The pros and cons of Very Short Water Fasts (AKA Intermittent fasting) – Tanglewood Wellness Center

The pros and cons of Very Short Water Fasts (AKA Intermittent fasting) – Tanglewood Wellness Center

okay good morning this is Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica and as you probably realize Tanglewood is a water only fasting center and was just asked a question that I thought might be useful to share with you the question was once leaving here would it be beneficial for someone to fast one day a week now many people do this and you know what I think I think really the fair answer the best answer it probably is yes it would be beneficial you know with many things there are benefits and their costs and so if you simply say is this beneficial the answer might be yes if you say are there any cost that might suggest that it might not be a good idea the answer in my opinion would also be yes so it’s not something I would probably recommend that most people do but let me let me first of all address this because over the last few years there has grown a significant movement called intermittent fasting and intermittent fasting is where people will skip what will fast one day a week or two days a week or three days a week or sometimes as much as every other day but there are people who are eating one day and fasting the next people who do this typically they’re not necessarily changing their diet they’re just eat they’re just not eating one two three four days a week there have been found to be some benefits when they do this now let’s look at why that might be first of all as I pointed out to those of you here with me and if you’ve watched many of my videos you’ve probably heard me say many times before processing food takes more energy than anything else we ever do you want to live longer you want to be as healthy as possible you need to make your body more efficient and consume fewer calories so what happens to the person who not doesn’t eat it stops eating every other day well if on the days that they’re eating they eat the way they always have and they cease don’t eat every other day they’re now consuming 50% as many calories as they were before that can only have a positive impact regardless of what they’re eating doesn’t matter how good or bad the food is if they less food they will be better off because they’re taxing their system less make sense okay now as it happens most people who skip eating every other day do not eat the same way on the days they are eating studies have shown that they tend to eat about 35 to 40 percent more food on the days they’re eating you said something the other day about well I’m not going to be able to eat for a couple hours you know a bunch hours so I eat more right a lot of people do the same thing they kind of load up because they know they’re going to go through the day they’d be better off to get more benefit if they didn’t do that but still let’s say someone’s eating 50% more which most people don’t do but let’s say they ain’t 50% more on the days they ate and then didn’t eat the next day they’re still only eating 75% as much food as they were before right they’re going to be better off doing that now skipping one day a week has much less of a significant impact on the percentage of time you’re spending it’s about 16% one day of seven so if you ate exactly the same way all the other days you would be eating 84 percent as much food with that benefit you sure it would does it benefit you to rest your digestive tract absolutely no question it’s the reason why I said to you guys and only a couple days ago I think you know i don’t recommend grazing all day long some people have an apple now in a banana in an hour and an orange two hours later and all day long they’re eating a little bit here that I don’t recommend doing that and by the way that very rarely happens I mean there are grazing animals but the animals that graze cows and sheeps and goats for instance they have to graze because they’re consuming something that is almost entirely devoid of calories so they don’t have a snack and then go do something else for an hour they’re eating all the time right they may take breaks to rest the cetera but they spend most of their time eating because they need to okay you and I don’t need to we’re not designed to consume things that are full of nutrients but devoid of calories right there’s there there’s people out there a man I’ve known for a long time joel fuhrman actually teaches people to get the most Calla nutrient-dense food possible well what that would mean would be something like grass or a few calories tons of nutrients that’s as nutrient dense per calories you can get that’s not helpful to us that’s not what our bodies are designed for we want to be taking in the nutrients and the calories we need without getting an excess of either one of them if we’re taking in more calories than we need we’re working the body harder than it needs to be worked processing food if we’re taking in more nutrients than we need to take in we are working the body harder that needs to be worked everything we take in has to be processed through the system it’s not like magic it’s not like a completely passive thing put in here and essentially it will make its way out the other end your body has to work to make that happen right your liver is working your kidneys are working your colons working your whole system has to move this stuff through ok there’s there’s energy required so we want to be consuming what we’re designed to consume not things that someone thinks from here or what’s better for us now so we give the body some rest by fasting one day a week we might be cutting down on our overall caloric consumption by fifteen or sixteen percent that’s probably positive what else is happening are we getting any deep significant benefit from the fast now you fasted 42 days finished recently you got some pretty significant benefit I think right yes did how much of that benefit was still happening at day 41 a day 42 there was still a lot going on wasn’t there you know the thing is it takes the average person about three to three-and-a-half days to begin to get into the deepest part of the process it takes the average person up to 10 days to be completely into the deepest part of the process it’s why Tanglewood has never recommended doing fasts of a week or two fast for 3 or 4 weeks you get much more benefits not no if you go from two weeks to four weeks it’s not twice as much benefit it might be four times as much benefit because you get past that initial period and now you’re getting much more bang for your buck so to speak right much more benefit for everyday fasting once you get past that initial period very short fasts mean it’s a very surface level process you’re going to clean some garbage out of your bloodstream you might clean some garbage out of your sinus cavities you know its surface level cleansing you

