The Remedy to Relieve Stress and Save your Thyroid

The Remedy to Relieve Stress and Save your Thyroid

All this talk about thyroid and nobody is talking about this. Listen, if you remove these stressors, you will watch your health improve. What am I talking about? I am talking about your thyroid specifically I recently found out by going to the doctor that I had adrenal fatigue. Now this may surprise some of you because I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But I do stay pretty darn busy and I have quite a lot of stress. I’m sure you can relate. Stress takes a toll on the adrenals. And this has consequences for your thyroid as well as your immune system. Now the following 11 emotional and physical stressors can cause an alarm sound in your body and your adrenals to react by pumping out those stress hormones. Number one is emotional abuse. Death of a loved one, financial difficulties, family & relationship conflict, pressure at work, trauma, gut dysfunction, over-exercise, chronic infections, blood sugar swings and much more. So basically inflammation from your adrenal stress causes the receptor cells from your thyroid hormones to become less sensitive leading to symptoms of hypothyroidism It’s kind of like how your body becomes insensitive to insulin if you have diabetes. What’s interesting about this, and you might not know, is that when you test for thyroid dysfunction, and have the labs come back They could come back completely normal because the hormones are at regular levels in your blood, but they are not being received by all of your cells. So today, I have a juice recipe for you that will help you normalize blood sugar levels and relieve cortisol levels. In fact, one of the ingredients is ashwaganda. It’s actually in our Organifi Green Juice and it has been shown to lower stress levels by up to 26 percent. Here’s the juice recipe:. You’re going to love this. It’s creamy. It’s delicious. It’s decadent. It’s one of my favorite recipes. We have one jicama, we have five ribs of celery. And we’re going to use a pinch of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ashwagandha or one scoop of Organifi. We have two carrots. We have 1-2 raw sweet potatoes. So I want you to juice all the veggies. And then at the end, you’re going to put your ashwagandha, cinnamon in. Stir it up and you’ll have your creamy delicious juice recipe to go. Great around the holidays! Stay tuned for more on thyroid health in the following weeks. This stuff is incredibly important as an estimated 20 million Americans are suffering from thyroid problems. But don’t be afraid, there are answers. This community has answers. We get thousands of emails from people with autoimmune conditions every single month, and they’re making great progress in remedying it on their own. So remember, we’re in this together. I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Thank U I've been suffering from hypothyroid for 12 years and still take meds for it and I have been looking for something natural to help me combat this, it's weird cause I am the first in my family to have this and then come to find out it's an autoimmune disease : Will try this Thanks 😉

  2. Drew hey man you are so frikin inspirational. Im a 34 yr old father of 2 that has recently gained over 100 lbs about 3 years ago. I went vegan I did Rt4 diet a BOOM I blew da heck up. Ever since I have struggled to lose the weight I was stubborn and tried making vegan diet work but I just cant anymore. I really think with some guidance from you I can really get my health and life back. You are the one and only person that I trust and believe that really wants to help people online. I think you are genuine AF. I know you probly get 1000's of emails and messages a week . So im not holding my breath that you will get back but if you see this I think with your help I can do this. You seem to havevthe best products also I cant afford them at the moment but I buy the cheaper versions of tumeric and green powder and probiotics. I have a juicer an a blender they aint the best but they get the job done. PLEASE help get me on the right path mentally and I know I can get to the end finally. Thank you….

    Eddie E.

  3. I was also diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Insulin Resistance, PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos were added to the list through the years, too. I almost died at 24 thanks to a nasty thyroid storm. Hashimotos really took over my life 2 yrs ago and I have not been the same since. Quality of life went from 100 to basically 0. I've tried everything to get rid of the debilitating fatigue but it still persists. I feel for all out there sufferung with Autoimmune diseases… Thank you, Drew for all you do to help all of us out here, Lord knows, we need it! ❤

  4. How did you know you had adrenal fatigue? I asked my doctor about a blood test for it the other day, he laughed at me and said there was no such thing. He said stop reading everything I see on the internet. I want to go see a naturopathic but can't afford it.

  5. Always thankful for your great advice, my son was diagnosed thyroid issues, he was always tired, I'm going to try this. I'm trying to get him to buy a juicer and follow your great advice, thanks again🌺

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