Top 10 Self Soothing Techniques to Help Cope with #Anxiety and #Stress | #selfsoothing

Top 10 Self Soothing Techniques to Help Cope with #Anxiety and #Stress | #selfsoothing

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  1. I’m on the autism spectrum and have inattentive adhd, so anxiety + depression tends to coincide. Sensory deprivation has helped me in the past, along with being immersed in video games and deep breathing. Meditation at night, before I go to sleep, has helped my brain learn how to “shut off”, and has given me a good night’s sleep.

  2. I was looking at one of those swing chairs last year, but they were just too pricey in Canada. I was pricing them out again just yesterday, and of course I didn't immediately pull the trigger so I missed a really good sale. sigh

  3. Awesome review thanks. I suffered from panick attacks for years. Saw so many psychiatrist. Nothing worked until i found Wonderbro on youtube. Well..he cured me. Saved my life. Maybe that could help☺

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I just had a great chat with my therapist last night, and she suggested some of the same things. One thing I like to do is to take an hour, lay down in bed and listen to soothing music. For me, the music from Twin Peaks is soothing. Or, I'll throw on a meditation from the Destressify app, which I highly recommend. It's free and so helpful. Thanks again!💜

  5. Initially, I was worried about not being able to leave, not being able to congregate, and the like but I've found peace in knowing there are alternatives to be social, we can keep the noise to a minimum and we can all be together safe in our home. I use soft ear plugs to drown out the noise!

  6. My dog helps me with anxiety. Being able to sit with his head on my lap while I'm petting him is a great way for me to calm down. I also recommend finding a therapist even though it can take more than one until you find the person you connect with. I was very grateful when I found that right one who got me through my divorce and rebuild my confidence.

  7. I need to learn some self soothing techniques. I get over stimulated easily and it can make for some uncomfortable experiences as I'm trying not to panic or get angry but everything is just piling up.

  8. Being autistic is hard when it comes to self soothing. There are several techniques that just don't work for me because I can't wrap my brain about them. But I find myself rocking and using Mochi for self soothing. If I'm not home I have a ring on my thumb that I twist on my thumb or I tend to fidget with my face jewelry. Also sitting in the bath in complete darkness sometimes helps, I guess that's my version of sensory deprivation. I hope you're doing okay right now. I think about you a lot. I hope Dave is doing well. 🖤🖤🖤

  9. Your wonderful for sharing these techniques. I am a Stay At Home Grandma, of a 2yr old. For safety reasons, I have only been out once to get groceries. Michigan issued Stay At Home Orders, effective today. I find myself wanting to snack which is not helpful. Need to try some of these suggestions. I think the toddler and I would benefit from more fresh air. We live across the street from a beautiful playground. It is against my better judgement to go there because toddlers and children always have their hands in mouth. We will walk and avoid hard surfaces of the playground.

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