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  1. Loren, Godbless you my friend… Just curious, do you think drinking Yerba Mate is a bad Idea during a fast? Or, rather, how much do you think this might inhibit the restorative process? Thanks for all your information…. You my friend, are a decent human being…

  2. I fasted the whole day today and I never felt hungry. I'll most likely visit your fasting retreat in the future when I'm finished with college and everything.

  3. The video was just getting really good when it cut off. Where can I watch the rest of it? Also Loren, what are your thoughts on Paul Bragg?

  4. What is the perfect fast for an active lifestyle? id love to fast for a long time but after about 4 days(ive only fasted 3+ days four times now) i stop being able to assimilate the feelings i get as i go, therefore start acting awkward around people and its not really beneficial for me or work. I have a friend who has a letter from 1936 china thanking him and his students for sending back in time 300,000 gold bars, he says he fasts 5 days a week feasts two days.

  5. it might depend on how toxic you are or are not. for instance if you grow a lot of your own vegetables, and drink very pure water most of the time – never coffee -coke – beer etc , then that is very different then someone who runs on toxic foods and drinks, for some time i ate one healthy meal per day, also eating living foods some times just cut part of the plant off and eat it, cut off a few cauliflower leaves a-few beet leaves etc – the plant will grow new ones. and if you feed and water your plants often,

  6. I think a healthier alternative to intermittent fasting would be to limit the time window in which one eats everyday. Like only eating from 12to5 for example

  7. The liver can take a lot of hits, and still regenerate, i have known people who drink a gallon of beer nightly , and some who drink a gallon of Pop Cola, Coke a cola daily for decades , its a march to the grave tho doing things like that, a suicidal life style. but some stand it it for 2 , 3 , even 4 decades.

  8. Hi Loren. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.

    Question – what are your thoughts on dry fasting? (No food, no water)

    Would you be willing to make a video addressing the topic?

    Thank you in advance,


  9. I want to do a 4 – 6 week fast… but here is my concern.. . I am a Praize Kraze instructor… which is a Christian alternative to Zumba. I teach this only 2 times a week at the moment which for fasting is better then my normal 4 times a week… I can't get a sub and I have many students who count of me for their weekly workouts. Would I still be able to teach class while fasting long term?

  10. I think you should of educated yourself a little more on the intermittent fasting before making this video. The most common way to do it is to fast everyday for 18 hours and eat for 6, not fast every other day for 24 hours. I'm glad you made the video I was going to ask you about it but I feel that it didn't cover intermittent fasting very well because you dont seem to have tried it yourself or are fully understanding the process and experience. It has changed my life in so many ways and its a lot easier to incorporate into daily life than diets, intense exercice/workouts and long fasts etc… Great for long term maintenance and more.

