The Two Popes: Tensions of Catholic Church depicted in new trailer – News Live

The Two Popes: Tensions of Catholic Church depicted in new trailer  – News Live

Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce depict the past tensions of the Catholic Church as Pope Benedict and Pope Francis respectively in a fierce new trailer for Netflix’s The Two Popes Set for wide release on the network on December 20, the film will showcase the transition of power and leadership between the two religious leaders, with current Pope Francis (Jonathan, 72) eventually succeeding Pope Benedict XVI (Anthony, 81) as the supreme pontiff in 2013  The clip kicks off with a playful conversation between the two characters during an helicopter ride, moments before the Church is thrown into chaos as private documents are leaked to the press   Church executive Benedict opens the trailer by commenting on the Argentina-born priest’s popularity as he reveals he was presented by an oregano plant by his gardener Share this article Share ‘I just try to be myself’, Francis – born Jorge Mario Bergoglio – reasons, causing Benedict to reflect: ‘Whenever I try to be myself, people don’t seem to like me very much ‘ As a bulletin reveals negative information about the Church – including allegations of corruption and misconduct – has been leaked to news organisations, Francis requests permission to retire in 2012 from Benedict   Justifying leaving his prestigious role as the Argentinian Cardinal, Francis states: ‘We are moving in directions I can no longer condone ‘ However, conservative Benedict not only rejects his request, but suggests liberal Francis should be elevated to the papacy as Pope Francis I Benedict pleads: ‘I cannot play this role anymore. There’s a saying: “God always corrects one pope by presenting the world with another” I’d like to see my correction!  ‘You’re the right person, the church needs to change and you can be Being Pope you must remember you are not God, you’re only human.’Behind Vatican walls, a struggle commences between both tradition and progress, guilt and forgiveness, as two different men confront elements from their pasts in order to find common ground and forge a future for a billion followers around the world   The Bishop of Rome’s papacy began on March 2013, taking over from Benedict who led the Church for nearly eight years   Inspired by Pope Benedict’s dramatic retirement, director Fernando Meirelles enthused he took delight in creating The Two Popes as he’s a big fan of Francis  City of God’s Fernando said at the London Film Festival last month: ‘I did the film because I’m a big fan of Pope Francis I think he’s a very important voice in the world today. ‘He sees the planet as one thing and he’s trying to build bridges while everybody wants to build walls So I decided to make the film to know him better and even to support what he says ‘It’s very honest. We show the mistakes that he’s done some 30 years ago in Argentina But in the end, he comes across like somebody we should support.’ Leading actor Jonathan added: ‘It was just such a great character to play, showing his flaws and his weaknesses ‘As well as his very positive strengths and what he can do as a kind of leader which we desperately need in political life these days; someone who can show us the way and show us how to live and go back to the old Christian values ‘Written by Oscar nominee Anthony McCarten, the film is scheduled for limited release in the US on November 27, and in the UK two days later   Digital streaming for the hotly-anticipated movie will be available on Netflix by December 20   

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