Tips and Techniques for Calming Fears and Anxiety During Stressful Times!

Tips and Techniques for Calming Fears and Anxiety During Stressful Times!

Paige as we reference in our video please
tell our viewers what you’ve put together for the psychological toolkit
so we put together a compilation for the psychological toolkit for the pandemic
and it includes everything from grounding to help calm your autonomic
nervous system down give you clarity and release some of the anxiety and the fear
there’s affirmations there’s different breath works there’s different mantras
and it’s pretty simple that anybody can do it you can do it from your home you
can do it outside whatever you need but it’s various tips and techniques that
you can use and integrate immediately to calm down the anxiety to calm down the
fear to step in and lead from your heart and step in and lead from trust and
believe that everything is playing out the way it’s supposed to and that you’re
going to be okay and I always tell my clients that if you
want to become more grounded you want to wear a red and black that’s the colors
of our show there you go so as a side note if you want to become
more grounded go out and get red and/or black underwear
it really works my clients have laughed at me about that but when they do it it
makes a huge difference color means something first thing that I like to start with so
if I’m gonna teach you this breath okay and how I’m gonna teach it is I’m gonna
stand up and turn sideways okay so you can see my belly do I have to show my
belly too – yes first I just want you to watch okay when I do this breath all
their breath is through my nose not through my mouth if you have a cold or
it congested it’s okay to go through the mouth so I’ll take a deep breath I’ll
hold for four and you’ll see me do that with my fingers then I’ll exhale so did you notice that my chest didn’t
move but my belly did so what I’m gonna have Silke do is she’s gonna place her
non-dominant hand on her belly I’m right-handed so left would be my dominant
okay I’m gonna put my hand right there take a
deep inhale belly okay this is perfect she’s pushing out her chest and that’s
what everybody does in the first place because they’re used to breathing here
we need to begin to breathe here whenever you’re ready deep inhale there
you go hold it hold it hold it hold it and exhale slow so this is all about breathing a very
good healing way so with this breath it calms you down you find clarity it when
you have clarity you make better choices so we’re gonna sit back down again
so now I’m going to have stuff to try and do the breath when you’re sitting
down and it’s a really good idea to take your non-dominant hand and place it on
your belly so when you’re ready just take a deep inhale pushing the belly out
belly belly belly not just hold it let’s try again take your time take no rush
good belly belly belly good holds it hold it hold it hold it and exhale
letting the belly come in gently into the spine and as you notice you might
see that I’m an easy pose which is an Indian style pose and so is silca if you
can’t sit completely in Indian pose you can get that right you can you can get
blankets or blocks or pillows and you put it underneath so it supports the
knees that’s really important you can go half like this half leg out it’s all
about listening to your body and allowing your body to tell you what it
can and can’t do if you’re unclear about what affirmation
is there positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self
sabotaging and negative thoughts and your beliefs when you repeat them often
enough and believe in them you can actually start to make positive changes
even if you don’t fully believe in them but you know it’s what you’re striving
for you just fake it till you make it so the first affirmation for the root
chakra is this I am safe secure and fully supported I trust that all as well
really a powerful statement because a lot of us don’t trust we don’t trust in
the process we don’t trust in the unknown we don’t trust in people
situations the list goes on and on so you don’t have to be in a yogic post to
say this affirmation you can say this affirmation in bed for you up in the
morning throughout the day whatever it might be if you’d like to use this
affirmation like as a meditation pose you consider what’s called easy pose and
if your knees have a little bit of trouble they don’t go down fully you can
always use pillows to prop your knees up for support so you can sit in this
posture if you’d like hands can be placed on your knees or in a cup right
here or if you want to do a hand posture which we call a Guillen mudra you can
take your thumbs with the tips of your first fingers and place them here and
you can close your eyes if you like or keep them open I am safe secure and
fully supported I trust that all as well so another tip
that you can do for an affirmation is what I tell my clients and what I do as
well is get little sticky pads write the affirmation on it and put it next to
your bed so you see it the first thing you wake up in the morning in your
bathroom mirror so you see it again first thing in the morning maybe on your
laptop or computer somewhere in your car that way it’s a reminder for you all the
time so step right into it start trying the root chakra affirmation and notice
what happens you so now let’s talk about a grounding
technique and why grounding is so important for the root chakra and for
your body most of us walk around not being grounded which means we can be
frenetic anxious not have a lot of clarity nervousness goes along with it
as well that’s why it’s so important to begin each day and throughout your day