  11. This is interesting, because I read that people typically only ever eat 10% more with alternative day fasting.

  12. You look very skinny, fasting has likely eaten away at your muscle. It's true that muscle loss slows right down after 3-4 days when ketosis kicks in, but even so, muscle still continues to be converted to glucose to feed 1/3 of the brains energy needs.

  13. +Loren lockmen

    I hear you talk about intermittent fasting, what is your opinion on the OMAD diet? one meal a day. I'm very interested one your diet plan as well? do you do 3 sq meals?

  14. the intermittently fast that I understand is the one where a person eat all their food in s 8 hour period then fast for 16 hrs.

  15. My weight was around 165-170Lb. During my 8day fasting, my weight dropped 147-149lb. I felt weak and my eczema was still out there. This time I like to try 21 day fasting. However, I've done two 7-8day fasting since beginning of November and starting another fast maybe too hard on my body. My weight is around over 160lb. Also, I'm afraid of losing too much weight.

  16. So, how about limiting the time frame / window of eating? Say, eat only between 10 and 5? This would mean a kind of fast from 5 to 10. This limited eating window is another aspect of "Intermittent Fasting".

  17. Is it okay for a person to do immediately 21 day fasting? P.S. Im having really strong breathing problems. My nose is stuffy completely and Its getting worse. Ive had this problem for 3,5 yrs. I feel i might die if things wont change.

  18. After you have fasted for 5 to 7 days, what is the appropriate way to start eating again? Would it be an intermittent fast? Also another question. If I wanted to fast for 14 days at a time, how long should I wait until I would do another 14 day fast?

  19. In my experience the body will tell you when you need to fast by removing appetite… it also tells you when you don't need to fast by making you hungry… personally I feel I've kinda lost touch with those cues… maybe all the years of listening to people saying "you need to eat. Especially when you're sick" those kinda people around me have NEVER been supportive in anything mildly against the grain.

  20. FYI intermittent fasting is having your last meal at dinner time and then not eating again until noon the next day
    I have started a water fast and on my 7 th day with lots of energy and no side effects other than colder than usual. I was in ketosis when I started the fast and I believe my success so far is that I have been fat adapted for many months prior
    My target is 21 days minimum or how ever long my body is doing well
    Thank you for the wealth of information from all your videos
    Love and Light 🙂

  21. I'm sorry but in my opinion you sound like someone trying to sell something. Intermittent fasting has a lot of benefits that are not "surface" level like the calibration of your hormones especially insulin.

  22. I eat one meal a day, at dinner time and have noticed a profound increase in energy and mental focus. I only eat super nutritionally dense organic foods for dinner and as much as I like. I also supplement with two quarts of Stinging Nettle Infusions throughout the day. And apply magnesium oil every morning. My body is now at its normal weight and I feel very strong.

  23. you are just advertising your fast retreat. U don't need to fast for more than 10 days to see "deep" benefits…

  24. Hello, good day loren.. Can I do jogging in the morning without eating and eat only until dinner? …… And does exercising in fasted state burns more fat? Thanks

  25. In regards to "we shouldn't be eating too many nutrients" the food is so deficient of nutrients now a days that it's nearly impossible to get the desired amount of nutrients let alone, an overdose. At least this is true for the produce in America and other western countries.

  26. wow. that's not what intermittent fasting is. ITS WHEN YOU LIMIT THE TIME SPENT EATING EVERYDAY. EAT FOR 8 HOURS DONT EAT FOR 16 .How does this specialist not know what he is talking about. None intermittent fasting eats one day then not the next. that's ridiculous.

  27. Hi! I really want to do a longer fast before I go back to work on August 1st. I'm struggling trying to get going. I've done a few 16 hrs, 17hrs, 24hrs fast & one 36hr fast but can't seem to get past 16-18hrs now. Do you have any suggestions? BTW I love your videos!

