Tips to release Anxiety & Stress

Tips to release Anxiety & Stress

How to work on your hands to help the
body to relax. So let’s work the adrenals. The adrenal reflex
is situated here and it’s halfway between the webbing and the heel of the
palm of the hand and I place the thumb on the dorsal part of the hand to
support the index finger finding the reflex which is usually tender, if it is
painful, work very lightly you don’t have to hurt yourself. Press and you can hold
or you can pump or you can rotate on it and you can work this on both hands.
I mentioned the heart earlier and the pressure it is put under and our heart
is very important to keep us alive and functioning well. The heart reflex is on
the left hand as the heart is mostly on the left side of the body and it is
located under the index finger so we can work this area here and you can press,
you can massage it with your index finger, you can do that with your thumb
and you can even use your knuckle to massage that area. As the heart is a
little bit on the right-hand side of the body as well from the median line we can
also work it on the right hand and it’s just here but absolutely, you can work
further out, it benefits the rest of your body as well. And the same you can press,
you can massage it or you can use your knuckle. I hope these tips are useful and
you can use them several times a day. Please click on the link below, I have an
anxiety/stress online workshop that will be very supportive. One extra little
tip, when you work those reflexes and any other time during the day when feeling
stress, breathe in deeply into the bottom of your lungs into the abdominal cavity. This helps the diaphragm to expand when you breathe in and contract again
breathing out and this helps to kick in the parasympathetic nervous system which
is the part of the nervous system that helps us to relax. Breathing deeply into the lungs also brings more oxygen into the whole body,
all beneficial. And drink plenty of water.

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  1. I love the way that you express yourself!! I use CBD oils to deal with stress, I don't know if you have heard about them before

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