noticing how grounded or not grounded that you are so I’m going to give a few
tips that you can do inside your house for grounding and outside your house for
grounding so first of all you can either get soil or sand for today I have some
sand so you can use any kind of cardboard box that’s right here to put
sand in or soil in you can also use just a paper bag or a bucket to put your sand
or your soil in so the next thing that I’m going to show you is what you
actually do with this sand that’s in this box so now that we have our feet in the box
of sand or you may have soil try and make sure that the sand and soil is up
at least to the ankles and what you’re going to do is you’re going to close
your eyes and slowly bring your awareness down to the soles of your feet
now it might be a little tricky at first and you might only get the awareness
down to your knees or down to your ankles but eventually you’ll get down
there it’s kind of like bringing your eyeballs all the way down to the soles
of your feet so once you do that for 45 seconds to a minute
close your eyes bring your awareness down as far as you can get to the soles
of your feet and just notice in that time what happens you’ll feel a pull
like a magnetic pulling that wants to bring you in pull you further down
you’ll start to feel some heaviness from the waist down with that gentle loving
pull then you’ll start to feel the nurturing the support the groundedness
from other earth yes even though I’m inside with my feet in a box of sand you
will feel the pool the groundedness from Mother Earth so 45 seconds to 60 seconds
you can start but end up doing it from 3 to 5 minutes so you can really feel
round it now you can do this outside which I prefer better because you’re
right in nature but if it’s cold or it’s bad weather and you can do this remember
you can either put sand or soil in a box in a bucket or just in a bag when you go
outside socks off or socks on whatever works for you bringing your awareness
down to the soles of your feet and feeling that magnetic pull that
heaviness from your waist all the way down to your feet 45 seconds to a minute
to begin and then once you really start to feel the pull stay in it for about 3
to 5 minutes this is a great way for you to get
around it nurtured and supported by mother so our posture for the root chakra is
something called spinal flexes and first we’re going to start off sitting an easy
pose so easy pose as you can see is what looks like Indian style so with easy
pose if your knees crunch up too far and you feel the strain you can easily get
pillows from your home and you can prop them up to any length that you need you
can either put them this way have them smush down or lay it this way
that helps support the knees and helps support the legs as well so there’s a
good modification frame so spinal flexes this exercise stimulates and stretches
the lower and mid spine and brings the released Kundalini energy along the path
of the spine and it aids with flexibility so now that you know that
you have modifications for your knees if you also find that for whatever reason
sitting in this pose you need to sit on something you can easily take a pillow
and sit up for extra comfort that feels really good
think I’ll keep it here so the first thing that we’re gonna do is you’re
gonna grasp your shins with both hands like this as you inhale you’re gonna
flex the spine forward so it will look like this I’m going to inhale and flex
forward but you notice what this is when I
inhale and flex forward my neck is not going up my neck is staying just like
this it’s staying forward you don’t want it to go up when you flex so when you
inhale let’s show you again you’re flexing and your chest is coming out
you’re not doing this your chin doesn’t go up you keep it straight you keep it
parallel so again as you inhale you’re gonna flex the spine forward lead with
the chest you’re leading with your heart center and your chest without lifting up
the chin so it looks like this good now as your
exhale you’re gonna flex the spine back keeping the shoulders relaxed and the
head straight and it looks like this I inhale up and I’m gonna exhale back
inhale up exhale back notice my chin stays parallel to the
floor inhale up exhale back through this posture you can either keep your eyes
open or closed for me I find that closing your eyes really helps to keep
you in the moment and in your body so you can feel the many openings and
releases that this particular posture gives you so you’re going to continue
rhythmically with the deep breaths for about one to three minutes or 108 times
if you are our beginner just start with 60 seconds remember make it easy so let
me show you what this looks like from beginning to end and if you noticed the way that I ended
the pose as I came all the way up I held the breath for as long as I can and then
I exhale letting the breath out after your finish you can place your hands on
your knees close your eyes and just witness and notice what the body feels
like and that is your Kundalini spinal flex pose for the root chakra so now let’s take a look at what foods
you can use to balance and unlock the root chakra choosing the right foods and
nutrition to balance the chakras is very important and foods specific to the root
chakra or red foods root vegetables and proteins isn’t that interesting
root vegetables for the root chakra so please know that you know your body
better than anyone else if you have a food allergy please do not choose foods
I will be listing that activate your allergies there are enough options on
the list where you will have many other choices so let’s begin with the red