  28. HI Loren – pardon if you already addressed this I haven't gone through all the comments. My question is, for someone who would like the benefits of fasting but has no extra weight to lose (I'm 5'6", 110 lbs) what do you recommend? Perhaps you have a video solely dedicated to this? Thank you.

  29. Actually, the intermittent fasting he is describing here is not the implementation that most people perform (myself included). The idea of intermittent fasting for many people is to eat every day but restrict the hours that you consume food, for most intermittent fasters this would be 12-20 hours. The idea IS NOT to restrict calories per se (although this happens in most cases), but the idea is to keep insulin secretion to a window of time as opposed to people who 'graze' all day and their insulin is chronically high. I have had great benefits on this 'eating routine.' Of course, the better quality food you eat, the more the health effect is enhanced. I also use my 'fasting window' to consume supplements and things that help gently cleanse my system, but that's just my personal spin on this. I recommend people find out what works for them. Use every youtube video as a 'suggestion' that may or not work for you.

  30. I have nasal polyps. When I don’t take breakfast and at lunch time I eat bananas I can smell and have tast of what I eat for a few hours. If I keep eating this way for a few days I can smell a few days

  31. Thanks for video I have great faith in the wisdom of the body not medical opinions. I am fasting 3 days to clear a cold and would like to do much longer fasts. Longest I have done is week water fast and 10 days brown rice fast.
    The issues I want to fix without drugs are bph ed and loose bladder Any suggestions pleese

  32. Intermittent fasting daily is highly beneficial. It actually encourages you to eat less because your eating window is smaller.

  33. What is your opinion about dry fasting 36 hours 15 days once for spiritual reasons and health reasons? Will it be beneficial ?

  34. I would never just do a 21-30 day water diet. Il start on 24 hours and make my way up to make sure my body doenst freak out. I think its amazing that the body can do so long without food, saves so much time and money not having to worry about it. Spiritually it would be amazing too. But not suddenly, I think that would be kind of dangerous if you are not used to it.

  35. Good, clear, concise content. And supported by a growing number of studies and recognition of historical fasting.

  36. We Muslims have been doing this (30 days a year) fasting for 1400 years! I belive Jews & Christians did the same until they manipulate things. May God bless everyone.

  37. What if you eat and drink once a day every day and you eat watery fruits and hydrating liquids for that one meal and you dont over indulge?

  38. I started OMAD on 5/28 and have felt great and have lost some pounds already. I plan to keep it up but I'm concerned that NOT MUCH is coming out of me. I'm normally regular and not used to having this problem. I had a stroke back on 4/14/18 and I was about 220 and need to get down to 175 or so. I'm 70 and 5' 10" any advice? You can see my recovery story on rick rairdon channel.

  39. I think you misrepresented Fuhrman in this video. He recommends that you make the staple of your diet nutrient dense foods. If you were to follow his advice religiously you'd be eating a ton of greens, fruits and a good amount of starchy vegetables. No where in there would you be grazing on grass or foods that are extremely devoid of calories.

  40. While there are numerous positive advantages, fasting isn't to be attempted delicately. Pregnant or nursing moms ought to never endeavor a quick, as their bodies are under expanded caloric and physical requests.

  41. The one thing that you said struck loudly between my ears was your mentioning digestion being the most energetically consuming activity that we do. I have been teased with lucid dreams, content of which shakes my soul in ways that is difficult to describe. I rarely have them, but when l do, it is for brief moments before awakening in the morning. Because by morning, I no longer need energy to digest, and therefore have enough to go in that mysterious realm. I do not care to fast for the sake of losing weight; my weight is fine and my diet is healthy. I know enough about good foods vs junk and have the discipline to refrain from all artificial and refined sweets. They actually taste terrible to me. Do you, Mr Lockman find that when you fast, you have better dream recall, lucid dreams, or OBEs more so than when not fasting? Maybe you're not into that kind of thinking, but I am one leaning towards fasting for that sake. Thank you for the video.

