Top 10 Diabetes Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid

Top 10 Diabetes Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid

Hello, I am Ty Mason of,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I want to talk about the 10 Diabetes
Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid . After you watch the video today, I invite you check out the
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for everyone! I am starting to like these “list” videos. They are really starting to make me think! But I also feel like I am telling you that
you are making mistakes and that I am some kind of “expert” on these topics. Let me assure you, I have made and still make
these same mistakes. With that being said, let’s see what mistakes
we make surrounding breakfast. 1. Skipping Breakfast….It is called the most
important meal of the day for a reason. It is. The term breakfast itself lends itself to
its importance. You are breaking a fast. You have not eaten in a long time. Probably the longest you go throughout the
day without eating. It is important for everyone to east breakfast,
but even more so for those of us with diabetes. Skipping breakfast is probably the biggest
mistake we can make. There are studies available that even conclude
that blood sugar reading will increase through the day without a proper breakfast. I know, you have a tight schedule and you
want to get that few more minutes of sleep rather than deal with breakfast. Believe it or not, a good breakfast is more
important to your body than that extra time sleeping. Why not go to bed earlier if you require that
much sleep? 2. Checking Blood Sugar Levels…this might not
seem to be a “mistake” to some for a breakfast list, but a fasting glucose level is something
that I feel is necessary to see where you are for the day. That first reading of the day tells you a
lot about how you are doing in managing your diabetes. It might also help you determine the type
of breakfast you may need for the day. A first morning reading, BEFORE breakfast
tells you how your meals are affecting your blood sugar during the day. That is if you take readings before every
meal like we all should be doing. Don’t make this common mistake. Before you eat, take a reading, you know it
doesn’t take that long and you will have a better understanding of what your body is
doing. 3. Forgetting the Regulating Fiber…. Hey, we all need fiber in our diet. But those of use with diabetes might need
it a little bit more. We gotta try to stay “regular” and nothing
helps that more than a bit of fiber each morning. Fiber also keeps you feeling fuller longer
and that will help you from getting those bad hunger pains before lunch. Fiber has no impact on your blood sugar and
helps to regulate it actually. Consider a fruit with a peel, like an apple. Or better yet, make a bowl of oats. The fiber in oats is amazing and with a few
additions, it’s really pretty good! 4. Leaving Out Protein….You need protein in
your diet. And breakfast is the perfect time to get it. Protein actually helps your body slow down
the absorption of carbs. Protein also is one of those food items that
makes you feel fuller longer. Protein is pretty easy to get at breakfast. How about a couple of eggs and a piece or
two of sausage? Eggs and sausage have a GL of zero which means
they have no impact whatsoever on your blood sugar and they can give that burst of energy
you need in the morning. If you don’t have time for eggs and sausage,
a spoon full of peanut butter on your toast is also a great choice. 5. Drinking A Breakfast….Breakfast was never
meant to be in liquid form. A “breakfast shake” will never replace
what you get from a well balanced sit down breakfast. Breakfast “smoothies” are not going help
you make it through morning with enough energy unless they are full of sugar and that is
not what we want to start out the day. I did just a quick search and looked for the
top 10 instant breakfast drinks either pre-prepared or an add milk variety. The average amount of carbs in those drinks
was 74 and the average amount of sugar was 52 grams. I really don’t think that is the best way
to start your diabetes day. 6. Parting Without Some Fruit…If you watch
our channel much at all you know I am a fan of fresh fruit. You need to incorporate some fruit into your
breakfast. Remember those oats we made for the fiber
we need? How about throwing some strawberries and/or
blueberries in there? That is going to make for a wonderful breakfast. Or how about just ending the breakfast with
a nice ripe apple. It will add fiber to your breakfast, some
wonderful energy and a nice crispness to start the day. 7. Mistaking Brunch For Breakfast….I don’t
really know what time you consider breakfast to be, but it really isn’t 11am in most
places. Breakfast is meant to be eaten to get you
ready for the day. Eating it late in the morning is really not
a good idea. The problem with this is that by the time
you do decide to sit down and eat, you tend to be really hungry. Then, it becomes difficult to satisfy the
hunger without over eating. It also means that breakfast is now going
to be closely followed by the lunchtime meal. A good breakfast should supply you with the
nutrients and energy that you need to get through the first part of the day. Many experts recommend having breakfast within
one hour after rising. 8. Not Eating Enough….Now you probably didn’t
think you would see someone encouraging you to eat more for breakfast on a diabetes breakfast
mistake video did you? It is a common practice for many people to
grab a bite to eat as they leave their house in the morning. They assume this will provide them with everything
they need to start the day. The problem is that such a small breakfast
is bound to leave you hungry a short time later. This may lead to you reaching for an unhealthy
snack. If you know you aren’t going to have enough
time for breakfast, plan ahead. Boiled eggs in the fridge can be a great start. Have fresh fruit on hand. There are some really good microwave breakfasts
out there. Some cold cereals are fine. Worst case scenario drive through McDonald’s
and get a breakfast burrito or two and an oatmeal. 9. Believing Fat Isn’t Good For Breakfast….Don’t
skip out on the fat at breakfast time. Fat can be good for you in certain ways. Studies show that fat helps slow the burn
of carbs just like protein. We must realize that not all fatty foods are
bad. Drink some milk or have a couple slices of
bacon. If you have never had real honest to goodness
butter on your toast, you are missing out on some amazing flavor, and you can get a
little fat in your breakfast. 10. I Must Have at Least a Pot of Coffee With
Breakfast…breakfast and coffee seem to go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly
or Abbot and Costello. I am not at all saying you shouldn’t drink
coffee for breakfast. A cup or 2 is fine. You especially need to be careful if you put
additives to your coffee. Especially sugar. And if your coffee order sounds something
like this: Grande, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot,
peppermint white chocolate mocha, light whip, extra syrup….You probably need therapy. There is my top 10 mistakes list for breakfast
for those with diabetes. If you have any additions or questions, feel
free to let me know. Don’t forget to get my new ebook and please,
subscribe to our channel for many more videos like this one in the future. Thanks for watching. I am Ty Mason.

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  1. What about using Stevia as a sugar substitute in your coffee? What do you think about stevia in general?

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