence to make this video in her own special way to me thats more than Arianna grande what tf ever her name is can do!!!!

  3. This song is not just about a couple, I relate to it with my friendship. Many of my friends after finishing college moved across the country to different universities and all our promises that one day we will meet again or we remember that time we spent in college are slowly seeming to fade. Hoping this long distance doesn't make this bond weaker 😟

  4. Hey girl, i like your music and i like you. So sweet, take a kisses from Ukrainian guy. I think you are fire! I am crazy a little bit like you 😉

  5. Tove Lo is a beautiful artist I think she is not recognized as one of the greatest pop artists of our time just because she's not from the states.
    But everything is there the charisma the song writing the controversial image the creativity and in a old school way she doesn't only make hits but she drops good albums with no filler songs.
    She can be vulnerable , sexy, kinky, dark, and make good party songs.
    She impersonates her zodiac sign in a creative way like prince did with the Gemini thing back in the 80's
    So yeah I love Tove Lo and she diserves all the success and recognition as one of the pop G.O.A.T.S of our time .

  6. I love this and all of her songs she is so underated why? Idk but i jus made a cover of this
    Hope you like it ❤

  7. It would mean a lot to me if you checked out my first track, I am just getting started as a musician and need someone else than family and friends to listen to it 😊

  8. I used want love
    the love when the 2 people who are so in love with and can't live without each other. But now I just want to make enough money 2 4get about love!!

  9. I could have sworn there was another music video for sweettalk my heart…like she was in a bedroom with a nightgown or something.

    I liked the more lowkey aesthetic. It seems it was taken down 🙁

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