The Doctors; Rachel’s Headaches Controlled with Implanted Neurostimulator; Part 2

The Doctors; Rachel’s Headaches Controlled with Implanted Neurostimulator; Part 2

Dr. Stork: It’s been just a few days since
Rachel’s surgery-she’s still recovering. That’s why she’s joined us via Polycom from her home
in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also have Rachel’s physician Dr. Kenneth Reed along with us.
He pioneered this new NeuroStem migraine procedure. Thank you both-Rachel how are you feeling?
Rachel: I’m feeling pretty sore-it’s been a few days since my surgery but my headache
is basically gone. It’s amazing. Dr. Stork: We are certainly happy to see you
smiling and Dr. Reed this is a unique treatment for migraine sufferers. This is obviously
not for everyone but tell us about it. Dr. Reed: Exactly so, it’s not for everybody
and most people don’t need it. It’s for people that have very, very severe migraine headaches,
frequent, several times a week that are not responding to other, more conservative treatments.
Dr. Stork: It’s interesting because people do not fully realize that some migraine sufferers-their
main symptom is a headache; but for other people-I’ve had people come to the ER-they’re
blind-they can’t move half their body and you’re sitting here thinking-are they having
a stroke and of course you have to rule out all these other things but the fact that some
people suffer from migraines have these just so severe debilitating symptoms. This is something
that they can potentially do to help and I love that as an option.
Dr. Reed: It’s highly gratifying to see people like Rachel-they get their life back.
Dr. Stork: Dr. Reed thank-you so much for joining us today-I really appreciate it.
Dr. Reed: Yeah, thank you very much for having us here.
Dr. Stork: Rachel-it’s great to see you smiling on TV for us today. Stay with well. Thank
you so much.

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  1. I recently had this procedure done, but for non-migraine headaches, since I have hydrocephalus, and one of the few to have it done.

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