foods it probably comes as no surprise that the color of the chakras and the
color of foods are inextricably linked it’s believed that eating a wide range
of red fruits and vegetables are great for balancing the chakra like
strawberries cherries apples pomegranates tomatoes and raspberries
now looking at the root vegetables for the root vegetables this would be
anything that grows deep within mother earth this helps to keep us grounded and
it embodies the energy of the root chakra so use root vegetables like
potatoes sweet potatoes parsnips turnips carrots beetroot onions garlic ginger
and turmeric now for the proteins we have eggs meats beans and nuts which are
all high-protein foods are very grounding and nourishing for the root
chakra so now you will have a better understanding of your root chakra and
you have options and suggestions of how to balance unblock and strengthen this
chakra so what’s the affirmation for the heart
center here it is I give and receive love unconditionally I am deserving of
love I am creating from love I am love so I suggest that if you’re going to do
it in a meditative pose it would be really good to take your hand and place
it over your heart chakra and bring your awareness down to your hand that’s
touching your heart chakra and say this again out loud I give and receive love
unconditionally I am deserving of love I am created from love I am love so again
you don’t always have to be in the meditative pose you can put it on
stickies put it next to your bed and your bathroom and your laptop at work
anywhere that you want to strengthen and be reminded about the unconditional love
being deserving of love wanting love and giving love this is a very very powerful
chakra and one that everybody needs to strengthen and open up to a lot more so here we are at the yogic section of
our training this is for your heart center and I’m going to be teaching you
a meditation called a meditation for calm heart I love this meditation this
is the first meditation I teach all of my clients as it’s easy and it does a
lot I do this meditation a lot so just so you know this meditation helps
relieve anxiety it strengthens your immune system it opens up your heart and
it brings clarity to all of your relationships if you’re upset at work or
in a personal relationship sit in this meditation for at least three minutes up
to 15 minutes before you decide on how you want to act or speak this meditation
brings great stillness to the heart center and it gives you space to
perceive and assess your relationships from a different perspective it also
strengthens your lungs and heart so let’s get to it first you want to sit an
easy pose with a straight spine remember you can always use props or roll
blankets or pillows to support your knees like this can lay it this way or
if you need more support bend the pillow over so it softens your knees always
have them handy and what’s great is you can use anything that’s around that so
now let me show you how to do the meditation for our calm heart you’re
going to place your left hand over your heart center notice how it’s put your
hands parallel to the ground and your fingers report it to the right you’re
going to take your right arm take your first finger in your thumb and touch it
together take that remaining three fingers and put them up straight kind of
like you’re saying okay aren’t you’re going to put this close to your body
like you’re giving a pledge so this is the hand mudras that we’re going to
using you’ll be able to close your eyes and bring your awareness down to your
heart center when we do this meditation so for the breath here I’d like to do a
belly breath where you’re going to inhale pushing the belly button out and
then exhale pulling the belly button in close to the spine so that breath looks
like this inhale and exhale but in this meditation you’re going to
hold your breath as long as it feels comfortable without distress so it might
look like this no my breath I can hold pretty long so inhaling and when you exhale let all of the air
out and hold that out for a while so as we put all of this together you’ll need
to know what the ending of it is so at the very ending you’re going to end with
three quick strong breaths that looks like this and then you’ll place your
hands right on your knees so let me show you everything of how it looks so when you’re done place your hands on
your knees you can keep your eyes closed just some notice how much more open your
heart chakra is and that’s how you do a meditation for a calm heart now that we’ve just done meditation for
the calm heart now we’re going to move into a pose called baby pose and first
let me say that never underestimate the value of the baby pose this poses great
for calming the mind and soothing the nervous system it helps the body
rejuvenate and recover it helps activate the third eye chakra and raise the
vibration of sexual energy baby pose is great for relaxation and stress relief
and it helps to develop a humble and devotional attitude as well this is an
easy pose to come into so let me show you how to do it you’re simply gonna sit
back on your heels and close your eyes then you’re going to lean forward from
the waist like this and bring your forehead to the floor the forehead
centered on the ground puts pressure on the third eye you’re going to take the
arms just let them lay gently next to the side of the body with palms up and
if you need to if you feel like your knees are too far in just take your
knees and push them out put your legs and a little bit further you can
readjust leaving the forehead on the ground and just let your arms fall next
to your side and breathe if you feel like you need a prop of some kind you