  42. My wife and I just broke a 4 day fast… Romaine, avocado, celery and a small piece of salmon and a peanut butter n jelly sandwich in which I probably shouldn't have had.

  43. I am very worried about excessive weight loss… I have come down from 92 to 82 in 8 weeks and i dont like that look… Just from eating in a 4 hour window and fasting 48 hours a week, Saturday and Sunday… What type of weight loss can one expect with extended fasts? I want to retain muscle weight while eradicating tinnitus caused by sudden deafness in one ear after free diving 18months back? Thoughts please

  44. I've been craving on white carbs and sugar. And I'm planning to do 3day water fast. Do you think this would help me to stop with the craving? Currently I'm doing 16/8 intermittent fasting.

  45. we cant take the word of people who have done it and said its amzaing suppose it fycked them up so much they "think" its good Mohammad did look how crazy he was IM POINT IS THIS WERES THE PROVE to say my "theory worrg and this is right in fact is base on the same level of prove to say non at all however and test om lab rats revealed one rat fasting the other not the fasting rat lift 1/3 longer however test once means that not prove its a good start but what if the ones test the rat were trying to prove fasting goodeanong the test may be spoil by perception bias

  46. I did a water fast for a week without supervision. I had low energy for most of the days, but I was surprised at how I had a boost of energy on the 7th day.

    Though the 7 day fast was fairly easy, I think intermittent fasting is a lot more convenient for me. I was just wondering if this is pointless to do since it's not really fasting.

  47. Pure nonsense! There is NO reason you need to fast for 40 days plus!! several weeks fast is NOT surface level! This is obsessive nonsense

  48. You're knocking Joel Furman,…that's ridiculous. Of course, one wants, nutrient dense foods, with moderate calories…this is "inborn knowledge", not something that one needs to learn from anyone else.
    Only one person in 100,000…had the time, money and mentality to fast for more than "1-2" days.
    All fasting is good…telling us that fasting for one day "isn't very good,…is making us that can do this "feel helpless".
    You have NO Poor people visiting you…only the " quite well-being off" ad is usual in medicine.
    How much does a month at your Costa Rica resort cost sir? Can you give me a median average please?

  49. This video was made in 2013 . little bit outdated . I love intermittent fasting . I do 16/8 everyday . its simple , sustainable, highly recommend. Helps me keep my weight under control. Never feel hungry in the fasting window

  50. How should I fast while I’m working a pyhisical job? Perhaps one meal a day but not make it a big meal? I would like to do a longer fast but think I’d need to take time off work which I can’t right now. Also I suspect I have major digestive and gut issues as I’ve developed many food allergies and I have chronic fatigue and pain. I have noticed I often feel better after skipping a meal and eating lighter. So I want to give a bigger fast a go. Plus I think I will need to keep up with a regiment as I do have something going on in my gut. What would be a regiment I could maintain everyday while I work most days for the rest of my life, provided it works of course ? I think a average size dinner?

  51. Crazy question. I want to fast far enough in advance of a trip to have fully begun my refeeding when the trip starts. To do that, it means I will be about 8 days into my fast when I must attend a very important networking event with colleagues (cocktail party environment). I can drink only water there without standing out, but will popping an organic breath mint (which contains sugar) disrupt the fasting process significantly, or cause hunger to ramp up? I don' t want the most memorable part of my conversations to be "fasting breath".

  52. He's just livin it up in Costa Rica pretending like he knows what he's talking about. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt again because this was recorded in 2013.

  53. I read through these negative comment and the theme of the response is always the same. Do it under professional supervision. To me anything you do is unsafe. There is more danger if you do it without someone that knows what they are doing guiding you. If you have never used a chain saw, and cranked one up one day and stated sawing, there is a good possibility you will hack a limb off. If you have an experienced lumber jack demonstrate how to use it and coach you your first time, you greatly reduce the chance of losing a limb. (Can’t explain the lumber jack reference it just popped in my head). You could still lose a limb but not as likely under professional supervision. My point is he is not telling people willy nilly to got out and stop eating for 21 Days. He is telling them if they consider doing it make sure you are under supervision. If you approach a danger zone, that person can then step in and get you out of trouble.