can always put a pillow right here to put your head on and then baby pose you
just breathe normally and you can stay in baby pose as long as
you like baby pose does so many wonderful things so never underestimate
the simplicity of baby pose so now we’re going to begin with the
yogic exercises for the throat chakra the first one that I will be teaching is
shoulder shrugs and shoulder shrugs not only work on the throat chakra but it
also balances all of the upper chakras and it opens up the hormonal gate to the
higher brain centers so the first thing that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna sit
in easy pose and as I’ve said time and time again if you feel like your knees
are strained you just grab a pillow and put it right under to help with your
knees or a rolled blanket whatever you have around the house that can give some
extra cushion so as we’re sitting in easy pose you’re going to place your
hands on your knees like this you’re going to inhale and shrug the shoulders
up toward the ears like this I know it looks silly but it does do a lot so what
happens is as you drop the shoulders down there’s a natural exhale that
happens and you’re going to continue this in a very rhythmic movement for
about one to two minutes don’t get so hung up with the breath because you’ll
notice that when you’re showing your arms up to your shoulders the breath
will be natural with the shrugs so it looks like this so as a side story I went and taught
this to a bunch of firefighters and it’s raining and it was so funny and cool to
see as you looked out over the audience all these firefighters sitting there
doing shrug poses it was great so it’s fun and it helps a lot so I’m going to
show you what the pose looks like from beginning to end well let me just tell
you that when you end the pose you’re going to come up with a full shrug
you’re gonna hold the breath as long as you can and then you’re going to exhale
out and relax so here’s what the pose looks like from beginning to end and
feel free you can either keep your eyes open or close them and after you let out your last long
exhale you can sit in easy pose hands on your knees close your eyes and just
notice what parts of your body are feeling more open and less stressful so
there you have it you have your shoulder shrug to shrug away any stress that
you’re going through so now that you’ve distressed by using the shoulder shrug
we’re going to move on to something called chanting and we’re going to be
chanting long set noms so you may ask yourself what the heck does suck not me
and why is it so darn good so first let me tell you what it means
sucked which is spelled SAT means your truth naam which is spelled na em means
identity so together satnaam means your true identity your essence connecting
with the teacher within and bowing to the divine wisdom it’s very beautiful
it’s very strong so let me just show you what we’re gonna do to begin this
chanting you can place yourself in a pose or posture that works for your body
it can be easy pose which I’ve shown a lot or rock pose which is what I’m
showing now I like rock pose myself for this one and just so you know you can
use this pillow right here just to support the feet and it’s a nice little
cushion so the first thing that you will do is you’re going to take a long inhale
and then you’re going to chant a long Sun and a short Nam all on the exhale so
this is what it looks like and snow it’s not and you’re gonna do this
anywhere from 3 minutes to 11 minutes so let me just show you one more time and
it’s really nice to close your eyes because you can really feel your inner
truth connecting to the essence of you and the divine wisdom from above so let
me show you one more time No No no it’s strong it’s easy it’s powerful
it’s connecting and it’s quite lovely so there you have it the long chanting of
SATA now but for today that’s our teaser the root chakra
thanks so much Paige thanks so much you

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  1. Good video many or the moves and concepts are very well explained and well done, and of course tomato are implicated in the prevention of prostate cancer so eat lots of red tomato with cooked skins its also red. Just had word all yoga classes are now off, local small micro brewery is struggling and the S is HTF currently – luck for us we have Pentecostal member as a Prime Minister so we should be all screwed relatively soon if we don't have Lenin style revolution before then.

    This is going to be a rough ride NZ is now on Level two pandemic alert Australia appears to be losing the plot given its not stopping families of newly arrived residents coming in for free medical which is a disaster in the making. and tens of thousands in fact an army of people have already lost their jobs – i see a major show down between capital and Labour after this is over. But lets all wait and see, I am still of the view that this virus can be extinguished if everyone does what they are asked to do by the authorities, then we can have the revolution.

    I did notice Paige brought sand into the house without a vacuum cleaner running on standby and now I think my partial OCD has been triggered.

    But seriously thanks for putting this out there a few other providers that have put out exercise programs you can do in the house to help and other helpful content from various other providers – Grateful for your efforts, those not familiar with yoga can easy have a go, Yoga and its exercises and relaxation practices have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and even help when reaching for shoe laces.

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