    I like the videos. Keep them coming.

  54. Fasting for 1 day is great for you and doing it once a week will decrease the number of people that need to go to your very expensive clinic in Costa Rico! No wonder you are hemming and hawing. ANYBODY can water fast for 1 or 2 days and YOU KNOW IT. Please don't spread FUD to make people think they can't fast very easily on their own for a day or two.

  55. Ah, I say – admittedly before finishing watching the video – but, if a person was intermittent fasting , while eating fruit – at which point it would simply be called eating 1-3 meals of fruit and not snacking/grazing all day -wouldn't it, then, take them less time to get into the deeper part of the fast? Or, what if they dry fasted the first few days?

    I know that is not quite the subject you were on, but, it's the questions that popped up.

  56. Aloha, enjoying your vids and educating myself on water fasting! I'm wondering how often you recommend doing longer fasts of 21+ days, once a year or twice a year? Thanks.

  57. Aloha again, one more quick question which I have not been able to ascertain in my own internet research is are herbal teas, ie peppermint, chamomile, rooibos, etc. appropriate during a water fast? Mahalo.

  58. Reminds me of my tablet- overloaded with pictures. ( starting to glitch )
    People overloaded with calories (start to glitch)

    Mmmm does this mean humans make electronics in their own image? 😂

  59. My experience with intermittent fasting challenges the content of this video. I started literally experimenting with IF in May 2018. Had never done it before. At that time I had raging inflammation (C-Reactive protein of 11.7 when normal is 1 to 3). THis put me officially at "a very high risk of a cardiovascular event". And in fact I was having light-headedness spells and one time, without any warning, passed out cold as I was about to push on a heavy door (which fortunately broke my fall). I also had a sore on my hand, caused by frost-bite 15 years (not a typo) before. Modern medicine had not "cured" my inflammation or that sore. Eight months of basically fasting on average about 17 hours each day and NOT eating into the nighttime at all (usually 6:30 or earlier) PLUS 2 3-day water fasts and 2 40+ hour "hard dry fast" inter-spersed during that time, cured that uncurable sore and reduced my inflammation to 0.05 (not a typo). As a bonus I had a "Calcium Factor" test (of coronary artery plague build-up) and it was "zero" but I don't know what it was before.

    What was most remarkable was watching the sore heal. One morning I woke up and it was gone. I thought I knocked it off during the night. But it soon was replaced with what I will call a blood blister which initially scared me as I thought I might have sepsis (infection). But after a couple weeks at most, I awoke one morning and the blister was gone and beautiful pink new skin had replaced it. Only a few months later one can hardly tell that I had such a long-term scab there.

    In the midst of this multi-month fasting experiment I caught a nasty case of sinusitis (something I am VERY familiar with as an athlete) and on a lark tried fasting for almost 24 hours. That as the first and only time in my entire life that ANYTHING, other than antibiotics had cured sinusitis. I am convinced I went into autophagy (since I had been fasting routinely it was easy) and autophagy attacks bacteria, viruses, phlegm, etc.

    I would love to see more detailed testimonials with before and after and some scientific studies on the incremental benefits of longer fasting. I haven't found that year. People on these videos have not been very specific or even enthusiastic about what happened to them in these longer (e.g., 21 day) fasts. I'm not saying they aren't beneficial, it's just that I haven't seen the science yet.

    I find that once a person becomes "fat adapted" (finding it easy to go into Ketosis), IF is a piece of cake (excuse the ironic pun).

  60. Loren I know that a lot of animals fast, but I'm curious do ALL animals fast? Is that something they all need to do occasionally?

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